Mindvalley Review — We’ve Tested It for You [2022]

Are you looking to invest in yourself, achieve personal growth, and create the life you want to lead? If so, Mindvalley might be just what you’re looking for.

The innovative online platform focuses on transformational education, offering courses on meditations, health, fitness, stress management, and more. It has more than 200 authors, activists, and speakers that assist over 10 million people online become the best version of themselves.

We’ve tried one course from each category and did this Mindvalley review. Keep reading to find out detailed information about its features, courses available, pricing, pros and cons, and more.

Pros & Cons

● High-quality and unique content
● Coaches are well-known field experts
● Well-structured syllabi
● Annual subscription
● Free scheduled masterclasses
● High price range
● The All-Access pass lacks some premium quests

Pricing Plans

Mindvalley Membership

$499/year or $99/month

Mindvalley Membership Pro


Mindvalley Programs, Courses, and Features

This platform counts more than 10 million students and over 30 courses. Hundreds of experts are dedicated to helping others achieve personal transformation and improve their life, mindset, relationships, and overall well-being. 

As a result, Mindvalley has a five times higher completion rate than traditional online learning platforms, thanks to the proven system, engaging courses, and well-structured syllabi. 

If you can’t decide which courses to take, there’s a test that you can take, and MindValley will personalize your learning experience and recommend courses based on your test results.

Mindvalley Library 

Mindvalley classes (also called “quests”) are divided into several categories. There are about 40 programs on various topics, including goal setting, longevity, hypnosis, meditation, healing, parenting, and weight loss. You get a certificate of completion after finishing each course.

All quests are divided into short lessons, with key notes, tasks, and additional video materials. Let’s talk about each category and some courses we’ve reviewed.


The quests in this category concentrate on developing your cognitive abilities. The classes focus on positivity and aim to help you improve your mental health, calm your mind with meditation, and free your mind’s potential.

We’ve tested the Silva Ultramind System by Vishen. This Silva Ultramind MindValley Review will give you a summary of this quest and its benefits.

Vishen explains how to perfect the Silva Method (self-help and meditation program), created by José Silva. This quest is beneficial for everyone, even though it might not seem like that to some people. 

Through visualization and mental training, people can influence what’s happening in our lives and clearly see our true life path, and that’s what you learn from Vishen. After this quest, we’ve truly understood what higher intelligence means and how to communicate with it. Also, Vishen provides numerous audio guides to help you reach the deeper states of consciousness. 


Other MindValley Academy reviews also state that these courses will teach you to drop self-limitation and bad habits. This section is about improving your efficiency and competence to become the best you can be. 

We’ve reviewed a quest called Superbrain. It lasts for five weeks and even has bonus videos regarding speed reading, overcoming procrastination, etc.

You’ll learn numerous techniques for remembering any name, number, or word in this quest. At the end of this quest, you’ll be able to remember and memorize anything, no matter how abstract it is. 

Jim Kwik, the coach, will teach you many techniques for memorizing information, along with giving you valuable advice on how to boost your brainpower.


We’ve decided to do MindValley 10x Fitness review because it’s one of the longest and, frankly, the most amazing quests on this platform. 

10x fitness is for everyone interested in exercise, regardless of experience. The coach, Ronan Diego de Oliveira, will teach you everything—from how each movement activates your body to how to do each exercise step-by-step. In 83 days, you’ll learn how to stay fit for the rest of your life. 

Other courses in this category usually aren’t as long, but they’re also full of useful and life-changing information.


Some people think connecting with one’s inner world isn’t practical but they don’t know that we need to work on our souls as much as you work on our bodies.

The Mindvalley quest that stands out in this section is called “A Yogi’s Guide to Joy.” The guide is Sadhguru, an Indian prophet of spirituality. He’ll explain why stress comes from within you. After this quest, people learn how to observe life differently and overcome negative emotions.

Career Growth

If you struggle to achieve top performance at work, this is the program you should consider. The work quests from Mindvalley can help you learn persuasion, influence, excellent communication skills, and achieve maximum positivity in the workplace

“Productivity for Working at Home” is another quest that we’ve covered in our MindValley review. It lasts for only six days, but it’s beneficial for everyone who struggles with remote work. 

You’ll learn how to organize your tasks, time, and working space. We are surprised by how many essential tips you can learn from such a short quest. Jason Campbell, the coach, will also recommend some free tools for task organization and communicating more effectively.


The entrepreneurship program helps you stay at the top of your career. You can choose from several courses that will teach you how to improve your entrepreneurial prospects. Unlike the Work category, these courses are focused on individuals who want to be their own boss.

Other MindValley reviews also mention the impact these quests can have on your business and leadership skills. Therefore, we suggest enrolling in multiple courses from this category if you want to start your own business and become a better entrepreneur. 

Most quests focus on having the right mindset and creating a clear vision for achieving your business goals.


Starting the fun part of our Mindvallet review, the Mindvalley library offers several courses on emotional bonding, communication, empathy, and sexual fulfillment. The Relationships module helps you learn to connect with people (be it a partner, a parent, or a colleague) and build better and healthier relationships.

We’ve reviewed the quest called “Mastering Authentic Networking.” After this course, you’ll realize why building relationships is vital, how to create and use them to succeed in life.

This course’ coach is Keith Ferrazzi, the world’s best networking coach and one of the MindValley authors. He’ll tell you about his life story at the beginning of the quest. 

He later talks about how to reach out to any person you want to meet, what not to do when you communicate with people, and what kind of person a true networker should be. Furthermore, you’ll get a lot of additional materials, such as meditation guides and other tips for verbal and non-verbal communication.

Kids, Teens, and Parenting

The parenting section is about keeping the best emotional and human connection with kids. There are three quests in this section, and we’ve reviewed the one called “Be Extraordinary (for Teens).

We did a Be Extraordinary MindValley review and concluded that this quest is helpful for all teenagers, not just those who don’t see their path clearly. Teens should learn how to perceive life correctly, and this quest can help them achieve that.

Most teenagers don’t think about where to start and the critical factor for that is happiness. Vishen teaches teenagers how to be happy and confident. He’ll also share some insights about life and give handy mental exercises.

Mindvalley Masterclass Review

The Mindvalley masterclasses are different from the regular ones because they are taught via webinars and workbooks. These courses are free and last between 1 to 1,5 hours. However, they are available for a limited time only. The masterclasses include:

  • Meditation
  • Lessons on the pillars of life
  • Tips on attracting positive energy and eliminating obstacles
  • Insights on how to control your emotional state

You should note that every Mindvalley free masterclass serves as an introduction to other courses as they will help you determine whether they are the right choice for you. 

After signing up, you should expect an email with information about the webinar, such as a link to the page where the videos will be held and a specific date and time so that you can add it to your calendar. You will have to attend the class at the exact time because the videos can not be rewound or fast-forwarded. 

MindValley All Access Review

Since yearly membership and individual courses have similar prices, it’s better to subscribe. The best thing about becoming a MindValley member is joining the like-minded community, and meeting people can bring powerful connections and transformations to your life. 

With access to all courses and a private student network, you’ll be able to access all meditations, entrepreneurial training, weekly/daily live classes and calls, and Omvana, Mindvalley’s meditation app.

A new thing is A.I.-powered learning, which will make your learning experience personalized and much easier.

Mindvalley App

Mindvalley app is available for Android and iOS, allowing you to access your quests conveniently from anywhere. The app works great and maintains a 4.5-star rating on Google Play Store and 4.8 stars on Apple App Store. 

Users love its simplicity, and it’s a great addition to their quest for improving their life. Also, they love notifications about new quests. There are some complaints about glitches and playback errors, but these are minor issues.

MindValley Review on Ease of Use

The platform is easy to navigate and well-designed, ensuring every user gets nothing short of a premium experience. Once you enroll in a quest, you simply mark tasks as complete and move to the next lesson. Also, all additional material is neatly organized below the main video lesson.

The learning process is bite-size so that it easily fits your schedule. Each course takes between 7-20 minutes a day. It’s practical and easy to learn on both desktop and mobile. 

Mindvalley Pricing

You can buy individual courses or request access to all courses through a yearly subscription. Individual course prices vary between $300 and $400. With Digital Access, you get lifetime access to a course across all devices and access to all discussion boards and groups for that course.  

If you want full access to all courses, meditations, and discussion forums, you have two membership options. The standard MindValley membership costs $499/year or $99/month, while the price of Mindvalley Pro is $999/year.

For $99 a month or $499 a year, you get access to all courses across all digital devices, as well as access to discussion boards, community groups, Facebook groups, and new content. 

You will also get the Mindvalley Life Assessment, a questionnaire that helps you find out which areas in life you need to focus on. In addition, the membership offers free live calls with the instructors, which is a good deal if you are interested in taking more quests.

MindValley Pro additionally offers monthly live classes with Vishen and a mastermind and co-elevation group.

Refund Policy

Mindvalley provides a 15–day money-back guarantee. Several Mindvalley reviews mention that it’s straightforward to cancel your subscription, and we can confirm the same. All you need to do is visit the Billing section of your account and find the “Cancel” option. 

Then you will need to fill out a Refund form and submit it. After a couple of days, expect an email confirming a successful refund. Note that you might not get your money back up until five business days.

Online Ratings

When we’ve reviewed MindValley vs. Masterclass and some other online learning platforms, we’ve realized that they all have similar online ratings. That’s because users are generally satisfied, but the major difference between these platforms is the content itself. 

Mindvalley has a rating of 4.7 stars on Trustpilot based on more than 3,300 reviews. Users love how beneficial the quests are on a spiritual and mental level. Additionally, they appreciate the bite-size lessons and being part of a community. 

There are some complaints related to customer support. Also, some users say they paid for a course but haven’t received access to it in time. However, these complaints are minor and seldom.

Pros and Cons


  • High-quality content — All Mindvalley courses are top-quality and taught by industry-leading experts. 
  • True field experts — The classes are held by reputable instructors who give a lot of actionable advice and share their knowledge.  
  • Well-structured syllabi — The quests are well structured and feature small-sized daily tasks and lessons to keep you occupied for the day. 
  • Annual subscription — You can use the discounted rates for the paid courses and get a yearly pass to all content. That’s a great value compared to paying for an individual course. 
  • Free Masterclasses — There are free masterclasses available for a limited time. 


  • High price range — The price of the courses tends to be higher than most competitors.
  • Some premium MindValley programs aren’t included in the All-Access pass — You can only access a few premium courses like Unlimited Abundance and Lifebook Online individually.

Can Mindvalley Really Change Your Life?

This platform is worth considering if you want to reach the full potential of your mind, spirit, and body. Moreover, the platform is ideal for people seeking personal and spiritual growth and are willing to put in extra effort and full commitment to experience real change. 

To genuinely benefit from this lifetime investment, you need to complete your assignments, engage with other learners, and be present all the time. The instructors are knowledgeable and experienced, so we highly recommend this platform.

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