Harris Poll Online Review—Everything You Should Know Before Joining the Program

Taking online surveys is an excellent way to spend your spare time while earning some extra cash. In today’s Harris Poll Online review, we share details about the program and discuss the platform’s authenticity. We tried it first-hand to help you decide whether it’s a reliable source of money and what to expect when using it.

Harris Poll Surveys Review: Features & Services

Harris Poll Online is a popular online survey website that rewards its members for filling out surveys. It’s backed by Harris Interactive, a veteran market research firm based in New York. Available across 90 countries, the platform counts more than six million users. 

Considered to be one of the most prestigious poll platforms worldwide, Harris Poll is a member of NCPP, CASRO, CMOR, and ESOMAR. It recruits members from the US and Canada and conducts market research on behalf of corporations, governments, and NGOs.

The Harris Poll bias of self-selection combating is what puts this company ahead of the competition. Namely, the company uses “propensity weighting,” a technique that modifies the survey results in ad hoc considering factors like age and sex to match them to the their actual proportions in the population of interest. This approach allows Harris Poll to solve the problem with voluntary samples based on self-selection bias. 

Survey Qualification

To start taking surveys, you need to join Harris Poll Online, which is free of charge. You can do that if you’re a resident of the US or Canada and at least 13 years old. Keep in mind that Harris Poll lets only one person from a household join.

At first, you’ll be asked to answer a few basic questions to provide essential information like your name and address, general demographics, purchasing habits, interests, online usage, and more. 

Then, you’ll start getting invitations for the surveys you’re eligible for. Of course, you aren’t obliged to take every survey you get invited to, but the more surveys you take, the greater the chances of getting an invite to exclusive studies and special programs that offer more points. 

Once you accept an invitation to Harris Poll Online surveys, you’ll be directed to the survey’s first page, where you’ll be asked a few preliminary questions. These questions serve to further filter survey-takers, so you’ll be able to continue taking the survey only if you meet the criteria. If you aren’t eligible, you’ll be given the option to let the Harris Poll Online team find another survey opportunity, but you won’t earn disqualification points. 

Harris Poll Online Rewards

Harris Poll Online doesn’t reward you with dollars. Instead, its reward system is centered around HIpoints which you can then exchange for specific rewards. The number of points varies on the complexity and length of the survey. Typically, surveys vary from five to 25 minutes and you can expect to earn 125–200 HIpoints per survey. Every month, you may receive three to five surveys.  

Harris Poll Online Review of Other Earning Methods

As a Harris Poll member, you get the opportunity to enter the quarterly sweepstakes. In addition, you get a sweepstakes entry for all survey invitations you accept. This is a great chance to earn $10,000 for taking surveys. Occasionally, Harris Poll members are invited to participate in research studies, focus groups, direct mail surveys, or Harris Poll scholarship opportunities. However, keep in mind that getting an invite to these events is rare. 

Harris Poll Payout 

You can start redeeming your HIpoints once you accumulate 1,250, which equals $10. However, Harris Poll Online doesn’t issue cash rewards like Survey Club and other alternatives. Instead, you can choose from various gift cards from merchants like Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart, iTunes, and more. Moreover, Harris Poll has a Rewards Catalog, so you can also redeem your points for merchandise of your choice. 

Harris Poll HIpoints Processing Times

Harris Poll Online has relatively fast processing times. The HIpoints are usually credited to your account within 10–15 minutes of their reception. If you’re redeeming them for gift cards, you’ll receive an electronic code within two days of asking for a cashout. If you redeem your HIpoints for merchandise, you’ll receive it in seven to 14 business days via UPS.

Harris Poll Review—Is It Easy to Use?

Harris Poll Online has a simple UI with only a few pages. It’s clean and easily navigable. There aren’t unnecessary elements, but only specific CTAs for every operation, so even if you’re a first-time survey taker, you’ll easily find your way around. Some of the surveys offered have a different look, as Harris Poll also allows its panelists to participate in surveys that other research companies conduct. These companies are vetted by the Harris Poll team and required to meet the quality and design standards the platform imposes to ensure the best experience for its members. 

Harris Poll App Review

The Harris Poll Online app is available on Android and iOS. You’ll have to log in with your credentials to use it. Its design is a bit outdated; still, you can easily see survey opportunities, take surveys, and access your rewards. Additionally, you can opt to turn on the notification in the settings and receive survey invitations in real-time, so you don’t miss an earning opportunity. 

Harris Poll Shop Tracker App Review

Created to provide an in-depth analysis into how consumers shop online, the Shop Tracker app is on its way to shape the ecommerce future. According to multiple Harris Poll Shop Tracker app reviews, the app is especially helpful to companies looking to improve their offers and pricing. The Shop Tracker app is available to Android and Apple devices and those using Windows 7 or later. However, it’s still unavailable for Mac. Consumers who download the app and let it analyze their shopping behavior earn $3 digital gift cards.

Harris Poll Customer Service

There’s no Harris Poll phone number to reach the customer representatives. Instead, if you have any issue or concern, you need to use the contact form on the company’s website. Typically, it takes about 48 hours to get a response, and, in our experience, the answers are a bit generic. There’s also a FAQ page where you can find answers to some commonly asked questions and navigate through some common issues. 

Harris Poll Privacy

Harris Poll reviews praise the company’s proven track record when it comes to preserving its members’ privacy. Along with your identity, the answers you give remain anonymous. Additionally, the company pledges never to release your personal data to a third party and only uses it for the surveys.

Harris Poll Cancel Membership

The Harris Poll membership is optional and can be terminated at any time. The process is very simple. First, you need to fill out the unsubscribe form by entering your email and choosing a reason for leaving the Harris Poll community. Another option is to contact the support team directly. Upon cancellation, you’ll lose all unused HIpoints. Also, you won’t be able to re-join the panel with the same address in the future. 

Harris Poll Reviews & Online Ratings

Harris Poll is one of the few A+ BBB-accredited survey sites. Companies can only achieve this rating by providing a fair business policy and outstanding performance. On other review directories, there are very few user reviews. For example, on Site Jabber, Harris Poll has an average of 3.5 stars from only five reviews. Moreover, on Trustpilot, there are also five Harris Poll Online surveys reviews with an average rating of 2.7 stars. 

Generally, members are satisfied with how surveys are presented and that they aren’t lengthy. Also, users praise the fact that the platform is excellent in matching people with the right surveys, which means zero wasted time.

On the other hand, negative comments are related to occasional site glitches and removing members from the panel for no reason. That said, Harris Poll Online has explained that this might happen when they refresh the panel occasionally to stay current and ensure their clients get a broad spectrum of consumer opinions and that everything is in line with their Terms of Use. Other negative reviews on Harris Poll Online are about the discontinuation of disqualification points and limited customer support. 

Harris Poll Online Review Final Verdict: Should You Try Harris Poll Online?

Harris Poll Online is an excellent option for anyone who wants to earn something extra while influencing public opinion. The platform is free to join, and it’s flexible. Plus, it has an excellent qualification rate, which means you can expect to receive invites for surveys you fit perfectly for. Additionally, the surveys are paid relatively well. You can earn about 125–150 HIpoints per survey. Plus, it has a low minimum payout threshold of $10 which is easily achievable, according to Harris Poll Survey reviews. 

Conversely, this isn’t the best survey website for people looking for cash rewards, as it only offers gift cards and merchandise. What is more, you can only reach the company’s customer service via the support form found on the Harris Poll Online website. Unfortunately, the team isn’t quite responsive, so you might have to wait for days to get a generic answer to your query. 

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