VisualCV Review — Is It Worth a Try?

VisualCV is a powerful resume builder that helps you create a professional-looking resume. Our VisualCV review focuses on the platform’s main features and evaluates whether it can help you stand out from the crowd and get hired. 

With advanced resume tracking, numerous customization options, and free resources at your disposal, VisualCV promises to help you land a job in just three simple steps. We’ve tested it and analyzed hundreds of user reviews to discover if that’s true.

Pricing Plans

Free Plan


Creating and downloading one resume
Professional template
Watermark on a resume
Career Journal Trial Access

Monthly Plan


Billed monthly
30+ templates
Unlimited resumes and PDFs
Career Journal Pro Access

Quarterly Plan


Billed quarterly
30+ templates
Unlimited resumes and PDFs
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Review of VisualCV — Features, and Materials

VisualCV started as a small website with a big mission to simplify resume creation. Today, 3 million people trust this resume builder to help them land their dream jobs. 

The company’s core product was upgraded with resume analytics, personalized portfolios, cover letters, and more. 

The software is available in nine different languages and is used in over 100 countries worldwide. Templates help all job seekers, from students to entrepreneurs. 

VisualCV Resume Builder

To create a resume on VisualCV, you must sign up using your email, Google, or LinkedIn account. After you sign up, you’ll see 22 templates. Once you select the template, you’ll go to the page where you can edit the resume. 

We appreciate the fact that you can change templates whenever you want while retaining all the information. If you already have a resume, you can upload it and modify the content in VisualCV. 

VisualCV Editor

Judging by the VisualCV reviews, the editor is simple and easy to use. Since we’ve tested it, we can confirm it’s a neat feature. Your user dashboard is on the left side, and the resume template is on the right side of the screen. 

There are plenty of formatting tools that allow you to personalize the resume. You can modify the page, change the font style, size, colors, and edit the page layout. 

We’ve discovered that adding, deleting, and rearranging sections is manageable. There’s a dropdown menu at the bottom of the resume, so you can choose to add a custom-dated section, charts, summary, skills, portfolio, or text section.

VisualCV Sample Resumes

VisualCV gives you the option to choose from over 5,000 sample resumes. There are several options for different positions like: 

  • Executive
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Retail
  • Nursing
  • Technical support
  • Property management
  • Business development
  • Civil engineering (and many more) 

According to the job you’re applying for, you can find the perfect resume sample and upgrade it with VisualCV. 

Revision History 

While collecting information for our VisualCV review, we’ve discovered that the History tab is handy, especially if you’re modifying your resumes often. This feature lets you see when you last changed your resume and any previous versions. You can then select the preferred version and restore it. 

Download, Share, and Export Options

VisualCV allows its users to share, export, and download CVs. You can share your URL with friends, family, and potential employers by clicking the share button in the resume editor. 

If you want to share a link to the PDF file, click Download PDF, and your file will open in a new tab. You can also download the resume from your browser and print it or export it as a Word document. VisualCV allows you to get one of its partners to review your resume for free—a feature that numerous VisualCV online reviews praise. 

VisualCV Cover Letter Builder

Available only with the VisualCV Pro subscription, the cover letter builder is sleek and easy to use. You can access cover letters in your dashboard and continue editing. It’s essential that your cover letter is personalized and tailored to your desired job position. With VisualCV cover letter builder, you can easily customize the information to match your CV. 

VisualCV Privacy

While researching for our VisualCV review, we learned that the company prioritizes users’ privacy. It promises not to share your information with anyone. Also, there are three privacy options for resumes to make sure your data remains safe. VisualCV won’t sell or trade your data under any circumstances. 

VisualCV Analytics

VisualCV analytics allows you to keep track of your resume views and downloads. Judging by online VisualCV reviews, it’s one of the platform’s main assets. If you have multiple resumes, VisualCV tracks each one separately. You’ll also see the breakdown of traffic—whether it’s coming from social media, search, or your email signature. 

VisualCV Support

You can reach the VisualCV support team via email or voicemail. Another option is to visit the support forums page and find answers to your questions. According to online VisualCV reviews, users are satisfied with customer support’s responsiveness and expertise. 

International CV Guide and Specifications 

VisualCV provides helpful guides on creating a CV that meets the specific requirements of the country you want to work in. You’ll learn about CV requirements in 10 countries, namely:

  • Australia
  • China
  • France
  • Germany
  • India
  • Russia
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • The United Kingdom, 
  • The United States

Each country imposes different rules when it comes to content, format, and style. But don’t worry; VisualCV examples are here to help. 

Knowledge Base

VisualCV has an extensive knowledge base where you can find helpful articles on how to:

  • Use the platform
  • Edit and export your resume
  • Manage your account
  • Create a cover letter
  • Import your LinkedIn profile
  • Much more

There’s also a career advice blog that can help you choose your career and land your dream job. 

Ease of Use 

Using the VisualCV website is very easy. Its design is simple, and you can find everything you need. Additionally, its interface is intuitive, and the resume builder is straightforward. You can draft a new resume or import an existing one. 

Customization is also straightforward—you can effortlessly edit, add, and rearrange sections. Moreover, you can create bullet points, add links and tables, and even include a YouTube video. 

VisualCV Pricing

You can use VisualCV’s services for free or pay monthly or quarterly to access its premium features. With the Pro plan, you can ask for a refund within 30 days. Like some other resume builders, VisualCV lets you make a free account.

Free Account

VisualCV allows you to create and use a free account. With it, you’ll be able to:

  • Get a professionally designed template
  • Create one resume
  • Download it in PDF 

Keep in mind that free resumes have a VisualCV watermark. 

Pro Monthly and Quarterly 

If you opt to use the Pro version of VisualCV, you can choose to pay monthly ($24/month) or quarterly ($15/month). Some of VisualCV premium features include:

  • 20+ templates
  • Unlimited resumes
  • Unlimited PDFs                
  • Personal website                                                                              

Furthermore, premium users can access resume formatting services, cover letter builders, and ATS-friendly templates. 

Refund Policy

If you’re not satisfied with VisualCV’s services, you can ask for a refund within the first 30 days of purchase. You can ask for a refund even if you accidentally renewed your account. To do so, you need to contact the support team via email and state the reason for requesting a refund. Reviews and Online Ratings

VisualCV doesn’t have many online user reviews. Still, out of 88 reviews on Trustpilot, 91% are excellent. Only 6% of users rated their experience as bad. Users mostly praise the diverse and straightforward templates, editing options, and customer support. 

Some users claim that the interface isn’t always intuitive when adding or changing sections. Other complaints are related to recurring payments and the company’s billing policy. Namely, several users reported that the company continued to withdraw money from their bank accounts even after canceling their subscriptions. 

However, we managed to unsubscribe without a problem. 

VisualCV Alternatives

VisualCV can help you create a professional-looking resume or update your existing CV quickly and easily. Its resume builder has a clean and intuitive interface and 20+ templates you can use. But is it the best option among the top resume builders? Our VisualCV review answers that question as well. 

Let’s see how VisualCV fares in comparison with other popular companies. 

VisualCV vs. Zety

Zety and VisualCV are very similar resume builders. Both offer 20+ templates and great customization options. Zety allows you to create CVs and cover letters. Compared to VisualCV, Zety’s cover letter feature is more advanced and available to all users. 

VisualCV gives you access to the cover letter builder only with the Pro plan. Zety offers printable downloads in .txt, in addition to Word and PDF. The VisualCV cost for the paid subscription is more affordable than Zety’s. To learn more about it, check out our Zety review.

VisualCV vs.

As seen in our review, this is one of the best-known resume builders. It’s well-organized, simple, and straightforward. You can choose the free version or one of the three subscriptions. The free plan allows you to share online links to your resume and download it as a .txt file. 

Unlike VisualCV,’s free plan allows you to create a cover letter that matches your resume and download it in PDF. That said, if you want to download your resume in any other format, you’ll have to pay a subscription fee. 

VisualCV vs. MyPerfectResume

MyPerfectResume is an all-encompassing resume-building platform with a rich library of templates. VisualCV templates, however, are a great option, too. The browser extension simplifies your job hunt by allowing you to use the Job Match Score and Autofill features. 

VisualCV offers a free plan, whereas MyPerfectResume only occasionally provides free trials. MyPerfectResume has more limited options in terms of customization than VisualCV. Therefore, if customization is important to you, the latter is a better choice. 

VisualCV Review — The Final Verdict

VisualCV is one of the top resume builders. It allows you to create a resume from scratch or import an existing one. It’s easy to use and offers plenty of customization options. Plus, it has valuable additions like resume analytics tracking, history revision, and a sleek cover letter builder. You can use the service for free or subscribe to its Pro version, which provides good value for money. 

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