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ResumeGiants Review

ResumeGiants offers online resume-building services. It’s a free builder with a multitude of helpful tools such as resume templates and expert tips, including writing guides, most common resume formats, and examples for various professions.

In this ResumeGiants review, you will learn everything about this online resume builder. We’ll dive into the company’s features, tools, and career advice. Moreover, we’ll find out what benefits it brings to job searchers, whether they’re high school/college graduates, or more experienced professionals looking for a career change.

Features, Tools, and Tips

Our review covers the most important features and tools of the platform but also priceless tips for both inexperienced and experienced job seekers. Let’s start with the free Resume Builder tool.

ResumeGiants Free Resume Builder

The brand’s Resume Builder is a free online tool you can use on a PC, laptop, or mobile device. It streamlines and simplifies the task of creating your first resume. Get started in three simple steps:

  • Select a template with a stylish, eye-catching design
  • Fill in your information
  • Edit and customize your resume

The Resume Builder’s resume creation automation helps you write a resume quicker and teaches you how to make it stand out along the way.

Resume Writing Guide

The Writing Guide is one of the ResumeGiants features. It’s a detailed explanation of how to format a resume like a pro. First, you need to choose the perfect layout. There are three main resume formats, and each one has certain pros and cons.

The reverse-chronological resume is most expected but most common, so you’re less likely to stand out with it. The functional option centers around your skills, but recruiters may not be familiar with the format. The hybrid format is good for career changes but may not be suitable for entry-level candidates.

After covering the basics, the Writing Guide lists out the dos and don’ts of writing your resume and explains what you should include and why.

ResumeGiants Templates

When it comes to resume templates, you can look into professional, modern, and high school student templates. Moreover, the brand offers Google Docs and Microsoft Word templates.

A professional template focuses on the positive first impression you want to make and emphasizes your experience, expertise, and qualifications. A modern alternative is a contemporary, machine-readable layout that highlights the most important things recruiters are looking for.

ResumeGiants reviews generally highlight the variety of templates the company offers. In addition to professional and modern templates, there are special high school templates. They serve to highlight your potential and can include any relevant work or volunteering experience you’ve gained during your schooling. If you’re looking for professional, printable Google Docs or Word resume templates, you can also download those at

ResumeGiants Review – Resume Editor

ResumeGiants offers a free resume editor. Simply click the Start My Resume button, and you’ll be redirected to the editor. After you’ve added your basic information, this tool will help you fill out your work experience, education, skills, and objectives.

The editor has a practical feature—pre-written texts. You can add common pre-written phrases with a single click or look for phrases relevant to your industry. It also contains expert tips and examples that you can refer to as you build your resume.

Our ResumeGiants review highlights the best resume editor qualities, so you should know that you can add extra sections too, such as projects, achievements, certifications, honors, awards, and custom sections.

Resume Examples

ResumeGiants offers healthcare administration, nursing student, developer, barista, and architecture resume examples. You’ll find specific guides for those occupations, along with resume samples and usable templates. Check the ResumeGiants resume example list on the official website since they’re constantly adding new examples.

Career Advice

The Career Advice section is all about expert resume-building tips. You can expect to find information on relevant experience, core competencies, remote work, etc. It’s also meant for people who haven’t had work experience yet, providing ways to highlight their skills. 

Ease of Use

ResumeGiants reviews show that job seekers love using the website. It saves time and money with its free resume templates, examples, and editor tool. You may not know how to write a resume for the first time, but even if you’re aiming for a career change, there’s no need to waste your time typing it out from scratch.

Creating a resume becomes intuitive and fast with the free Resume Builder. The process of designing and editing your resume is straightforward and done in a few easy steps. Another great thing is that you can use the Builder on any device. A completed resume is downloadable in PDF and TXT formats.

ResumeGiants Plans & Pricing

ResumeGiants and all of its features are free. Its tools help you launch or change your career without having to worry about paywalls or hidden fees. Anyone can read its resume writing guide and career advice and then move on to creating a resume for free.

Whether you’re getting ready for your first job application or you know how to write a resume, ResumeGiants simplifies the process at no cost with numerous useful tools it offers.

Refund Policy

We haven’t found any relevant information on refunds at ResumeGiants. Since the company’s services are free for the time being, there currently isn’t a Refund Policy on its website. If you want to find out more about possible payments and refunds in the future, we suggest contacting customer support.

ResumeGiants Review – Online Ratings

Although there aren’t many ResumeGiants customer reviews online, people generally seem satisfied with the platform. The company is rated excellent on Trustpilot with a rating of 4.3. Job hunters have stated that it’s a fantastic helper in resume creation. Users have also said the tools are easy to use. They also love the customer support’s responsiveness. 

If you’re looking for free resume generators, you’ll be pleased to know that it could be one of the best ones out there, according to a ResumeGiants Trustpilot rating. People are also thrilled with its resume-building suggestions and tips.

On the official website, grads praise ResumeGiants for its ease of use for first-timers. They claim it has helped them learn what they have been doing wrong with their resumes that may have affected their success with job applications.

ResumeGiants Pros and Cons


  • 100% free unlimited use
  • Easy to use (great for first-time job hunters)
  • A variety of templates
  • Intuitive tools
  • Helpful career advice


  • Not many customer reviews
  • Lack of cover letter templates

Value for Money – Final Verdict

ResumeGiants helps you write a resume for any profession quickly. It’s also free, which benefits anybody looking for work. In this ResumeGiants review, we’ve evaluated the company and its services. Anyone who needs a professional resume can use this tool and create a resume on their preferred device. Therefore, ResumeGiants is beneficial for high school and college graduates and people who are already working and need a career change.

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