Zety Review — Pros, Cons, and Alternatives

Zety is a service that allows you to create resumes, cover letters, and CVs. Our Zety review explores the service’s pros and cons, helping you determine whether this is the right choice for your needs.

Founded to make resume building online quick and easy, Zety seamlessly guides you through the process of creating a stellar resume that will land you your dream job.

We experienced how Zety works firsthand to illustrate how it compares against the competition.

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*auto-renews at $23.70 every 4 weeks.

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*or $71.40 up-front for yearly access to save 77%.

Zety Review — Features and Materials

The primary mission of Zety was to change the HR landscape and grow to become an internationally recognized brand. Created in 2016, Zety now has over 40 million readers a year and over 2.5 million users. It stands as the fastest-growing career advice website worldwide. 

As confirmed by dozens of Zety.com reviews, the platform is pretty simple to use. Whether you want to build a resume, cover letter, or CV, the first step is to choose a template. 

You can export your work in Word, TXT, and PDF formats. Alternatively, you can email or print the documents. Keep in mind that you need to subscribe before being able to export anything. 

Zety Resume Builder

Zety gives you the option to start building your resume from scratch or upload an existing one and improve the content in just a few minutes. 

You can track the strength score and learn about key points that should be improved like completeness, formatting, summary, length, precise contact info, and more. You can preview your work at any time during composition. 

Zety Resume Templates

Each format style is designed to highlight your primary assets and career achievements. The design is minimalist, sleek, and focused on the content. You can easily display your prowess using graphs and choose one or two-column designs to maintain a good balance between word count and whitespace. The resume builder offers pre-made bullet points that you can further modify. 

Zety Wizard

Zety reviews praise the service’s wizard, which is highly intuitive and makes the resume-building process a breeze. It also provides tips and examples to guide you through the process. As you build the resume, you can click on the light bulb in the right corner and get some expert insights into what hiring managers usually look for and the type of content you should include.

According to Zety resume reviews, even if you have zero experience to include in your resume, expert insights can help you create a good-looking one. The wizard gives you recommendations on which keywords and skills you need to add according to the job position you’re applying for so that you stand out from the competition.

Resume URL

Zety will create a URL for your resume that you can then share with your potential employers. Getting a Premium membership will allow employers and recruiters to find and access your resume directly via Zety’s platform.

Zety Cover Letter Builder

Zety offers about 20 cover letter templates. Aiming to craft the best presentation of your experience and skills, the cover letter builder delivers professional-looking designs by highlighting the most critical information from the resume and why the hiring managers should consider you. 

You can easily highlight the most crucial career achievements using colors, styles, and bullet points. As with the resume builder, to craft a Zety cover letter, you’ll need to fill in the form with some basic information. You need to choose the top three skills and select the adjectives that describe your working style. 

Zety then uses this information to compose the cover letter, which you can further personalize. You can change the templates and format through the dashboard before finalizing it. 

Another interesting feature of Zety is managing sections like date, greeting, recipient, and more. Additionally, you can add requirements for availability, relocation, confidentiality, gaps, and salary. Our Zety cover letter review showed that users love the freedom to edit and personalize these sections as they see fit. 

CV Builder

If you need to send a CV, you need to make sure it’s professional and straightforward. Zety helps you build a CV that displays your achievements. The process is similar to building a resume and cover letter — you need to pick a template and choose from a selection of ready-made sections, optimize them, or use pre-written bullet points. In addition, the builder allows you to add a personal profile and sleek icons to highlight important info. 

Comprehensive Knowledge Base 

Multiple reviews of Zety praise the extensive knowledge base crafted by recruitment professionals. It includes step-by-step instructions that can guide you through job searches and interviews. The knowledge base also has dedicated sections with articles that help you create your resume, CV, and cover letters. On top of that, you can get valuable career advice.

Personalized Feedback on Resumes

In addition to the extensive base of informative articles, Zety resume builder reviews commend the personalized feedback in the form of a built-in spell checker and text-suggestion feature. The spell checker isn’t the most streamlined, though, as it doesn’t detect misspellings on its own, and the text-suggestion component is keyword-dependent. Despite this, both features perform well in our experience.

Zety Online Reviews and Ratings

Zety has a 4.4 overall rating on Trustpilot from over 3,500 reviews. More than 93% have rated it with four or five stars. Only less than 1% have rated their experience with Zety as poor, and 5% gave it one star. Overall, users are impressed by how simple and valuable Zety templates are. Also, they highlight it’s simple to customize the information and craft CVs and cover letters. Users also appreciate the ideas for skills and job descriptions. Almost all reviews mention excellent customer service, highlighting how helpful the reps are.

On Site Jabber, Zety has a significantly lower number of reviews. Its average score is 4.92, indicating most customers are generally happy with its service. Also, they mention that the Zety resume cost is reasonable, considering the value you get. 

Users mainly complain about the auto-renewal of the membership; they had money taken out of their account, entering a monthly membership after the two-week pass. However, Zety has transparently disclosed this policy, so it’s really up to you.

Zety Customer Service

You can reach Zety’s customer support team via phone or message. According to the website, the average waiting time for phone support is two minutes, and our Zety resume review confirmed this. On the other hand, if you contact them via message, you’ll receive a reply within two days.

The reps are available Monday through Friday from 8 am to 8 pm. On Saturdays, you can reach them between 8 am and 5 pm, whereas the team’s working time is from 10 am to 6 pm on Sundays. The staff is knowledgeable, helpful, polite, and provides straightforward answers and excellent assistance. Many customers mentioned that the agents patiently explained how to fix the issues they inquired about.

Zety Pricing

Zety allows you to create a free resume and/or a cover letter, as well as use Zety’s resources on its website. At first, you’ll need to create an account and generate your documents using the templates entirely for free. However, to download the document, you’ll have to buy a two-week pass which costs $2.70. Keep in mind that it will auto-renew if you don’t cancel it.

Zety cost will then jump to $5.95 a month. Besides the monthly subscription, you can subscribe to Zety for a year, which would cost you $71.40. While you can’t download your resume for free, you can generate a plain text document with your resume information by clicking on “download” in the header.

Zety Alternatives

As part of our Zety resume review, we have compared Zety with its competitors to determine how it ranks among them. If you aren’t sure whether Zety can cover your needs or not, look at the head-to-head comparison with the top resume builders.

Zety vs. VisualCV

VisualCV offers a resume website builder that allows you to make a resume or cover letter for free. However, the cover letter feature is a bit basic. VisualCV’s paid packages are cheaper than Zety’s, and you can choose from 3 free and 20 paid templates. As we discovered through our VisualCV review, the paid plans offer a range of features like resume performance analytics, Google Doc integration, the ability to create a unique domain, and more. As per our Zety review, Zety is better than VisualCV in terms of document extraction as it offers a TXT format option in addition to PDF and Word. 

Zety vs. Resume Genius

Both Zety and Resume Genius provide cover letter and resume templates. Moreover, both provide solid customization options and helpful writing wizards. The two-week passes are similarly priced as well. However, Zety resume reviews confirm that Zety is a cheaper option as Resume Genius renews at $39.95 a month. The price is justified since you get a professional to write your resume. As per our ResumeGenius review, the preview option is possible only at the end of the resume creation, while you can preview your work throughout the process with Zety.

Zety vs. Resume.io

Zety free trial isn’t available per se — you still have to pay $2.70 to gain a two-week free pass. On the other hand, Resume.io offers premium features that you can access for seven days for free. However, according to our Resume.io review, you aren’t allowed to download the resume with your free subscription. Like Zety, the platform includes a built-in grammar checker and excellent editing and customization features. It also allows you to add pre-written phrases and save your document in multiple formats.  

Zety Reviews Verdict: Is It Worth It?

Zety is an easy-to-use resume builder with 20 sleek templates, plenty of customization options, and a flexible text editor. It’s free to craft your document, and you can download it for free in TXT format. Paying the total cost for Zety can also be an excellent investment if you plan to use it multiple times to strengthen your brand on the internet. The platform can also help you create a professional cover letter and CV. 

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