Survey Club Review—A Club Worth Joining In

If you’re looking to harness the opportunities online surveys offer, you’ll likely come across many scam sites. To put your mind at ease, we provide you with the ultimate Survey Club review. We tried the service first-hand to test its ease of use and provide answers to the most important questions regarding the platform’s features, payouts, legitimacy, and more. We’ll walk you through the basics of the program and help you determine if it’s worth spending your free time on the site.

Pros & Cons

● Free to join
● Available internationally
Qualifier filter
● Well-paid focus groups
● Low minimum payout
● $5 signup bonus

● No notification about reward expiration
● Lengthy payout processing

Review of Survey Club—Features & Survey Options

Founded in 2005, Survey Club is a popular research recruitment platform that helps companies get valuable insight from their customers while rewarding survey takers for their effort. Based in Denver, Colorado, Survey Club counts 16 million users across six continents and is one of the best market research platforms. 

Besides surveys, Survey Club offers several other options to earn extra cash. For example, you can participate in product testing and panel discussions, in-person projects in your area, and more. Let’s find out what Survey Club’s most prominent features are.

National Panels

National panels, also known as Gen-Pop, are market research panels that accept all members within a particular country. The Survey Club research invitations for national panels include information about the survey’s duration and potential reward. These panels need many people to give their opinions on certain matters, so they don’t have strict requirements. It’s important to note that you should continually take such surveys, or market research companies might stop sending you surveys after a prolonged period of inactivity. Additionally, the more active you are, the higher paid surveys you will receive. 

Custom Panels

Companies that have joined the Survey Club affiliate program and conduct custom panels look for a limited number of people who fulfill specific criteria. Custom panels allow you to interact on a more personal level with a company. Survey Club helps you join custom panels for brands like Sprint, Crayola, and The Discovery Channel. Once you become a custom panel member, you’ll get invited to participate in surveys, polls, and other activities.

Focus Groups

Survey Club reviews reveal that the platform is highly acclaimed for its focus group studies. There are different types of focus groups like mini, dual, two-way, client participant, and teleconference focus groups, to name a few. Compared to individual surveys, the focus groups pay much better. You could potentially earn between $50 and $200. However, keep in mind that these studies come sporadically and the platform is highly selective regarding the members who can participate in them. 

Referral Program

As a Survey Club member, you can earn by sharing your unique link with friends. Every time a friend joins using your link, you’ll get $1. You can invite a maximum of five friends, which means you can earn up to $5. 

Qualifier Filter

During our Survey Club review, the qualifier filter was one of the platform’s features that stood out. Many of the top survey sites will simply let you start a survey and then reject you as soon as your answers show you don’t fit in the survey’s target demographic. On the other hand, Survey Club’s qualifier filter will save you time by letting you know whether you qualify for a survey before starting to answer the questions. Then, it automatically filters the surveys and offers you only those you’re eligible to take. 

Ease of Use

Many positive reviews of Survey Clubs revolve around the platform’s ease of use. The website layout is intuitive and very navigable. To get started, you need to sign up and fill out a profile providing basic demographic information. Once you give the essential information, you’ll be asked to share more details about your employment, living situation, income, medical history, and more. Once Survey Club matches your information with available surveys, you can start taking surveys you’re interested in. Although there isn’t a mobile app, the site is user-friendly and interactive, allowing you to take surveys on the go.

Survey Club Cash Review 

Survey Club’s minimum payout is $20. Each survey pays about $0.50 to $5. The reward is determined according to the complexity of the survey. Usually, the better-paying surveys fill up very quickly and require a very focused demographic. When you become a Survey Club member, you get a $5 signup bonus. 

When it comes to disqualification compensation, we were pleased to learn that Survey Club rewards you with $0.10 every time you’re disqualified from the survey. Thanks to the qualifier filter, disqualification rarely happens, but when it does, you get compensated.

Survey Club Payout Methods

The good news is that you can reach the minimum amount required for cashout relatively fast, especially if you frequently take surveys. Survey Club PayPal cashout and Amazon gift cards are the most popular payout methods. But watch out—Survey Club doesn’t send a notification when your accumulated rewards are about to expire, so you might lose them before cashing out. 

When participating in third-party research panels, you can also receive your earnings in the form of gift cards or cash on prepaid debit cards. What is more, you can decide to contribute to charities or participate in prize drawings. In our experience, it takes about three weeks for you to receive the earnings after requesting a cash-out. 

Survey Club Privacy Policy

As part of our Survey Club review, we meticulously analyzed the platform’s privacy policy. It’s safe to say Survey Club values the members’ privacy. Even though the platform is a mediator and redirects the answers to the partner companies, the information you share is confidential. Survey Club won’t share sensitive information with the partnering companies; instead, they provide anonymized reports. 

Survey Club Customer Support

Survey Club has a responsive support team that you can reach via email, phone, or post. If you’re a member and call the support team, you should give your member ID or email address. The customer support department is thorough, prompt, and provides detailed information. Reviews & Ratings

Survey Club generally has positive feedback from members and users. On Trustpilot, it maintains a 3.6 star rating. About 77% of users have rated it “Excellent” or “Great.” In addition, users report they have been presented with multiple exciting and varied surveys and that they have been paid promptly. 

Another 23% have rated it as “Average” or “Bad.” Several reviews on Survey Club point out that the company doesn’t send notifications when the rewards are about to expire so they lost them before being able to cash out.  

Survey Club Alternatives

Besides Survey Club, dozens of legitimate survey sites allow you to earn cash in your spare time. To make this Survey Club review as informative as possible, we decided to compare the platform with its main competitors.

Survey Club vs. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is a reputable survey site that allows you to earn rewards for doing surveys but also for watching videos, playing games, and completing tasks online. The platform lets you join for free and rewards you with cash. However, unlike Survey Club, InboxDollars has a higher minimum payout threshold of $30.

Survey Club vs. Harris Poll

Harris Poll is a legitimate survey site that has a points reward system. Once you rack 1,250 points ($10), you can redeem them. However, Harris Poll doesn’t offer cash redemption so you should only use the platform if you want to get electronic gift cards for popular merchants like Amazon, Starbucks, and Walmart or buy merchandise from their Rewards Catalog. 

Survey Club Review Verdict—Should You Become a Member?

If you are looking for a legitimate site to take surveys as an easy side hustle, Survey Club is worth considering. The site acts as an intermediary, which means you can find a vast variety of fun surveys. You’ll be earning $0.50–$5 per survey. As soon as you rack up $20, you can cash out your rewards. Plus, as a Survey Club member, you might get invited to participate in focus groups that pay up to $200. All in all, you can expect to earn a few dollars in your spare time while sharing your opinion and influencing the market.

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