Trustworthy Premier TEFL Review

Are you looking to increase your chances of getting hired abroad? Or online? If yes, this Premier TEFL Review will tell you everything you need to know before settling on an English course.

Being an accredited online TEFL course provider with English government-regulated qualifications, no wonder employers approve its programs. Take a look at the course descriptions, pricing, and other details to determine if they suit your learning style.

Pros & Cons

● User-friendly, smooth & easily accessible website
● 6-month time frame to study & complete the course
● 14-day money-back guarantee
● 70+ page eBook with in-depth lessons
● Incredible grammar planning guides
● PDF learning resources available for download
● Personal tutor support & online technical support
● Government-regulated courses
● Internationally recognized certificates
● No in-class practice or general real practice teaching
● Hard-to-follow videos due to bad design choice
● Limited formats for document download

Pricing Plans

1-Week Package

Your Investment €189

€100 (35%)
Previous Cost
Free 30-Hour Teach Online Session Included

2-Week Package

Your Investment €129

€390 (75%)
Previous Cost
Free 30-Hour Teach Online Session Included

3-Week Package

Your Investment €19

€610 (97%)
Previous Cost
Free 30-Hour Teach Online Session Included

Premier TEFL is the leading TEFL provider with a global reputation. The academic experts prepare you to teach English and discover countless job opportunities.

Founded in 1995, with over 25 years of experience, it offers TEFL accredited courses, IELTS certificates, internships, and international teaching jobs across Asia, Europe, and South America.

These programs are government-regulated, internationally recognized, and, most importantly, employer approved. Their Level 5 Ofqual regulated TEFL courses guarantee you the highest standard of teacher training.

If you’re looking to live, work, or travel abroad, make sure you find a high-paying job to support your dreams. You can do that with the help of the Premier TEFL, often with a 50% discount.

Let’s take a look at the Premier TEFL courses and programs.

Premier TEFL Types of Courses, Features, and Materials

Premier TEFL’s team assists you in finding the best jobs, paid internships, or teaching experiences that would suit your traveling plans. In case you’re not into traveling or working abroad, you can take advantage of these services and find a remote teaching job.

They designed Premier TEFL courses primarily for people who show initiative to work on their own. If you have a passion for teaching, but you need a springboard, Premier TEFL should be your top choice.

Some Premier TEFL reviews suggest that the coursework is exceptionally engaging and quite rigorous. The videos on the website have a user-friendly interface. And you can easily navigate through the chosen course. There’s a fine balance between theory and practice, making the studying material stimulating.

The technical support staff is always happy to lend you a hand for anything you need. The CELTA-equivalent Level 5 TEFL courses open the door to the best jobs worldwide. Employers around the world trust and respect them thanks to the impeccable reputation and accreditation.

Premier TEFL Accreditation

Premier TEFL is a fully accredited member of the Accreditation Council for Distance Learning (ACDL). The Training Qualifications UK organization has recognized it as a legit training center, as well.

This means that you can be confident Premier TEFL courses are of the highest standards. You will achieve a lifelong qualification of top quality. And be ready for the competitive job market overseas. To start your TEFL career the right way, you should enroll in the best course currently available — the 168-Hour Ofqual Regulated TEFL Level 5 Course.

This Premier TEFL program description includes the following:
  • Free 30-hour course on how to teach online
  • 168 hours of online TEFL training
  • Flexible schedule of studying
  • Support from a personal tutor
  • Ebooks on lesson and grammar plans
  • Letter of reference
  • Internationally recognized certification
  • Job searching advice

The best thing about this TEFL course is that you have six months of access to study upon enlisting. Additionally, if you fail to pass this qualification, you’ll have two more opportunities to re-submit your answers.

Premier TEFL Review – Accredited Courses

Leading professionals develop these courses, certificates, and qualifications, and all must meet the international TEFL standards. One of the most incredible things about these programs is the personal tutor support available in all courses.

Other than that, all courses have the following features in common:

  • TEFL App with a 24/7 study access
  • 6-month study access
  • Reference letter
  • Internationally recognized certification

Aside from these mutual features, each course comes with a specific set of Premier TEFL additional features, including a 14-day money-back guarantee. With that in mind, rest assured that the qualification you receive from Premier TEFL will make you stand out from the competition and put you in a pole position for some highly rewarding jobs.

Best of all is that Premier TEFL courses provide you with incredibly dynamic, engaging, and in-depth training so you can teach English abroad, or online, with confidence. In case you decide to apply for an online teaching job, you might want to read this Preply review.

Here’s a list of accredited fast-track courses.

120 Hour Advanced


Down From
Additional Features
70+ page grammar ebook
In-depth lesson planning ebook

240 Hour Expert


Down From
Additional Features
70+ page grammar ebook
In-depth lesson planning ebook

250 Hour Hybrid


Down From
Additional Features
Lesson/grammar planning eBook
Young learners’ online lesson pack

Here’s a list of OFQUAL-regulated level 5 courses:

168 Hour Level 5


Down From
No Additional Features

290 Hour TEFL


Down From
No Additional Features

300 Hour Hybrid


Down From
No Additional Features

TEFL Scholarship

Premier TEFL offers paid scholarships, combining teacher training with a live teaching practice of up to three weeks. It’s a great way to gain access to unique experiences in England, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Ireland, and the Czech Republic.

The programs include:

  • 120-hour advanced course
  • Observed teaching practice
  • Hotel accommodation
  • City pickup and transfers
  • Orientation
  • €50 refundable deposit for the three-week program
  • Visa guidance
  • Three meals per day
  • Ongoing in-country support


  • Passport holder of USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa
  • Appropriate personal qualities
  • Ability to cope with challenges, cultural sensitivity, hobbies
  • Good health
  • Clean police record

You also receive Premier TEFL tuition fees sponsored up to 97%. Scholarships typically begin with an orientation in a countryside resort hotel and then a welcome dinner, after which you will learn what you can expect from these week-long programs.

The support you are going to receive throughout the entire course, among other things, is what makes these programs so engrossing.

You will also become part of the community where you can provide and receive support from other scholars too, making the whole experience even more appealing.

TEFL Internship

Premier TEFL takes care of all logistics regarding an internship. It offers a fully organized, all-inclusive internship, leaving you to focus on the fun aspect of your adventure. It provides a complete arrangement, from airport escort to job-placement orientation, and a new home during the entire internship.

Other than that, you have complete support from a personal coordinator. The recreational language lessons in the country where your internship takes place, as well as the mini field trips and excursions, give your stay a final touch.

Premier TEFL internships are currently available in Asia, Europe, and South America, all with different requirements and features. Additionally, the Premier TEFL team will also assist with visa and work permit issues, provided you have a clean police record. Another great advantage is that you define what your experiences will be like.

You have a choice to decide if you want to go solo on your journey or rely on a support system. This might change over time, though, so it’s good to know that you have a safety net to fall back on.


The Premier TEFL team fully supports job placements after you complete your TEFL career.

This is probably the best thing about this company — it brings you top-rated and recommended employers. It also offers generous teaching contracts that include basic housing, bonuses, and development training.

Premier TEFL recommends placements online, in Vietnam, Hong Kong, and China with a complete week-long orientation program, completion and performance bonuses, and no additional fees to apply.

Ease of Use

Premier TEFL website’s UI is extremely friendly and smooth, making it easy to navigate for all users. Technical support is one of its strong points, and there’s a wealth of videos on how to use the website and features.

Furthermore, there’s an instant messaging service available if you have a problem that needs a quick solution.

Or, if talking is your preferred way of communication and you want to inquire about Premier TEFL certifications, you’ll also find a call service availability. You’ll need to enter your phone number, after which you’ll receive a call from Premier TEFL’s team, usually within 30 seconds, or schedule to receive the call at a later time.

Plans & Pricing

If you’re looking for free online English courses, then you’re definitely in the wrong place. Premier TEFL doesn’t offer any type of free online course or free trial. However, it does include a free 30-hour ‘Teach Online’ session on almost all courses.

The downside is there is no payment-plan option for these TEFL courses, meaning you’d have to pay the total price in advance.

A Premier TEFL discount ranging from 50-60% is currently available on all accredited fast-track and level 5 OFQUAL-regulated courses. There is also a discount on specific internship applications, ranging from 35% to 50%.

Additionally, Premier TEFL sponsors scholarships for the most successful candidates of up to 97%, depending on the package.

Here’s a list of available packages, their sponsorship coverage, and the investment by candidates:

1-Week Package
  • Total Cost = €289
  • Sponsorship = €100 (35%)
  • Your investment = €189
2-Week Package
  • Total cost = €519
  • Sponsorship = €390 (75%)
  • Your investment = €129
3-Week Package
  • Total cost = €629
  • Sponsorship = €610 (97%)
  • Your investment = €19

Refund Policy

Premier TEFL student reviews suggest a positive attitude toward its canceling and refund policies. A full refund is available on all online courses you purchase directly on the website only within 14 days from the purchase.

There is a standard administration fee upon issuing the refund of $30 USD / €30 EUR / £30 GBP / $30 CAD / $30 NZD. Anglo-TEFL Scholarships are the only exception to administration fees.

For internships and other scholarship programs, the same rules apply. If they reject you, you’ll receive a full refund minus 50% of the course value included. The next step would be to check out other language learning software.

Online Premier TEFL Rating

The majority of people who have purchased, attended, and signed up for Premier TEFL online English courses, internships, and scholarships are reporting significant satisfaction. Well-written content, a simplified website, and easy course processes make Premier TEFL stand out.

The most common reviews people leave are about the useful exercises, engaging and resourceful content, incredible technical support, and the convenience to study at your own pace. Even 94% of reviewers recommend these courses with close to 2,000 Premier TEFL reviews online, giving the company’s services a rating of 4.64 out of 5 stars. On the other hand, there are complaints about programs that didn’t last the usually specified amount.

However, most people complain about specific technical features that need improvement, such as downloading information in various formats, or essays that received answers later than expected.

As for social media reviews, the Premier TEFL Facebook page has received nearly 90 reviews, giving the company a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Premier TEFL Review — Value for Money

Signing up for a Premier TEFL course will improve your English teaching abilities and allow you to stand out from the competition when you apply for a job. Additionally, the company sponsors internships, scholarships, and helps you land jobs in countries where they support a teaching contract abroad.

These courses are the perfect opportunity for adventurous individuals with a knack for teaching abroad while being paid handsomely. Don’t hesitate to apply, and make sure you do so while its discount offers are still valid.

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