InfoTracer Review – Billions of Records at Your Fingertips

Unless you try out a company’s services personally, how else would you know if they’re any good?

That’s why we decided to write this InfoTracer review and tell you all there is to know about this company, its services, and policies. We also wanted to share our personal experience with InfoTracer.

Considering that InfoTracer’s pricing plans are often a matter of debate, we did our homework to provide you with accurate information about the cost. Without further ado, let’s see what this dependable information aggregator is all about.

Pros & Cons

● 24 types of research
● Instant state and national criminal databases
● Access to over five billion records
● Outstanding customer service
● Facial recognition search
● Available in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia
● Additional fees required for premium data
● State-related database restrictions

Pricing Plans

Free Trial


All features are available

Monthly Memberships


$14.95 if you subscribe for InfoTracer directly

InfoTracer Review – Features and Materials

InfoTracer gathers all kinds of information about people—contact details, criminal records, property records, VIN checks, and much more. It draws data from thousands of sources like federal, state, and county data sources. It also scans consumer databases and the internet.

Online sources allow InfoTracer to search the deep web. Moreover, it can find details from various social media platforms. InfoTracer features 24 types of searches in total. Some of those surprised us because we couldn’t find them on other websites—for example, IP and mugshot lookup.

You can use InfoTracer free of charge to some degree. It lets you run reports, but you can’t download them without a subscription. You’ll see a membership offer at the checkout page. Once you purchase it, you can have an unlimited number of reports. Although the data that InfoTracer aggregates is public, the company’s founders made things more convenient. A vast array of search tools have made it possible to present all the information as a detailed report.

We’ve reviewed the app, as well. You can read about it and InfoTracer’s most popular services below.

InfoTracer Email Lookup Review

The reverse email lookup can reveal a lot about someone. InfoTracer extracts information from different search engines and websites and compiles it into one well-structured digital report.

The report contains entire sections dedicated to specific data. Based on an email address, you can see someone’s contact details, marriage or divorce records, professional licenses, social media profiles, etc. You can search by email, username, name, or phone.

InfoTracer Review – VIN Check

The instant VIN lookup lets you investigate a vehicle in two ways by entering its VIN or license plate number. Either way, you’ll gain insight into traffic accidents and repairs, ownership history, car specifications, and sale records.

You can also learn about a car’s title transfers, mileage, and salvage records. The lemon history can tell you what kind of defects the car has. Besides past and current ownership, you can check much more, such as the owner’s name, contact information, phone number, address, and vehicle registration records.

The authors of some InfoTracer VIN reviews we found online complained about this tool. Apparently, they didn’t get the desired information about the researched vehicles. After testing this tool personally, we can confirm that InfoTracer sometimes fails to deliver the requested data. However, InfoTracer’s customer support gave us a logical explanation.

Some states don’t make specific records known to the public. As a result, InfoTracer can’t access them or include them in reports. Nevertheless, future vehicle owners can benefit a lot from this service. It can dig up something the previous owner wanted to hide.

InfoTracer App Review

iOS users will be disappointed, but InfoTracer has an app for Android devices only. The app is free, and it has the same functionalities as the website version. An active account is the only prerequisite.

The app has a slight advantage, though. You can research your contacts by allowing the app to access them on your device. Additionally, the app lets you chat with customer support representatives. Also, its facial recognition feature allows you to compare the uploaded photo with millions of photos in its database.

InfoTracer Opt Out Review

It’s perfectly fine if you don’t want InfoTracer to reveal some details about you. The information removal request is available on the website. You just need to type in your first name, last name, and state (the city is optional).

There are two additional ways of submitting your request. You can fax it to (617) 507-0410 or mail it to PO Box 103068, Boston MA 02113. The online form, however, is the fastest and most convenient option. Now, it’s important to make something clear.

First, the company doesn’t charge you on top of your InfoTracer membership for this request. It’s completely free. Second, InfoTracer doesn’t own the information you see in reports. Therefore, you can’t remove the information permanently via InfoTracer. You need to contact the relevant state, agency, or other third party, and submit a request there.

Ease of Use

It’s very simple to perform a search on InfoTracer because search tools need very little information to show results. They consist of one search bar only and nothing else. Moreover, you can navigate the website easily from your account.

InfoTracer lets you cancel membership fees from your account, or you can ask a customer service representative to do it for you.

Customer Support Review

InfoTracer’s customer service representatives are available 24/7. You can reach them by email ([email protected]) or call (800)-791-1427 toll-free. Based on reviews on Trustpilot, users are satisfied with customer service—and we couldn’t agree more. Customer service representatives are professional, polite, and knowledgeable, so don’t hesitate to call them if you run into a problem.

If you’re not in a hurry, the contact form on the website is convenient for submitting inquiries.

Plans and Pricing

An InfoTracer free trial option doesn’t exist because public record sites InfoTracer draws information from charge high fees. So, InfoTracer works like an intermediary between us as users and them as record providers.

Still, InfoTracer gives you a seven-day trial for $3.95 to try out its services without limits. After that, it automatically charges $19.05 per month unless you cancel your subscription. You’ll see this offer if you run a preliminary search on InfoTracer. If you sign up for InfoTracer directly, the monthly subscription price is $14.95.

It’s impossible to review InfoTracer without mentioning optional add-ons to premium reports. They cost $9–$25, depending on the database.

Refund Policy

Issuing refunds for the unused monthly subscription isn’t common at InfoTracer, but it can happen. The company encourages its members to reach out in such cases. Anyway, it’s safer to cancel it before the billing period ends.

If you make a purchase by accident, you can contact customer support and explain the situation. You’ll get your money back. Also, InfoTracer guarantees refunds if it fails to provide additional public record details. Many other InfoTracer reviews have confirmed the same.

Online Ratings

Let’s start with a positive user experience. People testify how easy it is to find anything on the platform. A significant number of users managed to locate their relatives thanks to InfoTracer.

Others had a wonderful experience with customer support representatives who canceled their subscriptions immediately and didn’t pressure them to renew them. This is something people appreciate greatly.

Even those who weren’t too satisfied with the service have an excellent opinion about InfoTracer. Again, the majority of InfoTracer reviews are positive because customer support representatives handled refund requests efficiently.

People who asked for a refund either purchased something by accident or couldn’t find what they were looking for. A customer support representative responded to each and every review with a suggestion or an apology.

It seems the company puts a lot of effort into its reputation. It’s impossible to meet every customer’s needs, especially with the restrictions each state imposes. Such restrictions are precisely the reason for several negative InfoTracer membership reviews.

Also, users don’t enjoy paying additional fees for premium data. The company has clearly stated on the website that these fees are necessary because the databases charge InfoTracer extra fees.

InfoTracer Review – The Final Verdict

InfoTracer is a reliable source of information you can turn to anytime. The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about InfoTracer is its efficiency. And even though it doesn’t perform well sometimes, it owns up to its mistakes.

Background check companies are ideal for quick checks. But InfoTracer works exceptionally well for phone, email, and address searches. Scanning the web for more serious records like court judgments is also convenient. Not to mention how little it charges for such data.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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