PrepScholar Review (2022) – A Legit Way to Motivate Students

Before you dig into our PrepScholar review, consider this: if you were to ask random people what they think about school, chances are most of them would say they are not very fond of it.

However, many agree that education is an essential aspect of one’s life. Having that in mind, choosing the right school is a good step in improving your future.

Pricing Plans

PSAT Prep Course


150+ Point Guarantee
Free Trial
Money-Back Guarantee
5-Star Facebook Rating

ACT Prep Course


4+ Point Guarantee
Free Trial
Money-Back Guarantee
Guarantee Extension Option

So, how to find a decent and credible prep program? One way is to start looking at the experiences of people that have already been in the same situation.

Both ours and other PrepScholar SAT reviews recommend PrepScholar – an online tutoring program that focuses on providing online preparation for students for a variety of standardized tests.

Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Online Prep School vs. Tutor

First and foremost, before making any decision about where to seek knowledge, it’s essential to decide what learning method suits you best.

While this decision varies from person to person, the two most popular options today are studying with a tutor or via online prep schools. It’s easier to pass PrepScholar SAT subject tests like that.


Some people like to work with a private tutor. A private tutor is a person that dedicates time to you and helps you prosper academically. This method is especially crucial for those who find it challenging to work on their own.

A tutor will evaluate your knowledge and pace of progress, as well as adjust the plan of your studying accordingly. However, this kind of studying method can have a significant impact on your own or your parents’ budget (many other PrepScholar GRE reviews confirm the same).

Online Prep Schools

There’s always the option of online studying. When comparing online studying to traditional tutoring, it’s important to note that there are similarities but also a few differences.

Online preschools also evaluate your knowledge and prepare a plan for your studying process. Such programs will inspect your weaknesses and strengths and adjust the learning process according to your needs and knowledge.

After making PrepScholar GRE course reviews, we’ve concluded that this method is becoming more popular as of late, mostly because of the price, which, in most cases, is much lower than hiring a private tutor.

One potential downside could be a lack of authoritative physical presence, as some find the latter much more motivating than studying by themselves.

How Does PrepScholar Work?

PrepScholar is the brainchild of Fred Zhang and Allen Cheng, both of whom achieved perfect SAT scores.

The main reason for establishing the PrepScholar program is their dissatisfaction with the expensive SAT prep classes. Numerous PrepScholar tutors reviews online have reported the same. Their desire to share their vast experience and knowledge played a significant part in establishing PrepScholar.

To that end, step-by-step guidance and friendly user experience comprise the foundation of PrepScholar.You need to take a test to gauge your academic strengths and weaknesses. After that, PrepScholar customizes a plan that will maximize your results.

PrepScholar Alternatives

PrepScholar isn’t the only platform that offers such services. In the next part, you’ll find everything you need to know about some other platforms, so you can make the right decision.

PrepScholar vs Princeton Review

The very mention of the name Princeton carries a particular weight and dose of prestige. But is that crucial?

Let’s start from the price, since this is the aspect that varies most.

Many people rightfully question what’s more beneficial: having the cheapest course on Princeton or the entire course on PrepScholar? This is the question that raises a lot of debate.

The simple fact is that an SAT course from PrepScholar is cheaper than the one at Princeton. Moreover, according to the PrepScholar SAT prep review, PrepScholar made a transition from the old to the new SAT prep.

At the same time, PrepScholar provides you with more than 750 different videos. With the right guidance, this study material could be more than enough for achieving your goals.

On the other hand, in addition to its famous name, Princeton offers 24/7 email assistance support and two prep books. It’s something PrepScholar doesn’t provide at the moment.

Therefore, if you’re feeling confident in your resourcefulness and the money is tight, PrepScholar could grant what you need at an affordable price.

PrepScholar vs Khan Academy

PrepScholar is far from being the only online prep program out there. The competition is fierce, and each platform strives for diversity. Take this opportunity to compare PrepScholar to another top-rated prep program by considering a slightly different point of view.

In other words, let’s leave the price tag aside for the time being and focus exclusively on factors such as effectiveness, the ability to further improve your already solid knowledge, and the availability of study materials.

Both ours and some other PrepScholar SAT math reviews reveal that those who have already earned a strong SAT grade without any assistance can further improve their score by using the Khan Academy program. In that particular case, Khan Academy would be a decent choice.

However, if you lack the time for improving your SAT score significantly, you’re probably better off with the PrepScholar program in the long run. Talking about SAT, you could check out the Magoosh review to see if this platform has something for you.

Refund Policy

Nowadays, every highly reputable company issues a refund to dissatisfied clients. PrepScholar is no different, although it might not be necessary.

If you’re not happy with this program for any reason whatsoever, you can always ask for a refund within five days of beginning the package. This period starts after you submit your completed diagnostic test.

Regardless of whether you purchased the Complete or Complete Premium package, you have the option of getting your initial investment back if you meet the requirements, as a result of the PrepScholar money-back guarantee. Just send an email to [email protected]

Additionally, depending on your progress, you can even qualify for half-price deals. There’s also a free trial option (more on that later). You can find out more details about the PrepScholar refund policy and other options mentioned above in their Terms of Service. But it doesn’t end there. PrepScholar further highlights its confidence with a 160+ point guarantee.

Simply put, if you don’t get at least 160 points in comparison to the last SAT or PSAT you took, our team of researchers, as well as other PrepScholar reviews, confirm that the company will return your money.

If you take a look at any of the testimonials available online, you’ll learn that this program has 4.95 out of 5 stars, which indicates people’s general satisfaction with PrepScholar.

The company’s online presence, the numerous reviews you can find as a result, and the simple refund policy imply high levels of care PrepScholar takes of their customers. This fact is reassuring, as it speaks volumes about the company’s reputation and core values.

PSAT Prep Guarantee

We’ve made a quick PrepScholar PSAT review. The PSAT prep course is one of the most popular classes within the PrepScholar program and features no less than five stars on Facebook. One small difference compared to the SAT Prep is the guarantee limit, which is a bit lower.

With a 150+ guarantee, PrepScholar offers the assurance that you’ll get your money back if you don’t improve compared to your last PSAT test.

ACT Prep Guarantee

At the same time, PrepScholar also guarantees 4+ points on your ACT. Judging from PrepScholar ACT reviews online, most people are satisfied with this offer.

Interestingly, this course even includes an option for users to claim an extension on the guarantee. Mind you, the Package Extension has no trial refund period. And it’s not included in the point guarantee.

Overall, the money-back guarantee includes the SAT Subject Prep, GRE Prep, GMAT Prep, and TOEFL Prep.

It is also worth mentioning that there are no records of users that have had to use the refund policy for TOEFL prep. At least not according to PrepScholar TOEFL reviews. We’ve also come to the same conclusion.

Free Trial

Much like the aforementioned refund policy, PrepSchool also recognizes the level of trust it takes to invest your hard-earned money.

Following the industry standards, PrepScholar offers a chance to test the courses out for free and decide whether you wish to proceed or not. If you pick a product marked with ‘free trial’, they won’t charge you until your free period trial ends.

You may cancel it any time by emailing [email protected] with the subject ‘Cancel Trial Request’. Thanks to the five-day PrepScholar free trial period, you have the option to verify the program before you make your final decision.

Ease of Use

One of the main reasons why so many people decide to go for the PrepScholar program instead of other courses is the platform’s straightforwardness. Users highlight the significance of proper guidance from the beginning until the end of each course.

After inspecting customer reviews of PrepScholar programs, we’ve found out that most users also point out that the precise step-by-step instructions had a significant role in keeping them motivated. It has made them feel like they were in the right hands.

Online Ratings

It is always a good idea to conduct thorough research before making an important decision of any kind. Finding out other people’s opinions and experiences with this specific program is something you can do in a matter of seconds.

Depending on the specific search results, you’ll gain better insight into why 55% of people characterize their experience with PrepScholar as excellent. Social media is also another useful source of information. PrepScholar has a flattering 4.7 rating on Facebook with more than 500 votes.

Pros and Cons

  • Adjustability – At the very beginning, you’ll take a test that will give you insight into your strengths and weaknesses. After that, a smooth and precise algorithm will consider that assessment and adjust the program to your level of knowledge. In other words, the answer to the question Is PrepScholar SAT prep good? is a simple yes.
  • Planning – After you start with your prep school program, the PrepScholar team will closely monitor your progress and build a plan that suits you best. That way, you can better your knowledge further at your own pace.
  • Email reports – As mentioned before, there is a team of experts monitoring your progress. Additionally, you’ll get weekly reports of your progress, which will show you the pace of your academic advancement. This PrepScholar review also reveals that one of the reasons consumers felt their motivation was at the highest. With every kudos the users got, their interest went up as well.
  • Guidance – Having someone monitor your advancement is helpful, but getting the right directions on what to study and when is crucial. PrepScholar’s step-by-step instructions ease your way into learning by suggesting which lessons you should take and when to make progress. In case you’d be better off studying with a tutor, this Wyzant Review tells you more about this method.
  • Cost – Some users report finding this program a burden to their budget. However, it’s still more accessible than private tuition, which could cost a fortune.

PrepScholar Review – Final Verdict

When it comes to preparing for SATs or PSATs, there are more economical solutions available. However, you are about to take your test, and secure a better starting position in choosing the right school for yourself.

With PrepScholar, you have a team of experts in combination with unique technology ready to guide you and help you take your knowledge to the next level. In any case, take your time before making a decision. But keep in mind that the platform does offer plenty of knowledge and guarantees for the cost.

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