ZipRecruiter Review — A Perfect Platform for Job Search

Looking for a job can be a real headache, and just a glance at this ZipRecruiter review will tell you that. For this very reason, job boards have long been popular with both job seekers and organizations across the globe.

Since its inception in 2010, ZipRecruiter has served as a link between those who want to work and those who need workers. Statistics say that employers and employees have entered into over 120 million contracts through this job posting platform.

Let’s take a look at what ZipRecruiter has to offer and what others think about its features and services.

Pros & Cons

● Mobile-friendly
● Great customer service
● A vast database of resumes
● Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
● Allows the sharing of job postings across social networks
● Customizable screening questions
● Pricey compared to its competitors
● Provides four days of free trial
● No messaging option

Pricing Plans



Billed monthly
Price varies for customized plans
For hiring on a budget



Billed monthly
Customizable plans
For finding qualified candidates quickly



Billed monthly
Customizable plans
For effectively sourcing top talent

ZipRecruiter Features: What ZipRecruiter Offers

ZipRecruiter is an American company whose aim is to find available jobs and post them on its network of websites. In that sense, it serves as a job search engine. Over the last ten years, this company has received more than 430 million job applications, and it currently has more than 7 million monthly users.

Most importantly, ZipRecruiter can come in handy for both employers and job applicants. In this section, we’ll break down the company’s services and take a closer look at the features it offers to both sides of the business equation.

ZipRecruiter Benefits: What Sets It Apart from the Competitors

ZipRecruiter has many competitors, but the number of features it provides, along with their quality, is what makes it unique. Features like shareable resumes, candidate screening interviews, new candidate alerts, and traffic boost are usable for virtually any company.

User-friendliness is probably one of ZipRecruiter’s most significant benefits, but let’s talk more about some of the outstanding features ZipRecruiter provides to its users.

ZipRecruiter References

Anyone who wants to upgrade their resume can do so by adding references to their account. Ask your teachers, coworkers, or managers to write a reference for you. This way, employers can get a whole new perspective when they review candidates, while the candidates who take advantage of this feature can increase their employment chances.

All you have to do is request a reference (you can’t attach it manually at this time), and you’ll be able to copy the reference link or send it directly via email when sending out your resume.

ZipRecruiter Integrations

If you have your own application you use for hiring, you can create job posts from within that app and then automatically repost those jobs to ZipRecruiter, even if you aren’t logged in.

The Integrations feature is great because it gives you all the perks of using ZipRecruiter while allowing your team to continue using the system they’re familiar with. The list of integrated ZipRecruiter partners includes companies like Bullhorn, JazzHR, CATS, HR Cloud, Zoho Recruit, and many others.

ZipRecruiter App

Even if many job platforms provide a mobile app for their users, ZipRecruiter’s app has a higher rating than any of its competitors’ apps. Currently, its rating on Google Play is an impressive 4.8/5.

Some of its features include fast and thorough job searching, job discovery, finding “now hiring” jobs, and many more. The website is easily operated and accessible. What you have to do is set the app up and type your location information along with a few desired position titles in.

ZipRecruiter Job Reviews: Quality, Ratings, Numbers

ZipRecruiter enables job seekers to present themselves and their skills to as many potential employers as possible in the most effective way. All you need to do is upload your resume and then simply forward it to any company you think would be a good fit. This feature is called 1-Click Apply, and it can save you a lot of time when looking for new career opportunities. As the name suggests, it allows you to apply to as many positions as you want with just one click.

ZipRecruiter provides both work from home and on-site job posts. There are millions of remote work, in-house, and part-time job posts. You can manually rank jobs by time, distance, salary, titles, and even companies.

Another thing worth mentioning is the platform’s database. ZipRecruiter has seen over 400 million job applications and has a vast database containing resumes of professionals from different fields who are all currently looking for work. There is also a resume database tool that can help employers search through over 12 million uploaded candidate resumes.

ZipRecruiter for Job Seekers and Employers

ZipRecruiter has recently announced an alternative solution for everyone looking for a job on this platform. It’s an AI matching technology that instantly connects fitting applicants with hiring managers, thus significantly speeding up the process. Although one of ZipRecruiter’s drawbacks is the lack of a messaging option, it’s highly efficient in finding desired job positions.

Thanks to this feature, ZipRecruiter filled more than 150,000 open positions last year. There are no ZipRecruiter fees for those who only wish to look for a job. They can apply, save jobs, create job alerts, and post their resumes all for free.

ZipRecruiter’s offer for business owners depends on the size of the organization. The platform has separate packages for small and medium businesses and enterprise businesses. Some of ZipRecruiter’s plans may be expensive for smaller organizations, but the platform offers affordable and useful plans for companies of all sizes.

According to numerous ZipRecruiter employer reviews, the plan for small and medium businesses is among this platform’s most popular services. Users are particularly happy with the option to sort candidates based on many different criteria. Business owners say that this platform’s hiring process helps them save both time and resources.

ZipRecruiter also has packages that cater to companies with more than 5,000 employees. So far, more than 36 million medical enterprises have found employees through ZipRecruiter. They are mostly satisfied with the benefits this plan offers.

ZipRecruiter Reviews: Ease of Use

According to many customers, apart from being reliable, ZipRecruiter is very easy to use. It has a very intuitive interface that still allows you to manually do things you think will be better for you (for example, customizing screening questions).

ZipRecruiter’s smart dashboard allows you to sort, rate, and review candidates quickly, and it learns from your ratings to give you better recommendations in the future.

There are also a variety of features that can help you with your profile and job posting.

ZipRecruiter Pricing Plans

ZipRecruiter offers three subscription plans:

  • Standard – allows you to distribute your job ads on 100+ sites
  • Premium – provides premium placement of your ads in job alert emails and access to a database of over 25 million resumes
  • Enterprise – uses AI to reach candidates and relies on a team of specialists who use real-time data to maximize your ads’ reach and effect

The payment method is subscription-based, and the starting price is $249 per month. However, ZipRecruiter makes customized plans and presents a new price before accepting the offer and entering the payment information. As for the ZipRecruiter pricing, it will vary depending on the number of job posts and the resumes users want to download, the number of people using the account, industry, and location.

There is a free trial option, as well. As part of the offer, this company provides four days of free account period, allowing interested users to test the platform and see if it works for them. Anyone who wishes to try it out can do so in a few simple steps.

It’s important to point out that, even if there will be no charges during the ZipRecruiter free trial period, business owners must enter their payment details before starting to use their free account. If you decide to continue using the services, you will pay according to the previously agreed plan.

Of course, you can cancel the subscription during the trial period. If you decide to terminate the trial account before it expires, the subscription will not incur any charges.

ZipRecruiter Refund Policy

Most ZipRecruiter complaints online have to do with the company’s refund policy. There is a refund option, but you need to call customer service or send them an email if you want a refund. Based on user feedback, calling them might be a safer option. It’s essential not to forget to cancel your free trial subscription before it expires if you don’t want to be charged for the next month. If that happens, call their customer support immediately.

You will be directed to an assistant who will cancel your subscription, but some customers’ reviews point out that, if charged, it’s not that easy to get a refund.

Online Reviews for ZipRecruiter

Apart from the information you can find on ZipRecruiter’s official website, you should take other customers’ opinions into consideration before deciding if this job posting service is the right fit for you.

Let’s see what some of the most famous platforms, like Google, can tell us about ZipRecruiter, its features, speed, accuracy, pricing, and the relevancy of companies and job offers customers can find on it.

Most ZipRecruiter Google reviews are accompanied by high ratings. For instance, according to Trustpilot, the average grade for ZipRecruiter is 4.5. On the other hand, on GetApp, 8,840 voters showed their satisfaction with this platform’s services, with an average grade of 4.2.

ZipRecruiter has 480 five-star votes from a total of 546 customer reviews on SiteJabber. It highlights that customers are most satisfied with the ZipRecruiter customer support service. The overall rating here is an impressive 4.8 out of 5.

Almost every ZipRecruiter review on ConsumerAffairs is positive. The reviewers are happy with ZipRecruiter’s email alerts for job seekers whose resumes have been reviewed by companies. They also like regular emails with available job positions. Users also cite that the platform is simple and easy to use and that many of them have found a job thanks to it.

The reviews from TrustRadius state the same. They add that ZipRecruiter’s software is very intuitive, although some claim that it’s a bit more challenging to use it on the phone. The overall rating for ZipRecruiter on this website is 7.8 out of 10.

Finally, most ZipRecruiter reviews on Reddit express users’ satisfaction with the number of jobs this platform brings them. However, some users state that emails aren’t that useful as they recommend jobs that aren’t always relevant. They also say that it’s possible to stumble upon unclear job offers at times.

ZipRecruiter Review: The Final Verdict

ZipRecruiter is a very suitable solution for all kinds of companies, especially larger organizations. As for job seekers, there’s no reason for them not to make a free account and try ZipRecruiter (make sure you have a good resume).

Even if ZipRecruiter services may seem a bit more expensive for smaller companies, when we consider how many jobs the platform helps fill every year, it’s evident that this investment will pay off in the future.

In case you still aren’t certain that ZipRecruiter is the right job search engine for you, you can always use the free trial period and see if it fits your needs or try alternative job boards.

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