Incfile Review 2022: Top Services, Features, and Pricing

If you’re looking for a trusted partner that will handle the paperwork related to business formation, IncFile might be what you’re looking for. We analyzed numerous reviews and evaluated its services to help you decide if it’s the right choice for you.

Here, you’ll learn everything there is to know about the company’s pricing, customer service, turnaround time, and more. Additionally, we’re comparing Incfile against the competition and discussing what sets it apart.

Pricing Plans




free + state filing fees

*one year of free registered agent service. Afterward, the service renews at $119.
*site can be set for free, but the month-to-month hosting fee is $20.

$149 + state filing fees

*Incfile will handle the EIN registration and file an IRS form 2553 if needed.

$299 + state filing fees

*business contract templates is the most valuable addition to the plan.
– over 25 documents prepared by a business attorney
(The service alone costs $150)

Incfile Review: Our Rating

Ease of Use — 5/5
Product/Service Offering — 5/5
Turnaround Time — 4/5
Ease of Ordering — 5/5
Customer Service — 4/5
Value for Money — 5/5
Overall rating — 4.7/5

Incfile Review: All About the Company 

Just when business registration became more complex and required a lot of paperwork and legal formalities, Incfile was founded. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, the company has been around since 2004.

Incfile specializes in LLC business formation services. The expert team has assisted over 500,000 entrepreneurs and small business owners in establishing and growing their businesses.

Analyzing reviews, we discovered that the company’s offerings are suitable for business owners who are looking for ongoing support rather than only business formation assistance.

The company offers a variety of features, from business filing and registered agent service to bookkeeping and tax filing. The services are customized to the specific state in which the business operates. As if that’s not enough, Incfile claims to have a fast turnaround time, with plans starting at $0 (excluding state fees).

Below, we’re breaking down the services.

Free LLC Filing

While researching for our Incfile free LLC review, we came across several skeptical comments. It might sound too good to be true, but Incfile is one of the rare outfits that offer a completely free LLC filing service. You’ll only need to pay the state fees and provide the basic information about your business, such as:

  • Name
  • Business address
  • Names and contact information for each member
  • Starting date

The expert team will then prepare the Articles of Organization and all other forms needed and file the documents the following business day.

Operating Agreement

Incfile LLC reviews rave about the Operation Agreement service, which provides entrepreneurs with the document that defines the business rules and regulations, as well as organization guidelines. This service is available in higher-tier plans. However, if you opt for the free plan, you can also obtain the operating agreement for $40.

Registered Agent

Incfile provides free registered agent service for one year with all plans. After the first year, the service costs $119. According to Incfile registered agent reviews, customers love that the agents take care of receiving state and IRS mail and forwarding documents and notices to the state — all at a very competitive price.

Employee Identification Number

If you want to start hiring employees, you need an EIN. The nine-digit number is also required to set up a bank account and file taxes. The Incfile team helps you obtain it for $70 — a price somewhere in the middle compared to Incfile alternatives. However, according to reviews of Incfile, customers highly value that this service is included in the paid plans.

Business Accounting

Incfile also assists you with your accounting needs, including tax calculation and filing with the IRS and your state. The team also handles all reconciliation, transactions, tax preparation, and filing. In addition, you get access to bookkeeping software and quarterly and month-to-month reports, so you’ll have insights into your business finances at all times. On top of that, the company offers a free tax consultation. Our Incfile free tax consultation review yielded positive results as this service is included even in the basic plan and can be pretty helpful, especially for novice entrepreneurs.

Amendment Name Change

The business name is one of the pieces of information included in the Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Organization. But what happens if you want to change your business name along the way? Every such change should be reported to the secretary of state by filing a form called Articles of Amendment.

According to our Incfile LLC review, the company handles all the paperwork involved in the Articles of Amendment. Beyond the name change, the team can also file the document to inform the state about any director, member, or officer changes within the company, a new business address, modifications of the authorized shares number, or alteration of the stated business activities.

Incfile Dissolve LLC Service

If, for any reason, you want to close your business, you need to do it properly. Incfile provides professional help with that. The team can file the Articles of Dissolution, which is the only way to close the business and stop paying taxes.

This service would cost you $149, plus state fees. Our review, however, indicates that there are more competitive prices on the market. Some Incfile alternatives charge only $99 for the same service.

Foreign Qualification

Suppose your business expands, and you’re starting to operate in a state different from the one you’ve registered your company in. In that case, you need to obtain a Certificate of Authority. Incfile helps you skip the exhausting paperwork for $149, plus state fees. As per Incfile reviews, customers appreciate that the team files the Foreign Qualification instead of you, giving you a legitimate right to do business in another state but sparing you the administrative tasks.

Annual Report

Regardless of the type of business you’ve formed (LLC, LLP, C-Corporation, or S-Corporation), you’re required to file an annual report with your state secretary. This document should be submitted within a specific time frame defined by the state you’re operating in. Incfile eases the process, saving you from the consequences of failing to meet these requirements. The service price tag is $99 (excluding state fees), which is higher than some competitors.

Incfile LLC Kit

Incfile can supply you with a personalized corporate set that includes all the official documents for your business. The LLC kit comes with:

  • Binder and clip case
  • 20 stock certificates
  • Corporate forms and documents
  • Printed minutes 
  • Bylaws or organizational agreement
  • Personalized embossing seal
  • Transfer Ledger

The price of this kit is $99. While it falls within the industry standards, some competitors offer lower prices. The higher-tier Incfile plans include similar kits too.

Incfile Trademark Registration

Trademark protection is one of the most valuable property assets. It establishes and protects your brand and reputation. Incfile conducts thorough research to ensure the mark isn’t already taken and then files it, guaranteeing that the government office accepts it. In addition, the research for our Incfile trademark registration review shows that the legal team provides advice and guidance throughout the process.

Preparation and Filing of IRS Form 2553

Some LLC organizations can save a lot in taxes when getting an S Corporation tax status. In that case, filing an S Corporation Tax Election (form 2553) is necessary as it informs the IRS to tax the business as an S Corporation. Incfile is one of the few companies that offer such a service. It’s included in the higher-tier plans, but you can also add it to the basic plan for an additional $50.

Incfile Virtual Address

A virtual address is an excellent option if you are running your business on the go or you want to keep your business address safe. This service provides a reliable place where customers, suppliers, the state, and others can reach you. The team scans and uploads the mail to your account promptly. This service is available in 22 states, and it costs $29 per month.

Incfile DBA

Another service that Incfile offers is filing the business under a name that is different from your legal name. Customers may require this for privacy purposes when changing the products/service or establishing their companies in multiple states. Incfile charges $99 for this service, plus state fees.

Incfile Lifetime Alerts

Depending on the state, you might be required to renew your business license annually, fill in reports for each year, and more. This might be a bit confusing, so Incfile’s lifetime alerts are a much-appreciated service. They will notify you about important events and due dates. This service is included in all Incfile packages.

Incfile Ordering Process

Incfile’s ordering process is streamlined. Once you choose the type of entity and state, you’ll be asked to fill out the rest of the necessary information. Along the way, the company provides hyperlinks and question marks that offer additional information in case anything is confusing. In addition, the entire process is personalized to the state in which you will operate your business, a feature that customers often praise in the Incfile reviews.

We’ve noticed that Incfile tries to upsell, presenting a few add-ons. While this can be annoying, we must note that the company is very transparent regarding the price. The price is automatically updated whenever you add or remove a feature, so you’re always aware of the cost of your package.

Once you create an account, you gain access to the dashboard, where you can find all document management tools. What pushes Incfile ahead of the competition is the order tracking feature. From your dashboard, you’ll be able to track your order status in real-time.

According to reviews, the platform is easy to use and user-friendly with a simple design and intuitive navigation.

Incfile Support

Incfile customer support is available via phone or email from 10 am to 7 pm ET from Monday through Friday. Most of its competitors provide longer hours and have weekend support; nevertheless, Incfile offers reliable support. Based on reviews for Incfile, the customer support reps are knowledgeable, professional, and polite.

On the flip side, we’ve come across several reviews from customers who have complained about the agents’ responsiveness. They say the waiting times are too long and that it can sometimes be difficult to get a hold of the team.

In our experience, Incfile customer support via phone is better than email since it’s not uncommon to wait more than 24 hours to get an email response. Another potential downside is the lack of live chat, which most competitors offer. 

Incfile Customer Reviews

The majority of customer feedback about this company is on Shopper Approved. There are over 34,000 reviews on this website, 95% of which are five-star or four-star ratings. The overall satisfaction rate is 4.8 stars, which is impressive, considering the vast feedback volume. The majority of positive reviews refer to product satisfaction.

Customers say that the ordering process is simple and easy to complete. What’s more, most customers are happy with the price and highlight the great value for money.

Over to Trustpilot, Incfile has very few reviews compared to some of its competitors. As per Incfile reviews, 2020 saw more favorable evaluations, which cannot be said for today. Most of the negative feedback from 2022 is about customer support which isn’t stellar at times, as we already mentioned.

A big industry name as it is, it’s expected that the company has some negative feedback. Overall, based on our analysis, the company enjoys a solid reputation online.

Incfile Turnaround Time

Our Incfile review shows that the company guarantees next business day processing, regardless of the plan you purchase. This gives the company an edge over the competition since most LLC service providers charge extra to expedite the process and offer next-day filing only in the highest-tier plans.

While Incfile files your business for processing the following business day, keep in mind that some states take days, and some even need weeks to approve your business. Incfile does offer an expedited state processing service, as per our Incfile review findings. It’s included in the Platinum Plan, but you can also purchase it at an extra cost which is determined by the state.

Incfile Refund Policy

Incfile will provide a full refund minus a $30 cancellation fee but only if you react before the filing to the state takes place. Remember that Incfile processes the orders the following business day, so you have to cancel within 24 hours of subscription. Once the documents are filed with the state, it isn’t possible to get a refund.

Incfile Pricing

Incfile has very competitive pricing and feature-rich plans. It offers three packages — Silver, Gold, and Platinum. These contain different sets of services, but you can always purchase add-ons if needed. All Incfile plans, including the basic one, are very generous and include the following:

  • Preparation and filing of Articles of Organization
  • Business name searches
  • Free registered agent service for the first year
  • Certified Copy
  • 30-minute business tax consultation
  • Lifetime alerts
  • Order status tracking
  • Unlimited customer support
  • Business tax consultation
  • Next business day order processing

Incfile Silver Plan

The Silver plan is free — you’ll only have to pay the state fees, according to Incfile pricing information. This is one of the rare companies that offer these services for free, if not the only one. You’ll get an unprecedented value that would urge you to stay with Incfile.

Another great perk is getting one year of free registered agent service. After the first year, the service renews at $119, which is a very competitive price, our in-depth Incfile registered agent review shows.

Even with the basic plan, you get optional partnership offers. For example, you can set up a banking account with Bank of America or have a tax consultation with a certified agent.

What’s more, Incfile will set up your site for free. However, if you opt to use this service, you’ll have to pay a month-to-month hosting fee of $20.

While analyzing the reviews, Incfile came out as a winner for its selection of important documents and on-demand access. The company will send you lifetime alerts to notify you about important things like business licenses and annual reports, which are essential if you want to ensure your business is in good standing.

Silver is a unique package that includes all core services needed to form your business for $0. You’ll hardly find a better deal than this on the market.

Incfile Gold Plan

The Incfile Gold package is perfect if you want more services beyond the standard LLC papers filing. Starting at $149 (excluding state fees), it ups Silver with:

  • EIN Business Tax Number
  • IRS Form 2553
  • Operating Agreement
  • Banking Resolution
  • Business Banking Account

With this plan, Incfile will handle the EIN registration and file an IRS form 2553 if needed. The Operating Agreement and Banking Resolution are also included. Our Incfile review has shown that the Gold LLC kit is a neat addition to the package. When purchasing Gold, you’re entitled to tracked express shipping. Overall, this plan provides excellent value for money.

Incfile Platinum Plan

Platinum is Incfile’s most elaborate plan. It costs $249 plus state fees, and while the price tag is on the higher end, the package provides great value. It includes everything in Gold plus:

  • Business contract templates
  • Domain name
  • Expedited filing
  • Business email

During our research for the Incfile business contract templates review, we came to know that this is the most valuable addition to the plan. The service alone costs $150. You’ll be getting over 25 documents prepared by a business attorney so you can protect your business with ease.

The Platinum LLC/Corporate kit resembles the Gold kit but with an embossing seal and enclosed box case added.

Reviews of Incfile have also shown that the free domain names and business email are also included for one year. After that period, you can choose whether you’d like to renew or cancel the service.

How Does Incfile Compare to the Competition?

Incfile is one of the industry leaders in business filing services. However, other great companies feature excellent services at solid prices, so we made a head-to-head comparison. Does Incfile have the edge over its competitors? Read on to find out.

Incfile vs. ZenBusiness

The top Incfile LLC alternative is ZenBusiness. While not offering a free package as Incfile, ZenBusiness’s basic package is pretty affordable ($49) and offers great value, including the necessary services like an operating agreement and registered agent.

Now, ZenBusiness has been around for less than seven years, whereas Incfile is a veteran in the field and a more established name. So if you’re looking for a more established track record and experience, Incfile is the right company for you.

In terms of customer service, Incfile reviews show that it lags a bit behind ZenBusiness, mostly because Incfile’s customer support is only available on weekdays, and it can be hard to get a hold of. However, reviews state that the Incfile agents are knowledgeable, polite, and helpful.

Both service providers offer great value. If you need the most relevant services and want to save along the way, Incfile is an excellent option.

Incfile vs. LegalZoom

LegalZoom is another established name in the business formation industry. Like Incfile, this company offers legal help on top of the standard services. Incfile includes excellent features for at least $99 less; therefore, it provides better value. All packages include the Incfile registered agent service for one year and a free business tax consultation.

Incfile also promises to file the documents the following business day, whereas LegalZoom’s standard order processing time is 20–30 days. However, the latter can expedite the process at an additional cost.

LegalZoom shines in the legal area. It offers on-demand legal consultation, along with more elaborate intellectual property services.

To conclude our LegalZoom vs. Incfile review, we can say that Incfile is the way to go if you need to get excellent business formation service on a budget. On the other hand, LegalZoom is the better choice if you need a more extensive range of legal services and have access to legal information on-demand for a fraction of the cost you’d pay at a law firm.

Incfile vs. Swyft Filings 

Formed in 2012, Swyft Filings is a relatively new company, but it already has excellent reviews online. Both companies offer great value for money, even though Swyft Filings’ basic plan costs $49. Other similarities include next business day processing and the order status tracking tool.

Incfile beats Swyft Filings with its registered agent service, which is free for one year. After the first year, the Incfile registered agent fee is $119 and still offers better value than Swyft Filings, which charges $149.

Considering all, Incfile and Swyft Filings have very few differences. Which one to choose? Incfile offers great overall value. However, if you want the services you purchase to be covered with a 100% guarantee, you should go for Swyft Filings. Another reason why customers choose this company over Incfile is that it offers payment in installments, which is very helpful if your budget is tight.

Incfile vs. BizFilings

Formed in 1996, BizFilings is the pioneer of the online incorporation space. Besides the vast industry experience, BizFilings has a few advantages when comparing it against Incfile.

It has very responsive support reps, which isn’t always the case with Incfile contact agents. Also, the company offers a Seal of Approval for documents so that you can use them in other countries, a service that Incfile lacks. Similar to Incfile, the company includes a free registered agent service in all packages, but only for six months.

Where does Incfile shine? During our research for this Incfile review, we observed that it sports a modern interface, making the platform very easy to use. What’s more, Incfile offers personal or business tax filing and Foreign Qualification (at an extra cost), which BizFilings doesn’t provide. Therefore, Incfile offers better value, and it’s great if you’re on a tight budget.

BizFilings currently offers the business formation service for $99, which is higher than Incfile and other competitors. However, if you can afford to pay a bit extra and want superb customer service and a company with vast experience, BizFilings is what you need.

Incfile vs. Northwest Registered Agent

Both Northwest and Incfile offer great deals. Both are also very reliable and cost-effective companies. Incfile stands out with its selection of services, and it’s a great choice if you want some additional features beyond the standard business formation services.

On the other hand, Northwest has exceptional customer service with knowledgeable agents that are highly appreciated in the industry. So, if you think you’ll need extra support during the process, Northwest is probably your best solution.

Is IncFile Worth It?

After a thorough service evaluation and in-depth analysis of hundreds of Incfile reviews, this business formation provider ranks among the best. With prices starting at $0, it offers an unbeatable value for money. Beyond the Silver package, the other two higher-tier plans are also well-rounded and competitively priced.

However, keep in mind that customer support isn’t Incfile’s strongest suit. The agents can be hard to reach at times, which could be a deal-breaker for the times when you need prompt assistance. On the other hand, the customer service is highly rated, and the agents are said to be very knowledgeable and helpful.

Incfile Frequently Asked Questions

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