Instructables Review — A Little Heaven for All DIY Enthusiasts

Instructables is one of the most extensive and diverse online collections of DIY projects, made entirely by its creative and talented community. Instructables offers step-by-step video tutorials about making almost anything, from cooking and crafting to innovative technology hacks. In fact, we firmly believe that you will be able to find the how-to video you have been looking for weeks, or maybe even months. Our Instructables review will take you on an exciting journey to the happiest place on the internet, introduce you to the friendly online community, and inspire you to start creating videos and sharing your most unique innovations with like-minded people. So, without further ado, here is everything you need to know about Instructables.

Pros & Cons

● All the features and functionalities are available for free
● Suitable for both kids and adults
● Offers one of the most extensive online DIY video libraries
● An active community with members who love to share their inventions
● An intuitive and seamless process for creating an instructable
● The official Instructables app is unpublished
● The Instructables Marketplace is closed
● Some of the Instructables are outdated

Making Things Makes People Happy — A Wholesome Community for Makers, Innovators, Teachers, and Students

Ever since Instructables was born in 2005, it has had a way of winning over the hearts of all makers, innovators, teachers, and life-long students. As a platform specifically built for the do-it-yourself community, it has been populated with creative and innovative users who want to push the limits of their creations.

Starting with only hundreds of Instructables projects in the first year, its library quickly became one of the biggest on the internet, offering over one hundred thousand projects in a wide array of categories.

The Instructables community consists of people worldwide, offering unique perspectives even while making the most simple creations. The Instructables community can do almost anything, from cooking and 3D printing to making just about anything fly!

Furthermore, there is at least one ongoing Instructables contest every day, encouraging its users to be even more creative and innovative. The prizes usually vary from $250 to $500 gift cards, with some going much higher, depending on the category.

All in all, Instructables knows how to both inspire and challenge its users daily, and that’s precisely why it stands apart from its competitors. So, let’s take a closer look at everything the platform can offer.

Instructables Features, Courses, and Materials

The Instructables DIY library has over one hundred thousand tutorials that can teach you new skills and hacks, inspire you to build something you thought was never possible, and encourage you to share your inventions. However, with such a high number of tutorials, it may feel overwhelming, especially if you are new to the platform.

But don’t worry, as we will share our instruction guide for all Instructables categories to help you better familiarize yourself with the platform.

Instructables Circuits

Instructables features the largest collection of step-by-step circuits projects that include everything from art and gadgets to software projects. With some projects reaching over 2.2 million views, there is a lot to see and learn here.

With titles such as Set Up Your Very Own Web Server or The (Almost) Complete Guide to Electric RC Cars, you won’t be able to stop once you start going through these tutorials. All the subcategories available in the Circuits category feature some of the most useful and unique Instructables electronics how-to step-by-step guides.

  • Apple Projects
  • Arduino Projects
  • Art Projects
  • Assistive Tech Projects
  • Audio Projects
  • Cameras Projects
  • Clocks Projects
  • Computers Projects
  • Electronics Projects
  • Gadgets Projects
  • Lasers Projects
  • LEDs Projects
  • Linux Projects
  • Microcontrollers Projects
  • Microsoft Projects
  • Mobile Projects
  • Raspberry Pi Projects
  • Remote Control Projects
  • Reuse Projects
  • Robots Projects
  • Sensors Projects
  • Software Projects
  • Soldering Projects
  • Speakers Projects
  • Tools Projects
  • USB Projects
  • Wearables Projects
  • Websites Projects
  • Wireless Projects

Instructables Workshop

If you think that the Circles category has many views, wait until you see how many views have the most popular projects in the Workshop category. With over 9.2 million views and a first place in a contest, it seems that everyone wants to know how to build LED throwies.

Come to think of it, we would also love to learn how to make colorful LED rain. From 3D printing projects and Instructables CNC projects to organizing projects, all the subcategories are available within the Workshop category.

  • 3D Printing Projects
  • Cars Projects
  • CNC Projects
  • Electric Vehicles Projects
  • Energy Projects
  • Furniture Projects
  • Home Improvement Projects
  • Home Theater Projects
  • Hydroponics Projects
  • Knives Projects
  • Laser Cutting Projects
  • Lighting Projects
  • Metalworking Projects
  • Molds & Casting Projects
  • Motorcycles Projects
  • Organizing Projects
  • Pallets Projects
  • Repair Projects
  • Science Projects
  • Shelves Projects
  • Solar Projects
  • Tools Projects
  • Woodworking Projects
  • Workbenches Projects

Instructables Craft

We continue our Instructables review with another popular category, perfect for all DIY crafters worldwide. From books projects and cosplay projects to soapmaking projects, everyone who is creative and loves to relax while crafting can find inspiration in this category.

The most popular projects have up to 9 million views, while the category has an abundance of subcategories offering a little something for everyone. The Instructables DIY Craft subcategories are:

  • Art Projects
  • Books & Journals Projects
  • Cardboard Projects
  • Cards Projects
  • Clay Projects
  • Costumes & Cosplay Projects
  • Digital Graphics Projects
  • Duct Tape Projects
  • Embroidery Projects
  • Fashion Projects
  • Felt Projects
  • Fiber Arts Projects
  • Gift Wrapping Projects
  • Jewelry Projects
  • Knitting & Crochet Projects
  • Leather Projects
  • Mason Jars Projects
  • No-Sew Projects
  • Paper Projects
  • Parties & Weddings Projects
  • Photography Projects
  • Printmaking Projects
  • Reuse Projects
  • Sewing Projects
  • Soapmaking Projects
  • Wallets Projects

Instructables Cooking

When it comes to popular Instructables projects, the Cooking category is definitely among the top 3. With views reaching almost 10 million, some recipes will make you drool by only looking at the featured photo. There is no doubt that Instructables users have talent, especially when it comes to cooking skills.

That said, unlike what most alternatives offer, all recipes shared here are home-cooked, with local ingredients, and made by the community itself. Many Instructables reviews agree that the subcategories in this category are definitely among the most populated.

  • Bacon Recipes
  • BBQ & Grilling Recipes
  • Beverages Recipes
  • Bread Recipes
  • Breakfast Recipes
  • Cake Recipes
  • Candy Recipes
  • Canning & Preserving Recipes
  • Cocktails & Mocktails Recipes
  • Coffee Recipes
  • Cookies Recipes
  • Cupcakes Recipes
  • Dessert Recipes
  • Homebrew Recipes
  • Main Course Recipes
  • Pasta Recipes
  • Pie Recipes
  • Pizza Recipes
  • Salad Recipes
  • Sandwiches Recipes
  • Snacks & Appetizers Recipes
  • Soups & Stews Recipes
  • Vegetarian & Vegan Recipes

Instructables Living

There aren’t many Instructables online reviews available, but the platform is still thriving. Once you click on the Living category, the most popular one on the platform, you can quickly notice that projects reach up to 14.8 million views.

Here, you can seamlessly learn how to make 6-pointed snowflakes or playdough, solve a Rubik’s Cube, and much more. With so many tutorials available for decorating, kids, life hacks, and pets, among the rest, you can quickly lose track of time while deciding what your next Instructables projects will be. Here are all the available subcategories in the Living category:

  • Beauty Projects
  • Christmas Projects
  • Cleaning Projects
  • Decorating Projects
  • Education Projects
  • Gardening Projects
  • Halloween Projects
  • Health Projects
  • Hiding Places Projects
  • Holidays Projects
  • Homesteading Projects
  • Kids Projects
  • Kitchen Projects
  • LEGO & K’NEX Projects
  • Life Hacks Projects
  • Music Projects
  • Office Supply Hacks Projects
  • Organizing Projects
  • Pest Control Projects
  • Pets Projects
  • Pranks, Tricks, & Humor Projects
  • Relationships Projects
  • Toys & Games Projects
  • Travel Projects
  • Video Games Projects

Instructables Outside

Next on our Instructables review is a unique category the platform offers. This is one of the most exciting places on the internet for adrenaline enthusiasts and nature adventurers, with all kinds of step-by-step bikes, camping, climbing, hunting, rockets, and survival projects.

Moreover, there aren’t many alternatives offering the diversity found in the Instructables library, where projects have up to 5 million views. So, if you are interested to learn more about Instructables projects and find like-minded individuals, make sure to check out all subcategories that come with the Outside category.

  • Backyard Projects
  • Beach Projects
  • Bikes Projects
  • Birding Projects
  • Boats Projects
  • Camping Projects
  • Climbing Projects
  • Fire Projects
  • Fishing Projects
  • Hunting Projects
  • Kites Projects
  • Knots Projects
  • Launchers Projects
  • Paracord Projects
  • Rockets Projects
  • Siege Engines Projects
  • Skateboarding Projects
  • Snow Projects
  • Sports Projects
  • Survival Projects
  • Water Projects

Instructables Teachers

Last but not least is our short but in-depth Instructables classes review. What makes Instructables unique compared to its alternatives is that, on the platform, educators all around the world gather together for a single goal — to provide education to all who need it.

Note that this is a free platform, yet all the classes available are made with so much love and effort. As a result, students of all ages can learn everything they need for their educational goals with ease and save a lot of money in the process.

All the available Instructables classes can be found in these subcategories, ranging from grade pre-K to grade university+ projects.

  • Grade Pre-K Projects
  • Grade K Projects
  • Grade 1 Projects
  • Grade 2 Projects
  • Grade 3 Projects
  • Grade 4 Projects
  • Grade 5 Projects
  • Grade 6 Projects
  • Grade 7 Projects
  • Grade 8 Projects
  • Grade 9 Projects
  • Grade 10 Projects
  • Grade 11 Projects
  • Grade 12 Projects
  • Grade University+ Projects
  • Instructables Arduino Projects
  • ELA Projects
  • Math Projects
  • Micro:bit Projects
  • Science Projects
  • Social Studies Projects
  • Engineering Projects
  • Coding Projects
  • Electronics Projects
  • Robotics Projects
  • CNC Projects
  • Laser Cutting Projects
  • 3D Printing Projects
  • 3D Design Projects
  • Art Projects
  • Music Projects
  • Theatre Projects
  • Wood Shop Projects
  • Metal Shop Projects
  • Resources Projects

Ease of Use

Instructables may be the easiest-to-use platform for DIY projects, and many Instructables reviews can confirm this. The user interface is intuitive and straightforward, both for browsing and for creating new projects. Even kids can seamlessly navigate it.

You don’t need any previous knowledge to use the platform as a student or a teacher. In fact, if you have any questions, the community will gladly answer them. In addition, if a more serious problem arises, the Instructables user support is just one click away.

Free Account for All DIY Enthusiasts

Even though an Instructables premium account or a Pro membership existed at one point, it wasn’t very popular among its users since they were unable to do anything without it. Luckily, the Pro membership no longer exists due to popular demand, and Instructables is once again free for all its users — just like it used to be when it was launched.

Offering a free account for all its users helps Instructables stay one step ahead of all its competitors since it relies on the creations of its community. Furthermore, as it is free, it invites all creative makers to join in and contribute with their inventions.

Instructables Online Reviews

There aren’t many reviews about Instructables available, but the majority of them are overwhelmingly positive. This is because Instructables found its dedicated community of like-minded individuals who continuously invest their time in the platform and share their love for DIY projects. As a result, most positive reviews include the community itself, while some focus on the ease of use and the website’s clean design.

That said, most negative reviews are remnants from when Instructables had a Pro membership, saying that the free plan is very limiting. On the other hand, a few complained about a virus downloaded with the attached PDFs on the Instructables pages, but our research didn’t prove this.

Instructables Review — Pros and Cons

Instructables’ pros heavily outweigh the cons, but it’s still good to be aware of both the platform’s strengths and weaknesses before using it. We thoroughly researched Instructables while following a strict evaluation methodology, and here are our results.


  • All the features and functionalities are available for free — Instructables is a free-to-use platform for students and instructors.
  • Suitable for both kids and adults — There are Instructables step-by-step tutorials for students of all ages and a wide array of subjects.
  • Offers one of the biggest online Instructables DIY video libraries — Since its massive community makes all Instructables tutorials, there aren’t many alternatives that can provide the exact numbers of guides.
  • An active community that loves to share their inventions — Instructables was launched in 2005, but it still has a large community that’s always available to help.
  • An intuitive and seamless process for creating an instructable — You don’t need any previous knowledge of publishing.


  • The official Instructables app is unpublished — There is no official app currently available since the development team had difficulty maintaining it.
  • The Instructables Marketplace is closed — There was once an option for all Instructables users to sell their creations through the platform, but unfortunately, the market is no longer available.
  • Some of the Instructables are outdated — Several Instructables online reviews claim that guides, such as those for the platform’s app, marketplace, and the Pro membership that no longer exist, are still outdated.

Final Verdict — Is Instructables as Good as It Looks?

If you are looking for a free platform with a wholesome community always willing to share their knowledge and learn new skills, Instructables can feel like a second home to you. In addition, the platform can offer guides for students of all ages and a classroom for teachers with all skills.

Furthermore, it provides one of the most extensive libraries for DIY guides on the web since the community itself creates all guides. Not many alternatives can offer the same, and all Instructables reviews confirm this.

Instructables is as good as it looks, but that doesn’t mean it is without weaknesses. Since the platform is free, the developer team had to unpublish the official app. Unfortunately, they had no resources available to maintain it properly.

On the other hand, note that some Instructables, such as the guides for the app, marketplace, and the Instructables premium membership that no longer exist, are still not updated and confuse new users. Lastly, the Instructables Marketplace closed recently, so users no longer can earn revenue from the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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