Rocket Lawyer Review

Every person needs legal assistance at least once in their life. So, what do you do in these situations? How do you go about it without costing you a fortune?

This is where platforms like Rocket Lawyer come in handy. The service provider website is designed to help individuals in legal matters for a reasonable and affordable price.

Based on many reviews, this platform is numbered among the greatest legal assistance websites you can find. Moreover, it offers its users an array of advantageous features. In this Rocket Lawyer review, we will be discussing whether these services are worth their cost.

Pros & Cons

● Different legal document templates
● Digital signature opportunities
● Prompt legal assistance
● The possibility of starting your own business
● Great customer support
● Their service costs are accessible account
● Mobile app crashes
● It doesn’t offer a complete refund for those who changed their minds after paying up-front for their subscription


Premium member
Legal Documents
Ask a Lawyer
Affordable Incorporation filing



for new members. 25% off thereafter

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What Makes Rocket Lawyer Unique

There are dozens of other platforms that specialize in offering legal assistance, so what makes Rocket Lawyer better than the rest? What makes an individual choose this particular web platform over all others out there?

After browsing the company’s website and skimming through other Rocket Lawyer LLC reviews, we finally came to a conclusion. We found that this particular web platform is known and loved for its unbelievably good customer support, quick responsiveness, and great pricing.

Not only does it have great prices, being accessible to the general public with a decent income, but the company also focuses on making your customer support experience as prompt as possible.

Rocket Lawyer LLC reviews — About the Company

Rocket Lawyer LLC was set up by Charley Moore in San Francisco, California, in 2008, and it’s an online legal technology company with the biggest and most popular online legal service website worldwide.

The company has several offices around the world, starting in North America and Europe. In fact, its employees have successfully assisted more than 20 million individuals with their legal problems. 

Rocket Lawyer Services

Many reviews are written to compare Rocket Lawyer vs. LegalZoom, but in this review, we will prioritize the services Rocket Lawyer has to offer. The online legal assistance platform offers its customers a variety of services. As a user, you can:

  • Craft legal documents using their templates
  • Benefit from assistance regarding starting your company
  • Discuss any legal matter with professionals
  • Digitally sign legal documents

Legal Document Crafting

Rocket Lawyer provides its users with quite a few alternatives regarding legal document templates.

You can find the following categories of legal documents on the platform:

  • Business and Contracts
  • Real Estate
  • Family and Personal

Each of these categories has documents that are more popular than the rest.

When it comes to business and contracts, some of the most searched legal documents are non-disclosure agreements, business contracts, and independent contractor agreements, according to rocket lawyer registered service agent reviews.

In the real estate category, popular documents are lease agreements, eviction notices, and intents to purchase real estate. On the other hand, testaments, living wills, divorce settlement agreements, and child care authorizations are prevalent in the family and personal division.

Assistance in Starting a Business

Getting all your legal documents in a row when deciding to start your business is quite a hassle. As such, the assistance Rocket Lawyer offers is highly sought after.

If you own a Rocket Lawyer membership, this platform makes starting a company simple and easy. All they need is to provide them with your name, your business plan, and the company name, and they will take care of the rest. The company employees will file your paperwork and be available for you in case you have any questions.

Rocket Lawyer also has LLC Operating Agreement drafts ready for you to fill out as one of the best LLC service providers. This operating agreement is a must, and it portrays your LLC’s daily operations and how conflicts will be taken care of.

Ask a Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer’s “Ask A Lawyer” feature is a service through which you can discuss any legal matter imaginable with an attorney. Based on Rocket Lawyer reviews, they’re prompt and efficient in answering all the questions you may have, making it easy for you to solve your problems.

Document Signing

The online platform recently added another feature to its list of services in the form of online signing. Now, users can sign legal documents online easily through the website without meeting the other party.

These digital signatures are legal and can make our lives easier. This is how signing a document with the website works, according to Rocket Lawyer reviews:

  • First, you should add or select your document.
  • Then, you should add a signature field.
  • Finally, you can share your document with whoever you wish to sign.

Mobile App

The company launched a mobile application accessible to users both in Google Play and App Store. However, users prefer to use the website instead.

After reading several reviews concerning their app, we found that most individuals claimed that the mobile app was barely usable and that it crashed frequently.

Rocket Lawyer Free Trial

Like any other service provider platform, Rocket Lawyer offers new users a free trial period, so they can decide if subscribing is something they would benefit from.

Their free trial lasts a week, during which users can exploit their premium features. In those seven days, individuals have the privileges of a premium user and can craft documents, start their business, ask a lawyer for help, or sign documents.

Rocket Lawyer Pricing

There are several options users can choose from when they decide to use this online platform. The first option is creating a premium account with a monthly subscription fee of $39.99. As a premium member, you have access to all the premium features, and you get certain discounts non-members don’t benefit from.

The second option is paying for the service you need without maintaining a subscription. Rocket Lawyer offers its services at a certain cost to non-members. These fees are paid per service or document. As such, here are the services they offer and what the company charges you for:

  • Legal document crafting: $39.99 per document;
  • Ask a lawyer: $49.99 per question, or $59.99 per 30 minutes of consultation;
  • Affordable incorporation filing: $99.99.

These prices aren’t over the roof and are affordable for those customers who only need legal services once in a while.

Rocket Lawyer Refund

According to its terms of service, Rocket Lawyer offers only full refunds when there has been a mistake in billing. However, it offers prorated refunds for individuals who purchased an account upfront and changed their minds after.

According to their company policy, you should have a pressing reason for the company to return the money you paid for those services that an individual has already utilized.

Rocket Lawyer Privacy Policy

Regarding visitors of the platform, they collect certain data such as browser type and the time spent browsing.

The company’s privacy policy allows it to store your contract and billing info when a new user buys a membership. In addition, you should be aware that the company can access the messages between you and one of its lawyers.

However, you can see from our Rocket Lawyer review that it neither sells nor trades any of the information you provided but could be obliged to share your information if it’s required by the law.


Starting in 2006, Rocket Lawyer has been certified by BBB with an A+ rating. As such, the company Rocket Lawyer has a fair amount of positive reviews.

However, just like any other service provider worldwide, the platform also had several complaints and bad reviews on BBB. Most of these complaints are about glitches and bugs encountered while using the website and the services’ cost. Many of these complaints were resolved, while website representatives answered to others.

Rocket Lawyer Customer Service

After combing through dozens of comments regarding Rocket Lawyer, we found that there is one thing almost every review has in common — users stating that Rocket Lawyer LLC has outstanding customer assistance.

The website provides users with several possibilities. For example, you can read through the frequently asked questions, contact them through email/phone call or chat online with one of their representatives.

According to Rocket Lawyer customer reviews, the company is not only reliable, but they’re also kind, professional, and helpful.

Rocket Lawyer Pros and Cons


  • Different legal document templates
  • Digital signature opportunities
  • Prompt legal assistance
  • The possibility of starting your own business
  • Great customer support
  • Their service costs are accessible


  • It doesn’t offer a complete refund for those who changed their minds after paying up-front for their subscription
  • Mobile app crashes

Overall rating: 9.5/10

Rocket Lawyer Review — The Final Ruling

Given all we presented above, it’s fair to conclude that Rocket Lawyer is one of the best or maybe even the best online legal assistance website you can find worldwide. Not only does it provide you with every legal service you might ever need in a timely manner, but the company also has exceptional and prompt customer service.

Rocket Lawyer may have many competitors, but due to the legal website’s easy-to-use design and unlimited legal consultations it offers to its members, the platform is preferred by many over its competitors. Moreover, it has great pricing, a vast variety of legal document drafts, and exceptional customer support. As such, it comes as no surprise that the company is highly sought after.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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