A perfectly constructed and professional-looking resume can exponentially increase your chances of getting hired. However, anyone can experience a hard time crafting the perfect resume. So what should you do? is a website that helps people create extraordinary resumes in a few simple steps. You’ll have access to different templates and tools to build your CV in the way you like.

In this review, you’ll learn more about the platform and the services it provides. We’ll also take a look at its pricing plans, competition, and overall worth.

Pros & Cons

● free version allows building one resume
● Easily-to-navigate interface
● Possibility to add pre-written phrases
● Built-in grammar checker
● File save in multiple formats
● Access to diverse cover letter templates
● Limited resources and tools with the free subscription
● Templates can’t be modified or adjusted

Pricing Plans Subscriptions

7-day Trial


*After it auto-renews to $24.95 billed every 4 weeks
*7-day money back guarantee

6 Months


*One-time payment, no need to cancel
*7-day money back guarantee

12 Months


*One-time payment, no need to cancel
*7-day money back guarantee



*Only one resume and cover letter

What Makes Distinct?

Whether you intend to apply to a start-up company or a multi-national one, is the platform to go to. According to numerous reviews, this is one of the best options to create a spectacular curriculum vitae and cover letter.

Its products come at a great price and can make you stand out from other applicants. Further, also provides its users with a job search engine. Review — About The Company started in 2012 as a small web page designed to build online documents. Soon after the launch, the company noticed that people mostly used its website to develop their curriculum vitae.

Consequently, the platform specialized in resume building and focused on simplifying the process as much as possible. Resume io reviews show it’s currently among the most used platforms with over 21,000 sign-ups daily and 10,848,00 resumes built. Services is ranked on top of the best online resume builder list. It offers a variety of services and samples for people who are actively searching for a job or want to better their resumes.

On the website, users can craft their resumes, create cover letters, or look for open positions using the job search engine.

Resume Builder

Compared to My Perfect Resume, has a wider variety of layouts and styles. You can choose from four categories of templates:

  • Simple
  • Creative
  • Professional
  • Modern

All designs are strategically made following several rules to make you stand out. Simple templates highlight your experience and skills. They look clean and well put together, yet simple so that employers only focus on you and your accomplishments. Users prefer them when applying for law, marketing, or education positions.

According to a review, creative templates are beneficial for individuals applying for positions where creativity is necessary. These templates are bold, with color accents and exciting backgrounds, meant to distinguish yourself.

Professional resume templates can be used for any job application due to their crisp and clean formatting. Most contain a space for the user’s professional headshot or logo. Meanwhile, modern designs are suitable for anyone seeking a career in tech and design companies. These resumes offer an added emphasis to the name using bold colors and lines.

Most templates are accessible for free on Many user reviews mention that they would prefer it if they could edit and adjust the layout more.

Cover Letter Templates

A cover letter is one of the most commonly asked application documents, along with a resume. These are the first two things an employer sees when they consider hiring you. That’s why crafting them with consideration is so important.

According to Resume io reviews, its cover letter templates are just as sought after as its curriculum vitae forms. The website, again, provides simple, creative, professional, and creative cover letter designs for its users.

Built-in Grammar Checker

If you are actively searching for a new workplace, writing an exceptional resume is a must. Crafting your CV requires a fair amount of thought and effort, and it has to be proofread and faultless.

Consequently, this online platform has developed a built-in grammar checker. We found out for our review that it’ll check your resume and cover letter while you write them and promptly point out any grammar mistakes.

Job Search Engine also has a job search engine to assist people in their job hunt. After selecting this service, you can:

  • Enter the position you’re looking to apply for
  • Select the city you would like to work in
  • Choose the salary you aim to receive
  • Pick which job-hunting websites you prefer

Based on reviews, its job search engine is optimal and simple to use. However, many individuals didn’t like that it redirects you toward the job-hunting websites it collaborates with. Regardless, the search engine is functional and user-friendly. Pricing

The platform has a free plan and two subscription options—for six and twelve months. The free version allows you to make only one resume and cover letter, download them in a TXT file, and it limits your access to analytic and sharing tools.

The two paid subscriptions offer unlimited design creation, premium templates and colors, PDF format download but differ in length and cost. The 6-Month Plan costs $44.95, while the 1-Year Plan is $74.95, and both come with a 7-day refund guarantee.

Trial Period

Anyone can try the platform’s premium features for seven days for $2.95. You can check all services has to offer and download as many resumes as you wish.

However, according to company policy, you’ll have to give your credit card information to activate the free trial. If you’re not satisfied with the services provides, cancel the subscription anytime before the trial ends.

Contact the support by email or phone to request cancellation or do it via the account settings on the website. Otherwise, a subscription for $24.95 monthly will begin when the trial is over. Customer Service

If you have questions regarding the services, you should read through the frequently asked questions. Alternatively, you can contact customer assistance through email and ask everything you’re curious about.

Our research for this Resume io review and other users’ experience show the company’s customer support is prompt and adequate. However, make sure you skim through the site first. The platform is user-friendly and accessible, with plenty of information regarding services and prices in the “Frequently Asked Questions” section. Review – Pros and Cons


  • free version allows building one resume
  • Easily-to-navigate interface
  • Possibility to add pre-written phrases
  • Built-in grammar checker
  • File save in multiple formats
  • Access to diverse cover letter templates


  • Limited resources and tools with the free subscription
  • Templates can’t be modified or adjusted

Overall rating: 9/10

Resume Io Review – The Final Ruling offers excellent features, ranking it among the best resume-building sites on the market. Whether you use the platform for crafting your CV or cover letter, it’ll increase your chances of standing out. The website has dozens of amazing and stylish templates for this very purpose.

Compared to similar platforms, it offers a greater diversity of designs. What’s more, provides affordable subscription prices, suitable for any budget, but its free version lacks many essential features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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