FlexClip Review

FlexClip is a simple yet powerful online video editor by PearlMountain. It’s mainly aimed at users who want to work quickly and without any hassle, providing a basic set of features that fit most people’s requirements.

While the editor may not have many advanced tools, it’s still very adequate and does its job well. Our FlexClip review will go over the application’s wide range of features, exploring it from the perspective of different user groups.

Pros & Cons

● User-friendly and easy-to-use interface
● The free version comes with many excellent features
● Numerous templates available
● Entirely browser-based
● Great for presentations and promotional content
● The pricing tiers are suitable for different users’ needs
● Video intro and watermark in free videos
● Limited video length in all subscription plans

Pricing Plans

Free Plan


Basic Plan


Plus Plan


Business Plan



The main benefit of FlexClip lies in its speed of use. The application is entirely browser-based, perfect for those quick cuts and edits when you want to show something to a friend or easily put together a video for social media.

Furthermore, it also offers enough features to warrant some commercial use, such as creating short promotional videos and other similar materials.

FlexClip’s recorder, for example, is a handy tool that allows you to capture footage directly from your screen and edit it. The application also offers various specialized features intended for unique use:

Creation Tools

You can easily create videos based on various templates and then apply traditional editing processes to them. Users can cut, merge, split, and rearrange their footage, use different effects and transitions, compress videos, and convert between formats. FlexClip is one of the best tools for quickly trimming a video for sharing online.

Business Video Tools

Some of FlexClip’s features are specifically aimed at business users. You can create videos for presentations, marketing, corporate informational meetings, and even news. The available templates allow you to quickly get started with your project without going through any complex configurations.

Lifestyle Video Tools

FlexClip has you covered if you need to create some stunning wedding, anniversary, birthday, or even travel and music videos. This application makes the process more effortless than some of the competition’s software, especially if you want to quickly insert effects and transitions.

Social Media Video Tools

Many FlexClip user reviews focus specifically on how well the application works for social media purposes. This is one of the most frequent uses of the editor, and a significant part of its customers are highly active on their favorite networks.

The available tools for social media allow you to easily cut videos and export them to the correct format, with appropriate compression, thanks to FlexClip Video Maker. Users can even share them directly with the cloud storage and share features in the premium tiers.

Special Tools

The company offers some great additional features for unique situations. You can turn yourself into a meme, add laser beams to your eyes, or even make a funny gif and share it on popular platforms. FlexClip is perfect for those with an active online presence who want to quickly chime in with clever, short quips in video format.

Ease of Use

Ease of use is one of the strongest sides of the application, mentioned in every FlexClip review. You can start creating your own videos in just a few minutes, and it doesn’t take long to explore all of its features in detail. Very soon, you’ll be able to make more elaborate and creative edits.

FlexClip eases collaboration with others, proving it’s one of the best tools to use in an organization or other team environments. The developers take pride in their approach to the application interface and intuitiveness, which shows in the final result.

Plans & Pricing

Let’s take a look at the available FlexClip pricing options.

  • Free plan — It’s limited to 480p downloads and one stock video per project, and you can save a total of 12 projects. Video length is also restricted to a maximum of one minute. This option works well for basic tasks or assessing the application’s features. 
  • Basic plan — It costs $5.99 a month and upgrades you to 720p HD downloads, one video per project, and a three-minute video length. You can save unlimited projects, have a custom watermark, and remove the intro, always inserted into free videos. This tier comes with 10 GB of cloud storage and 50 GB of video-sharing space.
  • Plus plan — For $9.99 a month, our FlexClip review research shows that you get all perks of the Basic tier plus 1080p HD downloads, five stock videos per project, and a video length of ten minutes. It also has 30 GB of cloud storage and 100 GB of video-sharing space.
  • Business plan — It costs $19.99 a month and adds unlimited stock videos per project and 30-minute video length to the perks of the Plus tier. You can benefit from 100 GB of cloud storage and 1TB of video-sharing space.

It’s worth noting that you can always use a FlexClip coupon code to reduce the cost of your annual subscription. Also, none of the tiers allow you to create videos of unlimited length, which may be a downside to some users.

Refund Policy

If you’re not sure you’ll enjoy FlexClip, you should give the free tier a try before opting for any of the premium ones. That said, the company offers a seven-day money-back guarantee. 

So, if you’d like to cancel a subscription and request a refund for it, you should get in touch with its customer support. Many FlexClip reviews note the company seems determined to build a positive image for itself, and most people didn’t have any issues getting a refund.

Online Ratings

While most users share a positive experience with the application, some point out being annoyed by the restrictions in the premium tiers, especially in regards to quality and video length.

Furthermore, many customers note that the company’s representatives tend to go above and beyond in providing top-quality service and resolving problems.

FlexClip reviews tend to praise the intuitive web interface of the application and the features of the free plan. Users actively use the available templates and tools for recurring tasks, without considering the intro or watermark an issue.

What’s more, many testimonials share that the editor’s tools are easier to use than most of the competition’s products. And finally, if you want to cancel your subscriptions, you shouldn’t have any difficulties.

FlexClip Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly and easy-to-use interface
  • The free version comes with many excellent features
  • Numerous templates available
  • Entirely browser-based
  • Great for presentations and promotional content
  • The pricing tiers are suitable for different users’ needs


  • Video intro and watermark in free videos
  • Limited video length in all subscription plans

Value for Money – Final Verdict

FlexClip stands out as one of the best video editors in its price range on the market. The application is fast, convenient, and offers plenty of features satisfying most people’s needs.

It offers different pricing tiers fitting everyone’s budget. What’s more, FlexClip’s free plan comes with a set of excellent and valuable tools and templates, so make sure you check it out before you subscribe to any of the paid options.

Its customer service is also highly praised for its availability and efficiency. Overall, FlexClip provides great quality for its subscription prices, and it’s easier to use than most similar editors on the market.

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