Grammarly Review (2022) — Should You Use It or Skip It?

Currently, more than 30 million people regularly use this grammar checker software. Read our comprehensive Grammarly review if you’re tempted to use it, but you’re not sure if it’s worth it.

Grammarly is the most popular and widespread writing tool available online, and there’s a good reason why. The free version covers grammar, punctuation, and spelling, while the premium version offers suggestions on the best writing practices and plagiarism checker.

We analyzed hundreds of user reviews and evaluated the tool to help you make the right decision and see whether Grammarly is the right choice for you.

Pros & Cons

● High accuracy level
● Intuitive design
● Powerful grammar checking software
● Explains your mistakes
● Plagiarism checker
● No offline editing option
● Only for the English language

Pricing Plans

Free Plan


Grammar, spelling, and punctuation checks
Basic features
No time restrictions
Browser extensions, apps, addons, and keyboards

Premium Plan


Billed monthly
Annual and quarterly billing options
Fluency and consistency checks
Clarity and formatting analysis
Politeness, formality level, and tone detection
Plagiarism detection

Business Plan


Billed per member per month
Annual billing plan option
All Grammarly Premium features
Admin controls and panels
Team usage statistics

Grammarly Review: About the Company

The company was established in Kyiv, Ukraine, as an expert platform for the English language (American, British, Australian, and Canadian English). Alex Shevchenko, Max Lytvyn, and Dmytro Lider launched the software in 2009. Currently, the Grammarly headquarters is in San Francisco, California. There are also offices in Kyiv, Vancouver, and New York.

Based on AI and various language learning principles, the tool can be used across multiple devices. With over 30 million active users and thousands of positive reviews for Grammarly online, it’s safe to say this is the number one writing tool on the market today.

The company has remained competitive while offering quality services and charging a fair amount of money. Below, we’re detailing the software’s offerings, customer service, pricing, and more.

Grammarly Product Lineup & Features

Grammarly is famous for its accurate software and easy-to-use interface. The algorithm checks the text you’ve written and searches for any potential mistakes. Also, the algorithm is constantly learning. This means it’ll improve as time goes on. Grammarly can identify errors relating to grammar, spelling, punctuation, style, and plagiarism. It’s a comprehensive all-in-one tool that helps create impeccable content.

We analyzed hundreds of reviews of Grammarly and did a thorough evaluation of the software offerings. In the next few sections, we’ll explore what products it offers.

Grammar Checker

The grammar checker feature, as it’s the most advanced and accurate found online. Naturally, it can’t replace a human proofreader, but it comes close.

Both the free and premium versions offer highly accurate grammar checks. As you write the text, grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors will be underlined in red. Besides, the software suggests the corrections.

The premium option offers more advanced suggestions not only on word choice but also on tone, vocabulary, and more. According to Grammarly premium reviews, the plan provides good value for money, especially if you subscribe for a year or you purchase it for your team. Many users reported their writing improved after using Grammarly Premium for a while.

The checker also informs about commonly confused words that are used in the wrong context. The punctuation checker helps you eliminate the errors and use the right punctuation in the right place.

Grammarly Proofreading

While researching for the Grammarly proofreading review, we learned that users appreciate the human proofreading option. It allows you to check your content if you need extra help. You’ll need to click on the “Get expert writing help” option in the Grammarly Editor’s bottom right corner.

Afterward, experts will have a look at your content and make necessary adjustments if required. However, this feature is only available to Premium users, and it requires extra payment for the service.

Tone Detector

One of the more interesting updates, according to multiple reviews on Grammarly, was the tone of voice detection, which allows the algorithm to suggest specific changes based on your audience. The tone of voice options includes general, creative, business, academic, and technical. The software suggests more appropriate options as you’re writing, ensuring you deliver the message as intended. Ultimately, Grammarly’s suggestions will make your writing clearer and more engaging.

Grammarly Plagiarism Checker

Apart from the special grammar checker software, there’s one other feature that sets Grammarly apart from the competition — the plagiarism checker. The tool compares the text against over 16 billion online web pages and ProQuest’s academic databases.

The report will show you the percentage of plagiarism, and you can adjust your content accordingly. The Premium option also highlights passages that require citations and provides the resources for it, which is a nice addition according to Grammarly reviews. In our experience, the tool is reliable, accurate, and provides a fast response.

Grammarly Insights Report

In addition to correcting your mistakes, Grammarly is a valuable tool that allows you to improve your accuracy in spelling, grammar, vocabulary, and plagiarism over time. The tool provides you with progress reports, sharing insights about productivity, master, and vocabulary.

The productivity segment informs you what’s your total weekly word count and how you compare to other users. As per our review of Grammarly, the segment’s most useful feature is the comparison of your current week to the past four in terms of activity.

Mastery analyzes how many mistakes you corrected using Grammarly. You can use this information to monitor your accuracy progress. Finally, the vocabulary section shows the number of unique words written over the week. This gives you insight into how diverse your vocabulary is compared to other users of Grammarly.

How to Use Grammarly

As we already mentioned, Grammarly is very convenient. You can use the web-based tool, desktop or mobile app, or one of the Grammarly extensions. Whichever option you choose, you can rest assured you’ll be getting a sleek tool designed to help every user with everyday writing tasks.

Note that Grammarly can’t help you with writing, only with editing it. If you need something like that, check PapersOwl (more about it in our PapersOwl review).

Grammarly Banner 1

Grammarly Web-Based Tool

Our review showed that the web-based tool is the most convenient method of checking your grammar fast and accurately. You need to type in “Grammarly” in your browser, click on the “new page” button, and copy-paste the text or upload a document from the device. It takes only a few seconds for Grammarly to scan and analyze the content and provide suggestions for corrections.

Grammarly Desktop App

In addition to the web-based editor, Grammarly offers a desktop app you can install on Windows and Mac operating systems. As per our Grammarly app review, the app has the same minimalist interface as the web editor. The highly functional layout immediately corrects and highlights your mistakes, allowing you to make the necessary changes.

The download and installation processes are simple and straightforward. Once you’ve added it to your computer, you can open it and drag any document you’d like to be reviewed.

Grammarly for MS Office

If you prefer working in MS Word, there is no need to copy all your content and paste it into the web-based editor. After an extensive Grammarly software review, we can conclude that the MS Word extension works great and it will search your document for any mistakes within seconds.

Simply follow the instructions on the website and add it to Word. The add-in will check your writing in real-time as you go. It will be the same as working in the online Grammarly editor and you won’t have to copy-paste your content elsewhere. You can do it all in one place.

Grammarly Extension for Chrome

If you’re searching for an easy way to use Grammarly, it’s this one. The browser extension is compatible with many browsers, not only Chrome. Therefore, if you prefer using Firefox or Safari, you can still add the attachment and kick your writing up a notch. It will work on Google Docs, Gmail, and even Google Translate.

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, Grammarly will review whatever you write, wherever you write it. If you’re ready to boost your skills, go to the Grammarly homepage and follow the link to the extension. Choose the browser you use and install it. As soon as you give it access, it will automatically begin checking your content.

Grammarly Keyboard

Grammarly created an impressive keyboard app to relieve you of any anxiety while typing up documents or messages from your smartphone. The keyboard app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

The app tracks your typing and corrects those irritating little mistakes we all make when typing on our mobile phones. You won’t find any Grammarly alternative that provides as accurate and smart predictions that can speed up the typing process. Plus, it displays a concise explanation why the app corrected something.

We tested the keyboard tool and after a meticulous review, we can say it’s simple yet effective. Its UI is sleek and easy to use. We particularly love that instead of just correcting your mistakes, it helps you learn how to stop making those mistakes and improve your writing.

Grammarly Pricing & Plans

Grammarly can be used as a free tool if you’re into more casual writing. The free version covers the basics and offers accurate grammar and spell check. The tool quickly finds mistakes and offers error correction. If you’re using the tool for professional purposes, Premium should be your choice. Premium goes beyond standard grammar checks and ensures your writing is clear, non-plagiarized, and engaging.

Grammarly may seem pricey, but it’s cheaper than ProWritingAid, for example. However, it has fewer features. To know more about ProWritingAid, check out our ProWritingAid review.

To help you further understand what Grammarly offers, we’ll make a quick comparison of Grammarly Free vs Premium.

Grammarly Free Review

Unlike some of its competitors, Grammarly offers an excellent free grammar checker tool available to everyone. Many people who don’t need extensive features will often opt for the free version. We love the fact that there are no time restrictions to the free version — you can use it indefinitely without paying a cent.

Grammarly Free offers basic spelling suggestions, and it’s recommended for casual writing. It includes corrections and suggestions of:

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Conciseness

Grammarly Banner 2

Grammarly Premium Review

People mostly use Grammarly Premium for professional writing. It helps you improve the style, clarity, and tone of your writing so you sound more professional and avoid mistakes. Premium ups Free with:

  • Tone modifications
  • Formality level
  • Clarity-focused sentence rewrites
  • Fluency
  • Plagiarism detection
  • Word choice
  • Advanced suggestions

Grammarly offers several pricing options. You can opt to pay $29.95 monthly or opt to pay quarterly $59.95 in total ($19.98 a month). The most affordable Grammarly Premium price option is to subscribe to Grammarly annually and pay $139.95 in total or $11.66 a month. This way, you’ll be saving up to 60%.

A Business plan is also available. Suitable for larger teams of at least three members, Grammarly Business costs $12.50 per month, per member for up to 9 members. For 10-49 team members, the price is reduced to $12.08/month/member, whereas for 50-149 members, you’d have to pay $11.67/month/member. It offers convenient centralized billing and monitoring tools included in the price.

Grammarly Refund Policy

Grammarly Premium doesn’t issue refunds. If you end the subscription before the end of its term, you won’t receive a refund for any fees that have been already charged. We’ve noticed that many users have complained about this, saying they were automatically charged the entire sum. In case you want to cancel your subscription, keep in mind that you should do so before your subscription renewal date; otherwise, you won’t receive a refund.

Can You Score a Grammarly Discount?

Many third-party sites offer discounts for Grammarly. Most often, you’ll find that these pages claim to offer a student discount. However, these coupons might not be valid. When researching, we found out that Grammarly doesn’t offer discounts through their official website. The only way you can save a buck is by subscribing to its yearly plan. It’s 61% cheaper than the monthly plan.

Grammarly Customer Service

If you’re a guest visiting the platform, you can reach out to Grammarly customer support and ask them anything you’d like to know. Also, if you need help as a registered user, there are two ways to go about this. You can jump to the FAQ section and look for answers to your query, or you can contact customer support.

Based on our experience and extensive Grammarly review, we can conclude that support is highly efficient. If they say you’ll receive a response within 24 hours, they’re not lying. However, before you get in touch with them, browse through the platform. Its intuitive and modern design will provide you with plenty of information regarding the product, features, and prices. If you can’t find the right answer, then reach out to customer support. A friendly support representative will surely help you out.

Grammarly Reviews Online

Grammarly has an enormous volume of client feedback online. This is not a surprise, as it’s the most popular grammar checker out there. We scouted multiple review directories to get a sense of what clients are saying about the software.

On Trustpilot, Grammarly has over 2,200 reviews and an average rating of 4.3 stars. Approximately 76% of users have rated their Grammarly experience as “excellent” or “great”. Around 24% of users said their experience was “average”, “bad” or “poor”.

Over on SiteJabber, Grammarly reviews have got an average of 3.96 stars. From nearly 880 reviews, over 500 are five or four stars, whereas over 280 users have given it only one star. The situation is more glowy on G2, where over 770 users have rated Grammarly with five stars and there isn’t any one-star rating.

All in all, reviews rave about the software’s usefulness. They say it’s a very helpful tool and praise it for being a lifesaver.

A handful of Grammarly complaints point to the superficial correction and weak rephrasing. A few reviews are saying the software occasionally changes the wording to similar spelling. We’ve also stumbled upon a few complaints regarding billing and payment. Some users have complained they were charged renewal fees without getting notified their subscription was ending.

What we noticed, however, is that the company takes time to respond to negative reviews across different platforms. The team members offer to reach out to the clients to find a possible solution.

Grammarly Review: Final Verdict

Whether you use Grammarly on your PC or the web-based editor, you’ll agree with us that it’s the most powerful and accurate writing tool available today. If you don’t have a human proofreader to help you out, Grammarly is your best bet in creating original and grammatically correct content. Grammarly is a comprehensive and highly accurate tool that helps you improve your writing. Even if the best resume builders have a grammar checker, it’s always better to check your resume with Grammarly.

Some might argue that the Grammarly cost for Premium is too high, especially for someone not working in the writing industry, but the version has it all. The services range from grammar and spelling corrections to comprehensive plagiarism checks.

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