Indeed Resume Builder Review [2022]

In this Indeed resume builder review, we’ll go over the most important features and aspects of this free resume maker. We’ll discuss the premium pricing plans, user reviews, ratings, what else you can use this website for, and much more.

About Indeed Resume Builder

While there are many resume builders online, Indeed’s resume maker stands out because it helps you compose an excellent CV and find a position that suits your skills. Indeed was founded in 2004 by Rony Kahan and Paul Forster, and to this day has a reputation of being a highly successful job listing website.

Pros & Cons

● Clean, intuitive interface
● Indeed resume templates
● Good and easy resume-making features
● Excellent candidate-searching tool
● Good candidate-recruiter communication tool
● Helpful and communicative customer support
● Effective filters for searching through candidates

● Expensive for recruiters and employers
● You cannot see candidates’ information before the candidate responds

Pricing Plans

Instant Resume Report

Resume Review by a professional resume writer 
Resume Rewrite by a professional resume writer


– it provides instant, practical tips specific to your resume
– it highlights specific areas of improvement, addressing both content and format


– specific, actionable advice from a professional resume reviewer
– in a 10-minute video format
– waiting time: 2 to 5 business days


– complete, professionally-rewritten resume with video commentary
– waiting time: 4 to 6 business days

Features, Courses, and Materials

Users praise this CV maker website for its easy-to-use resume builder, intuitive design, and many useful features. You can check out our Indeed free resume review feature overview to learn more about these features and the other helpful components and options of this resume-building tool.

Resume Templates

One of the crucial aspects of Indeed’s resume builder is the CV templates you can find and look through at the beginning of your process. There are eight simple templates that users can choose from: 

  • Clean
  • Minimalist
  •  Simple
  • Creative
  • Executive
  • Modern
  • Overline
  • Boxed

All of them are quite professional, so if you want something that seems more “fun” CV, Indeed might not be the best choice. However, if you’re looking to make a clean, professional resume, you can look through the Indeed resume examples to help you choose which one you want to customize.

Resume Styles

Once you have chosen your resume template, you head to the resume customizer, where you can create the perfect CV for yourself. Apart from templates, there is a “Styles” button in the toolbox on the left, with options for Accent Color and Font.

You can choose 11 colors for your resume’s subheadings in Accent color. You can also choose between 8 different Fonts, depending on the letter style you prefer. resume builder has a fairly simple array of choices but can make a truly professional CV for you. 

Resume Sections

Resume Sections is the last customizable feature of Indeed’s resume maker. You can toggle and mix the sections of your CV according to your preference and add or remove different sections using a toggle button available for each section. 

Name and personal info are mandatory, but you can choose if you wish to include a summary, work experience, skills, education, awards and certifications, links, and a few other elements. Indeed resume format is highly configurable, so you can create a resume you like on Indeed with no stress whatsoever.

Indeed Profiles

Apart from the free resume builder, this service provided by Indeed has a few other features that make it stand out from the rest of the popular resume makers online. Once you finish creating your perfect CV, you can either save the Indeed pdf resume or create your profile that takes your CV and lets recruiters find you through the website. You will need to give basic information about yourself and your work upon making the Indeed profile to see what job opportunities suit you best.

Job Searching

Indeed has a good job searching feature available to its users. Once you create and upload your CV, you can search for relevant job openings to your previous skills and experiences. The filtering tool of the search feature is well-made as well, according to many Indeed resume builder reviews, and will let you choose exactly what kind of job positions you’d like to see.

Discovering & Recruiting

While you can search through possible job positions yourself, the website also lets employers find you – and if you are the recruiter trying to find new employees, you will find this feature very useful, although quite expensive. However, you can be sure that there are a lot of potential candidates for the job on this website, as Indeed resume database is considerable and extensive.

Ease of Use

The Indeed resume maker interface is intuitive and clean, making it very easy to navigate. The website will take you straight to your template choices if you click the “Build your free resume” button. Once you choose a template, you can modify everything you need on the page using a toolbar on the left side of the screen. Once you complete this task, you can download your CV easily. Bottom line, Indeed’s resume maker is one of the simplest CV makers to use, according to many Indeed resume builder reviews.

Plans & Pricing

You may use Indeed resume maker, templates and download your resumes in the most popular CV format, PDF, free of charge, which makes this website so great. There is also a maker for cover letters, on top of the resume builder, available for free. 

If you want professionals to review your CV, you can pay $19. With this package, a professional resume writer looks through your CV and gives you advice via email. 

Alternatively, you may upgrade to the $89 for a rewriting service by a professional writer. With this service, the writer compiles your resume from scratch and sends you a video to explain the updates. If you’d prefer a one-on-one discussion instead, My Perfect Resume might be a better fit as they offer this service via Skype. 

On the downside, the personal plans do not include analytics, so you cannot track your resumes and see how they performed. If this is important to you, VisualCV may be a better choice. 

Apart from Indeed resume builder pricing being nonexistent (it’s completely free), if you are a recruiter, there are additional features you can get with Indeed’s premium plan.  

With it, you can utilize Indeed’s Resume Alerts, contact candidates, and use Indeed’s helpful tools for organization and efficiency, and the number of candidates you will be able to contact will depend on your subscription plan.

Indeed resume builder does not offer a free trial for its features, however, the maker itself gives you a lot of helpful advice on how to create and improve your CV to attract more employers.

To begin contacting potential candidates, you will need to purchase a subscription. Only administrators of your employer account will be able to buy subscriptions.

Resume subscriptions provide recruiters with a set number of contacts each month, depending on the package selected.

A paid subscription gives access to set up Resume Alerts, contact potential candidates from our talent database, and utilize Resume’s organization and efficiency tools to communicate with candidates who reply that they are interested in your open position. 

There are two types of subscriptions: the Standard Subscription and the Professional Subscription*

  • Standard subscription price: $120 USD/month or $1150 USD/year
  • Professional subscription price: $300 USD/month or $2880 USD/year

You will receive a 20% discount if you purchase an annual subscription.

Recruiters using a Global subscription can contact individuals everywhere Resume subscriptions are available. Recruiters using a Local subscription can contact individuals only in the country that the Subscription is for (Ex: Recruiters with a CA Local subscription can only contact potential candidates in Canada).

 *Pricing and offerings will vary by market and are subject to change

Refund Policy resume builder does not offer refunds for its services, as it is a subscription-based website. According to Indeed’s team, if there is a rare occurrence that a refund is applicable, it will be only in the form of a credit to be used for other Indeed services.

Upon cancellation of their services, you will be able to use your subscription plan until the end of the month in which you made the cancellation or until the end of the year if you had paid a yearly subscription.

Online Ratings

Indeed resume writing services have primarily positive online ratings. Many reviewers praise the resume-making tool for its accessibility and the fact that you can make and download your resumes free of cost. Additionally, it is pretty easy to post your CV on the website itself and be able to get recruited for a job position.

Recruiters also have many positive things to say about Indeed’s search tool and filters, stating that they were able to find and screen many successful candidates.

The only downside of Indeed is that it is costly to use for some, especially if you are a recruiter. However,  if you simply want to make your CV and post it for potential employers, you will have nothing to worry about.

Indeed Resume Builder Review – Final Verdict

Indeed resume builder is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to kill two birds with one stone – make a decent, eye-catching resume, and find a job with it easily. Not only can the users create a resume for free, but they can also get it reviewed and fixed by professionals for an affordable price. Once you make your CV and post it on Indeed, you can be sure that you will be matched with a job position.

According to our research for this Indeed resume builder review, this is one of the best CV makers out there, however, if you want to see what else is available, you can check out our Best Resume Builder article for more. As for Indeed, this tool is great for employers and job seekers, leaving none disappointed.


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