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If you are looking for courses that will help you study for the Graduate Management Admission Test or GMAT, look no further. We know how difficult it can be to prepare for an exam required for admission to a graduate business program (MBA) worldwide, so we did thorough research to help you save time and wrote our comprehensive and in-depth Target Test Prep review.

Our review will talk about the pros and cons, ease of use, and online ratings for the courses. We will also take a closer look at the offered plans and pricing and the refund policy. In the end, we will share our personal opinion on whether Target Test Prep is worth the money and who can benefit most from it.

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A Team of Passionate and Knowledgeable GMAT Teachers Who Will Do Everything for Their Students

Founded by Scott Woodbury-Stewart in 2008 to help students worldwide, Target Test Prep has continuously grown every day. Most Target Test Prep reviews will confirm that Scott has been leading its project in the right direction by writing over 3,000 realistic practice questions for GMAT quant study and almost 2,000 pages of GMAT quant instructional content that has helped students seamlessly achieve a high GMAT score.

This resulted in many Target Test Prep students being accepted to the world’s top business schools, such as HBS, Stanford, Booth, Wharton, and Sloan.

But Scott is not the only one with a passion for helping students excel on standardized tests. So, he collected a team of like-minded individuals, each with their own set of strengths and skills, to help you achieve the highest score possible. As a result, Target Prep GMAT is undoubtedly one of the most popular and most successful courses for business schools currently available on the market.

Target Test Prep Features, Courses, and Materials

As it is a globally recognized GMAT prep course, most students worldwide will find the course to help them study and ‘nail’ their GMATs. No wonder Target Test Prep’s students’ average reported GMAT score is 720, while the average reported GMAT quant score is Q48.

According to Target Test Prep’s website, the course also has a success rate of over 84% of students scoring 700 or higher on their GMATs. Many Target Test Prep GMAT reviews can confirm this. That said, what can you expect from these courses? Let’s take a closer look.

Master Every GMAT Quant Topic

The scariest thing for every student is surprises on the test day. Imagine studying for months only to realize that you missed a whole section and cannot produce the correct answers. This is where Target Test Prep excels compared to its alternatives.

With more than 800 instructor-led HD videos, clearly written and well-explained quant chapters, and realistic example questions, you will cover all the areas required for the test. Moreover, our Target Test Prep quant review showed us that each video includes pro tips, tricks, knowledge, and wisdom that will help you pass the exam and earn a high score.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Not every student learns the same way, so when looking for online courses, they must offer personalized study plans that cater to your unique needs. According to Target Test Prep GMAT reviews, Target Test Prep offers a personalized GMAT quant study plan that will help you organize every day from the moment you sign up to the test day.

The study plan offered by Target Test Prep is detail-oriented, so much that it will help you understand exactly what to do and when to do it. As a result, you will study with peak efficiency and make consistent progress every single day. Most Target Test Prep reviews that we read also confirmed that you can maximize your study efforts by having expert guidance and achieve a score you never knew was possible.

Over 2,500 Quant Practice GMAT Questions at Your Disposal

It’s not about how many hours you put in studying; it’s about focusing on what the test requires you to know. There is a saying that fits perfectly in this situation — practice makes perfect. With Target Test Prep, you will discover thousands of practice GMAT questions that will prepare you for all possible scenarios. Moreover, you will gain experience with problem solving and data sufficiency and learn how to engage in deep learning strategically.

According to many GMAT Target Test Prep reviews, not only will you learn exactly what’s needed for the test, but you will also find out how to apply your newfound knowledge and skills. Not many alternatives can offer the same.

Follow Your Progress Every Step of the Way

Target Test Prep offers its students a detailed view of their progress, performance, and strengths and weaknesses. This can help all users make better decisions about their studies and focus on more important matters. Intelligent analytics also helps students understand how they compare with their peers and the best actions to move towards improvement.

Moreover, a Target Test Prep Quant review shows that the Quant Analytics Dashboard is clean and modern, showing you precisely what you need to see in just one glance. In addition, you will have detailed analytics for overall accuracy, essential GMAT quant skills, and much more.

Customizable Practice Sets to Fit All Students’ Needs

With the ability to create a vast array of customized quant practice sets, the course offers another exciting feature that can focus on your weak areas and make sure you excel there as well.

As we already mentioned in our Target Test Prep review, you can always review and reinforce what you’ve learned. However, what is unique to custom practice sets is that you will be able to improve your score with practice. Again, this is not a feature often seen in Target Test Prep’s alternatives.

Discover Your Mistakes and Improve Your Accuracy

We all learn from our mistakes as long as we are aware of them. This is where Target Test Prep comes into play. With its error tracker, you can log in and analyze your most common mistakes and better understand what’s keeping you from achieving the perfect score.

Our Target Test Prep review showed us that the course is designed to help all students improve their scores, but it’s not often mentioned in other reviews that it also enables you to become a stronger test-taker.

By analyzing your most common mistakes, you will also understand your behavioral tendencies. As a result, you’ll not only score higher on the GMAT but also discover a new way of learning that can help you take tests better while at a business school.

Knowledgeable Live Support Available at Any Time

Last but not least in the features section of our Target Test Prep review is our favorite part of the course. By offering expert life support, you can ask for help whenever you encounter a problem. There is no need to waste time trying to solve an issue on your own — simply reach out to the Target Test Prep team with your questions, comments, or concerns.

You can also ask for opinions about your overall study plan and help with any Target Test Prep solutions that you may not understand. Furthermore, you can get expert answers to your questions about the Target Test Prep course at any time, giving you a headstart in your learning experience.

Target Test Prep Verbal (In Pre-Launch)

Target Test Prep GMAT Verbal is a new feature, still in pre-launch, and therefore included at no extra cost in all the available plans. It offers comprehensive and in-depth explanations of all possible CR and SC topics and intelligent metrics and error analysis. The GMAT Verbal course also includes detailed and well-designed CR and SC practice tests and customizable GMAT verbal tests.

Our short Target Test Prep Verbal review also shows that, even though the course is still in pre-launch, it offers extensive study material that will help students prepare for the verbal reasoning section of the GMAT exam. Note that this is not the most challenging part of the exam but is the most tricky, according to many students who went through it.

Target Test Prep’s preparation exam stands out among its alternatives by helping you achieve a higher score in this section.

Unique and Comprehensive GRE Prep Course

The GMAT course is the most popular but not the only one available from the knowledgeable team. The Target Test Prep GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is another popular and high-rated course that will prepare you for one of the most exhausting exams required by the universities in the US for an opportunity to enroll in a Master’s degree.

It was uniquely designed, combining innovative software with time-tested study methods to help you achieve the highest possible score.

In our Target Test Prep GRE review, the course got the highest scores compared to its alternative courses, and we are known to follow a strict evaluation methodology. The course checks all the boxes — it’s comprehensive, effective, and highly personalized. These are the features that most students are looking for since they need all the materials they can get, want to see the results with their own eyes, and set their own study pace.

We wanted an objective opinion regarding the course quality, so we read many Target Test Prep GRE reviews. We discovered that the majority are overwhelmingly positive, the same as with the GMAT reviews. Therefore, it is safe to say that you will not be disappointed if you decide to take the course.

Ease of Use

Studying for an exam, especially for GMAT, is without a doubt difficult. However, the last thing that students need is a complicated studying platform. Regardless of how well-built a course is, if students struggle to navigate it and cannot seamlessly understand their progress, they will lose more time than if they decided to learn independently. Luckily, Target Test Prep is one of the easiest studying platforms for both GMAT and GRE.

Many Target Test Prep reviews confirm that the dashboard is user friendly and seamlessly navigated even by students who are not tech wizards. Everything you might need during your study sessions is within a click and, regardless of the page you open, everything is at a glance.

Diverse Plans For All Studying Types

GMAT Course Pricing

Target Test Prep is not the cheapest GMAT course, but it’s definitely among the most affordable regarding how much it offers to its students. For example, all Target Prep GMAT Plans include:

  • Detailed explanations of every quant topic
  • 800+ instructor-led quant videos
  • 2,500+ quant GMAT practice questions
  • Adaptable personalized GMAT study plans
  • Intelligent metrics and error analysis
  • A custom GMAT practice test engine
  • Live expert support
  • Guaranteed increase in your GMAT quant score

All plans also include the new Target Test Prep verbal that’s in pre-launch at no additional cost. The verbal plan includes:

  • Comprehensive explanations of every CR and SC topic
  • Detailed CR and SC practice tests
  • Intelligent metrics and error analysis
  • Customizable GMAT verbal tests

Target Test Prep offers all its students a 5-day trial for just $1. The trial allows you full access to the entire Quant and Verbal material library. In addition, since it lacks automatic billing, you don’t have to worry about unwanted charges on your credit card if you are dissatisfied with courses. Note that five days is not an extended period, so you will have to be fully committed if you want to experience the entirety of what Target Prep GMAT can offer you.

After the $1 trial is over, you will have to choose a paying plan to continue your study sessions. There are three plans available, one for each type of studying — flexible, dedicated, and maximum learning. Let’s take a closer look at the plans and what each of them can offer you.

Flexible Preparation

Flexible Preparation is the most popular plan among TTP’s students, and many Target Test Prep GMAT reviews can confirm this. It’s priced at $149 per month, and it gives you full access to the entire learning platform while you are subscribed to it. The plan includes:

  • All Target Test Prep GMAT quant and verbal courses
  • Monthly recurring billing
  • An option to cancel your subscription at any time

Dedicated Study

The Dedicated Study plan is priced at $449, and it offers complete access to the entire learning platform for four months. Same as the previous plan, it has all Target Test Prep quant and verbal courses with a tiny difference — one-time billing. For those looking for more intense study sessions during four months, this plan is much more affordable than the subscription-based one. GMAT Target Test Prep reviews confirm this.

Maximum Learning

Last but not least is the Maximum Learning plan that offers 6-month access to all Target Test Prep Quant and Verbal courses. It’s priced at $499, one-time billing, and recommended for all students who require a more extended study period to prepare for their GMATs.

Target Test Prep GMAT Discount

If these prices seem expensive to you, don’t worry. Several Target Test Prep reviews show that Target Test Prep is known to offer discounts to its students regularly. For example, at the time of writing, an ongoing summer sale offered up to $150 off the GMAT course. In addition, the Flexible Preparation plan was priced at $99 per month, while the Dedicated Study plan and the Maximum Learning plan cost $299 and $399, respectively.

GRE Course Pricing

The Target Test Prep GRE course has the same price as the GMAT course. It also offers a 5-day trial with unlimited access for just $1. In addition, the platform doesn’t bill you automatically for the service. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about cancelation if you are dissatisfied with the course or are unprepared to start it yet.

After the 5-day trial is over, you will lose access to the learning platform and will have to choose one of the three available paid plans to continue with the course.

The best part is that all three plans offer unlimited access, while the difference is the access duration. Before we explain more about this, let’s look at the available Target Test Prep GRE plans, what they offer, and how they are priced.

  • Guaranteed score increase
  • 3,100+ realistic GRE practice questions
  • 600+ individual GRE math lessons
  • 800+ HD GRE videos
  • A custom GRE practice engine
  • OnTarget learning analytics
  • Billing recurs monthly, you can cancel it anytime
  • Live support

GRE Flexible Prep

The GRE Flexible Prep is priced at $149 per month, and you can cancel it anytime. You’ll have full access while you are subscribed and lose it as soon as you unsubscribe. Target Test Prep GRE reviews show us that the Flexible plan is the most popular choice among students because it gives them the chance to subscribe and unsubscribe based on their schedule.

GRE Dedicated Study

The GRE Dedicated Study plan is priced at $449 as a one-time fee and allows you unlimited access to the course for four months. This plan is recommended for all students who need extensive study sessions within those four months and want to save money. With this plan, the price for the course would be $112.25 per month.

GRE Maximum Learning

We will finish our Target Test Prep GRE review with the most affordable option in the long run. The GRE Maximum Learning plan is priced at $499 as a one-time fee, and it offers unlimited access to the course for six months. So, if you want to take full advantage of the course and achieve maximum results while saving money, this is the plan for you. With it, the price of the course for you will cost $83.16 per month.

Target Test Prep GRE Discount

If these prices seem high to you, don’t worry. Target Test Prep offers discounts to its students for the GRE course as well. Same as with the GMAT course, an ongoing summer sale offers up to $150 off the GRE course at the time of writing. The GRE Flexible Preparation plan was priced at $99 per month, while the GRE Dedicated Study plan and the GRE Maximum Learning plan were priced at $299 and $399, respectively.

Target Test Prep Refund Policy

All Target Test Prep reviews claim that you will increase your GMAT quantitative score after taking their course. That said, if your score does not improve, you are entitled to a full refund of your plan’s purchase price. Note that the following conditions must be met to be eligible for the score increase guarantee:

  • You must take an official GMAT before enrolling in the Target Prep GMAT Quant.
  • You must email a copy of your official GMAT score report to TTP within two weeks of the purchase.
  • You must submit your new official GMAT score report to TTP within two weeks of taking your new GMAT.
  • You must have completed modules 1 to 38 presented in the Comprehensive Study Plan.
  • You must take the prescribed practice tests, complete all the required reading, watch all videos, and attempt to solve all prescribed practice problems.

Keep in mind that private tutoring costs are non-refundable, and no person is eligible for more than two refunds in their lifetime.

Target Test Prep Reviews and Online Ratings

The majority of Target Test Prep GMAT reviews are overwhelmingly positive, which is not the case with some of its popular alternatives. A simple Google search will lead you to hundreds of satisfied user reviews who claim they got a much higher GMAT score than they hoped for after completing the course. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since we have already learned the background of the course and the people behind it.

The same goes for most Target Test Prep GRE reviews, where users also shared their satisfaction with how the course was built and how helpful it was to break down the concepts and provide crucial resources for studying and test-taking.

The complaint that dominated the majority of negative user reviews was the course price. For some students, both the Target Test Prep GMAT and GRE courses were simply too expensive, even when considering their quantitative strengths.

On the other hand, there were a couple of negative reviews from advanced students who had already had a high Quant score and wanted to retake the test for an even higher score. According to them, the Target Prep GMAT course failed to teach them anything that they hadn’t already known.

How Does Target Test Prep Compare to its Biggest Competitor?

Target Test Prep is among the highest-rated courses in the GMAT industry with hundreds of positive reviews, always being a few steps ahead of the rest. That said, one course has been able to keep up with Target Test Prep — Magoosh. So, how do Target Test Prep fares compared to its fiercest competitor?

Target Test Prep vs. Magoosh

In the battle between Target Test Prep and Magoosh, we are honored to say that we are giving the ‘crown’ to Target Test Prep. By offering over 500 lessons, 2,500 practice problems, and 800 instructor-led videos, it’s one of the most comprehensive GMAT courses currently available on the market. Furthermore, it offers a higher score guarantee, so if students fail to improve their GMAT score, they will get a full refund.

Magoosh may not have won the crown in this Target Test Prep vs. Magoosh competition regarding its GMAT course, but some students may find it more useful and choose it over Target Test Prep. This is because Magoosh offers a wider variety of study programs besides GMAT and GRE, such as SAT, LSAT, MCAT, and TOEFL.

Magoosh is also more affordable than Target Test Prep, with a starting price of $249 per year. However, based on the plan you choose, the cost can get as high as $799 for a whole year, which is still lower than Target Test Prep.

Target Test Prep Review — Pros and Cons

Target Test Prep offers one of the most popular GMAT online courses, and there is a good reason for it. With so many strengths over weaknesses, more and more students are continuously enrolling and achieving an average GMAT score of 720 and an average GMAT Quant score of Q48. Here is a breakdown of all pros and cons to help you better understand its strengths and weaknesses and learn whether it’s the right course for you.


  • Covers all GMAT quant topics — The Target Prep GMAT test prepares you for everything you might face on the test day, preventing any unwanted surprises.
  • Offers a personalized GMAT quant study plan — Every student has its unique way and pace of studying, and the course adapts to it.
  • Allows its students to follow their progress with in-depth analytics — You will have access to a detailed Quant Analytics that will help you take actionable steps towards improvement.
  • Logs in and analyzes the most common mistakes — Many GMAT Target Test Prep reviews show that it helps you understand your mistakes, improving your accuracy and precision in turn.
  • Comes with expert live support — The TTP team is on standby for any questions, comments, or concerns.


  • Expensive compared to alternatives — The majority of alternatives offer lower prices for helping their students achieve a higher GMAT score.
  • Might not be enough for advanced students — Some ambitious students with a high GMAT score think Target Test Prep doesn’t teach them what they are missing for an even higher score.

Target Test Prep Review — Final Verdict

When it comes to Target Test Prep, the pros heavily outweigh the cons. In our humble opinion, it is one of the best GMAT and GRE courses currently available for students worldwide, and it can significantly improve both your GMAT score and your GMAT quant score. Many Target Test Prep reviews confirm that the course is well-built, covers all topics, offers personalized study plans, and has detailed analytics. It also provides expert live support to help you every step of the way.

The only weakness we could find about the Target Test Prep course is that it is slightly more expensive than its alternatives. Furthermore, it may not offer all the studying materials for more advanced students looking to gain an even higher GMAT quant score.

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