Teachery Review: Create Limitless Courses for One Low Price

Let’s kick off this Teachery review with a bold statement: Teachery offers the most straightforward pricing structure of all the platforms of its type. It’s easy to use, contains time-saving shortcuts, and offers practical value rather than an overblown range of features you may never use.

Can you rely on the company to help you scale up your business? Considering that it’s been growing steadily since 2013, there’s a good chance that you can. However, let’s not take anything for granted and instead give the platform a thorough review.

Pros & Cons

● No transaction fees
● Intuitive user interface
● Easy to get started and bring clients onboard
● Affordable
● Plenty of templates
● Great customer support

● Lack of tools for advanced users
● Personal domain necessary to house your content on the website

Pricing Plans



*zero fees
*14-day free trial


*save 20% off monthly plan
*zero fees
*14-day free trial

Teachery Features and Integrations

What do you get for between $39 and $47 monthly? According to the website, you can access all Teachery tools, including unlimited courses and its student list. Let’s see if Teachery is as jam-packed with features as it claims.

Unlimited Courses, Lessons, and Students

Do you have a dream of creating an online course empire? If so, Teachery might be the place to establish it. With this site, you can create an unlimited supply of:

  • courses
  • coaching sessions
  • digital downloads

You create Teachery courses at your own pace without worrying about how making a new one might impact your subscription rate.

Intuitive Live Course Editor

Teachery allows you to create courses using a simple live course interface. You don’t need to know a thing about coding or any complex systems.

The editor saves your progress as you go along, so you never need to worry about losing work in the event of a power cut.

You can also edit any part of the text and translate it into any language using the editor. Teachery reviews speak particularly well of this aspect of the platform.

The editor also comes with two templates that simplify things even further:

  • Minimal: Sleek and streamlined, this template is for the modern course attendee with minimal time to waste.
  • Sidebar: This course template replicates the traditional design with which most creators are familiar.

Embed Video, Audio, and Slide Presentations

You will need to host your video and audio content offsite. While this is a minor inconvenience, it keeps the costs down. It also allows channels specializing in content hosting to do what they do best.

Look at companies like the following for video hosting:

  • YouTube
  • Wistia
  • Vimeo

Teachery reviews reveal that the following websites are best for slideshows:

  • Canva
  • Google Slides
  • Prezi
  • Slideshare

In addition, Soundcloud is a good option for storing your audio content. Teachery also has plenty of helpful information on embedding your content from various sites.

Creating a Branded Course

Branding is as essential for educators as it is for big companies. Teachery has a range of template customization options that make it possible to create:

  • a uniquely branded course
  • a look that seems 100% original
  • different finishes for each course

The Teachery platform also lets you group your courses thematically. You can even hire lecturers to help you create additional content. Play with button colors, sub-lessons, background colors, and images to give your audience the best possible experience.

You can then incorporate that theme into your landing pages and other sales pages to create a cohesive brand image.

Getting Paid

Teachery integrates with Stripe so you can sell your courses on autopilot. Like with course pages, the system gives you free rein to customize your payment pages. You can create as many of them as you like but be warned that this makes it challenging to keep track of everything.

As per our Teachery review findings, the site lets you create the following payment options:

  • once-off
  • monthly
  • annually
  • by payment plan

If you’re not very technically-minded, the Teachery payment pages can double as onboarding pages. However, it’s best to personalize a good landing page for a more professional look.

One feature unusual for this platform is that Teachery allows you to add your students manually. So, if they don’t sign up for one of your courses, the company will help you collect payments from them.

Marketing is an essential part of any business. Luckily, creating and applying promo codes is a walk in the park with Teachery’s payment system. Simply choose the discount, set the expiration date, and market away. The platform takes care of the rest.

Want to get creative with your latest Teachery sale? Why not bundle together different courses or lessons within classes that work well together? Check the platform’s help pages for more information on getting the best distance from your current material.

Hooking the Client

The in-built sales page or landing page creator means promoting your business has never been easier. You can easily incorporate payment pages to simplify the task and let people buy straight away. Additionally, you can use the page to collect email addresses.

Email Integration with MailChimp and ConvertKit

One thing we appreciated in this Teachery review was the seamless email integration. The platform allows you to connect your existing ConvertKit or MailChimp account, so there’s no need to learn more new software.

The integration will enable you to grow your subscriber list, market your course, and stay in contact with your subscribers. Again, the extensive help section is there should you need further assistance.

Other Integrations

You may integrate a range of different apps and tools through Zapier. The platform integrates more than a thousand apps and tools so that you can control them right through your Teachery account.

In addition, you may download your client list and their details in a CSV format through Zapier whenever you like. As our Teachery review found, this is somewhat difficult to do with some competitor platforms.

Custom Domains and SSL Certificates

When Teachery says that you get everything for a small monthly fee, it’s not joking. You can house a course on a custom domain and give each a separate domain name.

Not keen on catching out people with fine print, Teachery also pays for your SSL certificate for each site at no extra fee.

Is there a catch? Not a catch per se, but a caveat: you will have to buy your custom domain name from a DNS provider since Teachery doesn’t provide it for free. This way, you’re redirecting traffic from your custom domain to your Teachery page.


You can rely on the platform’s analytics or integrate Google Analytics for more detailed information.

A Strong Community

Teachery features a Disqus integration to manage comments on your courses and allows you to interact with your students freely, all in one place.

Building a community:

  • strengthens your brand
  • adds value for your students
  • could highlight areas for improvement or produce new course ideas

Drip Content

Some students might like the ability to work through your course at their own speed. However, this is not always the best option with more complex topics. Scheduling classes slows the pace, ensuring the students have time to digest the previous lesson before racing on to the next.

Welcome Emails and Course Completed Email

The automatic welcome and course completion emails make your life a breeze. Naturally, you have the opportunity to edit and personalize them, but Teachery sends them out when a student signs up or completes your course.

Teachery Alternatives

Podia is one of Teachery’s most popular competitors. It offers a free plan with limited benefits but requires a monthly transaction fee of 8%. To unlock more perks, you have to pay $39 a month. However, this plan doesn’t offer a fraction of what Teachery’s does; to match it, you’ll have to pay $89 or $199 per month at Podia.

It seems that base pricing is a common factor when looking for alternatives to Teachery. The Teachery vs. Teachable debate is often quite heated. With both starting within a year of one another and having similar names, it’s common for internet users to confuse the two. Teachable comes in as more expensive, with a comparable monthly plan at $119.

Thinkific also has a free but very limited plan. Paid accounts start at $39, which seems cheaper than Teachery at first glance until you compare the features. To get a similar range of features that Teachery offers with all its packages, you would have to pay either $79 or $399 per month. Therefore, in the debate of Teachery vs. Thinkific, Teachery wins by a mile.

Ease of Use

Teachery is simple enough to use; the platform’s extensive help section answers any questions, but it’s unlikely you’ll need to refer to it often.

Of all the sites out there, Teachery might well be the easiest to use. Its interface is intuitive, and you can access all the templates from day one.

However, we have to mark the site down on the lack of an official app. While you will find an app called “Teachery Experts” in the Play Store, it’s not related to this platform.

Teachery Pricing & Plans

Teachery’s pricing structure is one of the simplest among the platforms with similar services. When your free trial is over, you must choose between the monthly and annual plans. You receive access to the full range of features and a 14-day free trial regardless of which option you select.

A month-to-month contract makes more sense for those wishing to test the waters for a little longer. Of course, it’ll cost you the full price of $49 per month, but running the platform for two or three months might be worth the investment before committing for an entire year.

If you’re sure you want to remain, save yourself a whopping $118 by paying for an annual subscription upfront. $470 is a chunk of change, but thanks to Teachery discounts, you get a little over two months free of charge.

Another thing worth considering is that, unlike competitors, the site doesn’t charge transaction fees.

At Podia, for example, you don’t pay a monthly fee, but you do pay 8% per sale. Therefore, if your course sells at $99, you will pay $79.20 just to enroll ten students. To add insult to injury, the free account at Podia only allows you to sell one course and one coaching session.

Whether you’re comparing items based on monthly or transaction fees, Teachery prevails.

Refund Policy

Teachery leaves it up to you to refund your students as necessary. However, it doesn’t clearly say what happens if you wish to get a refund as a creator. Therefore, creators should contact support should they feel they deserve a refund.

As long as creators can make a good case, Teachery reviews suggest that support is reasonable. For example, you may have a chance if you need a refund due to a lack of a feature Teachery promised upon the purchase.

Online Ratings

Teachery is something of a little gem that has quietly been coasting along since 2014. While its competitors focused on marketing blasts, Teachery honed its platform. 

The online reviews tend to be positive and suggest that Teachery pricing makes the platform the best value for money for content creators. Its users also like the intuitive interface, simple design, and outstanding user experience. As a result, the platform has developed a cult following rather than a vast database of random fans.

Teachery Review — Final Verdict

Despite the site’s somewhat quirky decor, finding the relevant information is remarkably easy. We also liked the transparency regarding the pricing, the wide range of features, and the overall user experience. Moreover, creating a course without referring to the help section proved simple enough.

Overall, Teachery offers excellent value for the money for the prolific course creator wanting to build a vast empire.

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