In-Depth BeenVerified Review – What Can You Check?

Are you searching for background information on a person of interest but have no idea where to look for it? You’ve come to the right BeenVerified review if this is true. For over a decade, BeenVerified has helped many people get the information they are looking for easily, without hiring a private detective.

We’ll discuss the features, services, pricing, as well as our personal experience as users. In case you still have doubts, read this comprehensive BeenVerified analysis to step into the world where you can detect public information just like that.

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Features and Materials

BeenVerified is a New York City-based company founded in 2007. A team of passionate individuals wanted to help ordinary people gain public information. To debunk the BeenVerified scam theory, we can assure you the company has successfully provided public data for over a decade.

This platform helps you find almost everything you can think of thanks to the precise search engine. What’s more, you can do it on the go in the BeenVerified app developed for both iOS and Android devices.

No matter how little you know about a person, BeenVerified uses the data you provide to create a thorough report. Now, you must be wondering why you would ever need anything like BeenVerified.

This advanced search tool combines multiple services into a single platform. You’ll discover people, VINs, and phone numbers in no time. With the BeenVerified features, addresses, emails, and business information stop being a secret.

At the moment, the company has these services:

  • Background check reports
  • Contact info
  • Caller identification
  • Criminal and court records
  • Vehicle records
  • Property records.

It relies on a vast number of trusted sources to find the answers you need. These registries are everything but cheap, so background check companies have to charge their members, as well.

In the next part of our review, you’ll learn more about the company’s features individually.

BeenVerified People Search Review

This service allows you to perform a minute BeenVerified background check to find out specific details about someone. It provides you with up-to-date information about them in a few minutes.

What’s more, basic details are enough to get the tool going.

You can start the research by entering a person’s name and surname. If you give it some additional information, that’s even better because the platform will get the results faster.

A detailed report contains their contact information, current and past addresses, employment history, social media accounts, and more.

BeenVerified Reverse Phone Number Lookup Review

This is one of the most used options on the site. It’s convenient for identifying people behind unknown numbers that have been calling or messaging you consistently.

Also, if you have someone’s phone number only, this feature can help you locate them, too.

It works equally well for both mobile phone numbers and landlines. Once you get their name and address, you can figure out what to do next. People also use this tool as a scam detector to protect themselves from random phone calls.

BeenVerified Email Lookup Review

When you want to learn about a company whose services you are seeking, their email address is always the easiest to get a hold of.

However, search engines can identify someone by email only if the address has appeared on public platforms, such as social networks. BeenVerified’s email lookup goes beyond the search engines to identify the sender.

Type in the email address and the tool will do the rest. All the data you can attain by simply providing an email address is included in the BeenVerified cost.

BeenVerified Reverse Address Lookup Review

If you’re getting anonymous letters, you can sort this issue out with BeenVerified. Just fill in the designated field on the BeenVerified site with the address in question, and you’ll reveal the identity of the unknown sender within minutes.

Our findings agree with other BeenVerified reviews claiming you can successfully find the answers you need.

BeenVerified Vehicle Lookup Review

Whether you’re thinking of buying a pre-owned car directly from the owner or a dealership, it seems smart to do some research before making this big purchase. 

You can find out a lot of relevant information about the car by entering the vehicle identification number (VIN):

  • Current value of comparable cars
  • A full list of standard equipment
  • Sales history
  • Accident history
  • Damage reports.

The research for this BeenVerified review shows you can find out whether the car has ever been listed as stolen, and the estimated ownership costs over the next several years.

BeenVerified Unclaimed Money Review

Did you know that private businesses and government agencies hold unclaimed cash worth billions? If some of this money is yours and you need help claiming it, BeenVerified can give you a hand.

Unclaimed money comes in various forms; if you decide to use this platform, you can obtain BeenVerified tax records and find out if you are eligible for a tax refund or a long-forgotten deposit.

BeenVerified Criminal and Arrest Records Review

Although public access to criminal and arrest records is a rather controversial topic, having the opportunity to check if someone has a criminal background is quite useful.

Such information becomes even more important if the person in question is someone you’ll be dealing with regularly. The reports are on a state level so you can be 100% sure of the accuracy of the information.

BeenVerified Property Owner Search Review

We can confirm based on our analysis what online BeenVerified reviews have already said – the bigger the investment, the more careful you should be. As major investments go, buying property can be quite stressful. Among the countless factors you need to consider, any hidden issues that the property might have will definitely affect your decision.

As a responsible buyer, you probably want to know what you’re getting into.

Fortunately, BeenVerified offers a solution. The service can provide you with the homeowners’ contact information, information about previous residents, value fluctuations, outstanding mortgages, building inspection reports, and more.

BeenVerified Marriage and Divorce Records Review

People investigate this type of data most on the platform. Marriage records can be crucial to anyone trying to find their loved ones or make a family tree. You can use this data to reconnect with your biological parents or to locate distant relatives for that long-planned family gathering.

Many people often request access to divorce records, as well. Whether you simply need a copy of your own divorce papers or you just want to verify the status of a person of interest, BeenVerified has got you covered.

BeenVerified Opt Out Review

BeenVerified allows you to remove your information from the people search results for free. The process is rather simple; you need to search the database first and then select the record you wish to remove.

The process usually takes 24 hours. After that, the company instructs their data partners not to return the record you opted out. However, some other records of yours can appear.

Furthermore, you can remove only one record on your own according to the latest BeenVerified remove info rule. So, you need to contact them at [email protected] for multiple removals.

Ease of Use

The search tools are simple and easy to use; they don’t demand advanced research skills. The platform was obviously created with an average user in mind. They consist of search bars that you need to fill in and nothing else.

You can have the desired report in two clicks. In case you encounter some problems, the customer care representatives are willing to help.

BeenVerified Price Plans

You can’t purchase single reports on BeenVerified; you need to subscribe to a plan for complete reports. BeenVerified offers two subscription options:

  • one-month memberships for $26.89/month
  • three-month memberships for $17.48/month with a 35% discount.

Both pricing plans give you access to unlimited reports for every feature. You can use the seven search types, as well. Also, you can check the option to get notifications every time a particular report changes.

BeenVerified Refund Policy

It’s possible to get a refund if you’re dissatisfied with the service or data you received by contacting the customer support. Although they deal with refund requests on a case-to-case basis, they tend to meet the needs of every customer.

While filing for a refund, you need to provide the member ID or the email address related to your account. How much time will pass before you see changes on your bank account depends on your bank; it takes 10 days typically.

Additionally, iOS users need to ask for refunds through Apple.

BeenVerified Review – Customer Support

If you still have questions regarding the service or encounter some issues while using the site, you can contact the customer support by calling 1-888-579-5910 from 6 am to 11:30 pm EST.

You can email them at [email protected], too. If you’re in a rush, there’s also a contact form available on the platform. You can reach out through their fax number (212) 813-3276, as well.

In case you need help outside these working hours, check out the BeenVerified FAQ section; you will find answers to the most common questions regarding the platform there.

BeenVerified Cancellation Policy

The customer care representatives will cancel your account any time for any reason. Alternatively, there’a a form you can fill in instead of contacting them.

Either way, you need to have your member ID ready (you’ll see it in the dashboard and in the new member welcome email). Once they cancel your account, you’ll receive a confirmation email.

You’re free to log in to the canceled account any time if you decide to reactivate it.

Online Ratings

Judging from the numerous BeenVerified testimonials, its users are generally satisfied with the services. There are, of course, those who have had some negative experiences with the company.

The users mostly complain about the lack of information. Sometimes the search engine can’t find a particular person due to the minimal information provided. Others have been unable to obtain the latest data, which is simply not up to the company itself.

For the most part, the customers describe BeenVerified as better than other background check sites. They have used it to locate old friends, fellow veterans, and high school mates. The BeenVerified customer support has many positive comments. People like how friendly and attentive the agents are.

Let’s now compare BeenVerified to its competitors to see how they differ from each other.

BeenVerified Alternatives

BeenVerified can answer almost all of your concerns, but it’s not the only one. There are other background check companies with similar features yet different interfaces or pricing plans.

It’s good to inspect these matters before making the final decision; it helps you discover which one matches your preferences best. The following section contrasts BeenVerified to Instant Checkmate, Truthfinder, and Intelius.

Instant Checkmate vs. BeenVerified

These remarkable platforms provide impeccable services – accurate, up-to-date data on people, addresses, criminal records, and locations.

However, Instant Checkmate slightly leans toward criminal records more than BeenVerified. You can look up sex offenders in an area or do an inmate search for someone you know. Their Crimewire Blog is abundant with crime news and safety tips.

BeenVerified doesn’t have a trial period whereas Instant Checkmate gives you a five-day trial period for $1. Also, you can download a single background report for $29.95 without commitments on Instant Checkmate.

Truthfinder vs. BeenVerified

Truthfinder is one of the most trusted background checking services, just like BeenVerified. Both platforms have enough sources to show you the most personal details about someone.

Yet, Truthfinder’s reports seem richer. This platform scans the Deep Web for more specific information – birth and death records, social media profiles, education, jobs, and more.

BeenVerified is perfect for locating relatives. But the Truthfinder’s family history search tool has gone a step further. It can show you court records, birthdays, even photographs. Also, the free Family Tree Maker enables you to compile all this data into a lineage.

Intelius vs. BeenVerified

When compared to BeenVerified, Intelius is a bit pricey. With BeenVerified, you have full three-month access to all the search tools for $52.44. It sounds like a good deal. On the other hand, Intelius charges $42.25 for two months of access only.

Although it’s relatively expensive, Intelius has an A rating from the Better Business Bureau. The Intelius Connections engine is part of the People Search tool. Thanks to it, you can discover additional associations and widen the number of your contacts.

BeenVerified Pros and Cons


  • 10-in-1 research tool
  • Numerous report types
  • Easy and fast research process
  • Opt-out option
  • Affordable subscription plans
  • Mobile app


  • Live support working hours
  • No free trial
  • Limited data usage.

Value for Money – Final Verdict

After a thorough examination of BeenVerified, we can confirm the platform can be helpful in innumerable ways. Apart from giving you access to public information that would otherwise be difficult to get your hands on, the service also offers other verification tools.

Our BeenVerified review has covered every aspect of this website. The platform offers reasonable billing plans that come with significant benefits. You also have a chance to use promo codes when possible.

Although its customer support isn’t available around the clock, the team is fairly responsive, friendly, and helpful. BeenVerified services are definitely suitable for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money on thorough background checks.

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