Graphy Review

Graphy is a platform that provides users with a plethora of tools for growing, managing, and selling online courses. You can use it to create a course, a learning platform, connect your site to a payment provider, and promote it with loyal fans. What’s more, you can utilize various types of multimedia to create content for your courses. That includes e-books, webinars, video, audio, exams, etc. In this Graphy review, we’ll go through the essential features of the platform and everything else you need to know.

Pros & Cons

● Numerous great features
● Excellent tools for easy website building
● High-level protection
● Enables direct communication with students
● Pricing plans for everyone’s needs
● Convenient drag-and-drop system
● Issues with PDF files
● Not enough payment providers

Pricing Plans





*billed annually

Features, Courses, and Materials

The platform has six main features for creating multimedia courses, branded websites and mobile apps, and marketing and sales campaigns. It’s also useful for community and engagement management, payment gateway integrations and ensures top-notch protection.

As one of India’s best educational technology companies, Unacademy offers its users the most sophisticated solutions. Consequently, Graphy is an Unacademy product, often praised for its quality.

Multimedia Courses

The main selling point of Graphy is its multimedia tool. You can use it to create flashy, interactive courses even if you have zero technical knowledge.

While the tool can be somewhat daunting, you can add numerous elements by the drag-and-drop principle. So, you won’t have to go back and forth looking for various files. Simply swipe them into an allocated space, and make great, virtual lessons.

Graphy instructors can limit access to their courses. For example, you can allow users to see all the material at once or upon completion of particular lessons. The classes can be for desktop, mobile, or both devices.

When making a course, you can select the grading criteria. According to it, you’ll fail and pass your students. What’s more, you can award them with a customized certificate made on the platform.

Using the Graphy app doesn’t require any coding skills. You can have live sessions on the platform and utilize various features to increase the level of engagement, including polls and questionnaires.

All material is fully protected with login and content encryption and device protection. Dynamic watermarking prevents repurposing of your material, while Amazon CloudFront prohibits downloading the courses with a third-party tool.

Branded Website and Mobile App

Other great Graphy features are its branded website and mobile app building. When creating a course, you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars for a website to display it on. On Graphy, you can build a site without hassle with code and plugins.

Users can choose between numerous gorgeous templates. After that, they can play around, adding new sections and elements to the design. The tool is pretty straightforward and intuitive.

While the platform is meant for people who don’t have programming skills, it also allows adding your own code. Graphy can also be utilized for domain name integration and marketing purposes.

The research for our Graphy review showed these features are pretty amazing for branding. If you already have a logo, you can add it to the website. The same goes for all other personalized elements. You can change graphics, font, buttons, and layouts so they match your brand message and promotional material.

Nowadays, most students attend courses, webinars, and other types of lessons via their phones. So, with Graphy, you can create a mobile app for iOS and Android. Adding push notifications to your courses allows you to upsell current customers. 

Like with the rest of the material, all downloads are prohibited.

Integrated Payment Gateways

Graphy’s customer support is top-notch, and the company provides flawless payment processing.

Your students might have a preferred payment method depending on the course type. You can integrate the platform with Stripe and PayPal if you offer courses internationally. The US-focused classes can use TraknPay, PayU, Instamojo, Razorpay, CCAvenue, eSewa, Paystack, SSLCOMMERZ.

Graphy can facilitate the payment processes. The checkup page is fully customizable and allows you to sell as many products as you wish aside from the course. That can be useful if you want to start training and membership programs.

The whole payment procedure is made simple for both you and the client, which isn’t always the case with Graphy’s alternatives. The sales are made within seconds by collecting the payment and the user’s data. Furthermore, purchases can be single or recurring payments or installments.

Marketing and Sales Tools

Given that everything is done from one access point, it’s easy for Graphy to monitor website interaction. You can use the tool to generate traffic, analyze conversion, and increase it. Adding a blog section to the course website to drive organic traffic is also available.

Besides being an access point to the courses, the website can serve various promotional activities. Temporary coupons and promo codes can increase your sales, and you can market other products, services, and events.

Another cool thing is creating a Graphy affiliate program and offering your students a commission for bringing in new leads. You’ll still have full control over your courses, so you can decide what to show to interested parties. The affiliate dashboard on Graphy allows your partners to track and analyze their progress.

Community and Engagement

All online courses connect their participants. Upon completing the lessons, graduates and tutors often stay in touch and cooperate in future endeavors. Graphy can increase that connectivity.

You can use the platform to create a student community, and the public forum can help convert people who signed up for the course but still haven’t paid. If your current students struggle with certain curriculum areas, you can assist them through the forum or direct messages.

Graphy user reviews note the forum can also be utilized for special content. If you’re an influencer or someone who continuously posts educational content, you can share it via Graphy.

Security Features

Graphy provides users with multilayer protection, but the content is shown immediately, without the need for buffering.

All material is safeguarded with login authentication, token protection, encryption, and digital rights management. SSL authentication will defend your newly-created website from potential hacking.

Graphy subscribers control how many devices can access the content at any given moment. You can access material from one device at a time, thus dissuading account sharing. As mentioned, no one can repurpose, download, or screen record the material.

Ease of Use

Graphy reviews show that the majority of users are thrilled with its features. That’s one of the most comprehensive platforms within the field, and you can use it for just about anything from a website to course creation, marketing, and payment processing.

Furthermore, you won’t require any third-party tool; the platform is completely self-sufficient. However, you’ll need some time to get used to it. Graphy is rather robust, with an immense number of options. While this is great if you wish to save money, it also means you’ll have to do everything yourself. The drag-and-drop feature helps, but you might still feel lost at times.

Plans & Pricing

Let’s take a look at Graphy’s pricing plans:

  • Basic — It costs $59 for a single month or $54 per month with an annual subscription. You’ll get all core features, one admin account, live classes for up to 300 students, 10,000 active learners, various integrations, email and phone support, and many other features.
  • Pro — It costs $119 for a single month or $109 per month with an annual subscription. It provides you with all Basic features and two admin accounts, live classes for up to 500 students, 20,000 active learners, and a white-labeled website. You can always check out Graphy’s free trial before upgrading.
  • Business — It costs $199 for a single month or $182 per month with an annual subscription. It has everything in the Pro plan, but the number of admins goes up to six, and you can have two live classes for 500 people. The number of active learners increases to 50,000, and you get access to advanced integrations and a white-label Android app.
  • Advanced — It costs $349 for a single month or $320 per month with an annual subscription. It includes all previously mentioned features of the Business plan and 15 admin accounts, three concurrent live classes, unlimited active learners, API integration, single sign-on, and country-specific pricing.

Refund Policy

You need to consider a few things about Graphy’s refund policy. You can cancel your request and get a full refund within seven days of purchase through the platform or by contacting the company via email.

However, if you ask for a cancellation after the initial seven days, you won’t be eligible for a money return for the current billing period. The subscription will be automatically canceled when this period ends.

Online Ratings

Graphy reviews are generally very positive, and most users rated it between 4.8 and 5. What’s more, one of the most reputable review sites for software, Capterra, gave the platform a 4.8 based on 132 reviews.

Most customers praise its features and consider them a good value for the price. Integration with marketing tools is another thing that people emphasize. On the flip side, users criticize Graphy’s focus on the Indian market.

Software Advice also Graphy a rating of 4.8 based on 130 reviews. It received a 4.5 for its ease of use, 5 for value for money, 5 for customer support, and 4.5 for functionality. One of the main selling points is that the platform is all-in-one, and you don’t have to utilize anything else to create and advertise online courses.

People who downloaded the platform via Google Play rated it with 5. Many are thrilled by the quality of the material they can make with software and its website creation features. However, there is also criticism of how the tool uses PDF files.

Graphy Pros and Cons


  • Numerous great features
  • Excellent tools for easy website building
  • High-level protection
  • Enables direct communication with students
  • Pricing plans for everyone’s needs
  • Convenient drag-and-drop system


  • Issues with PDF files
  • Not enough payment providers

Value for Money — Final Verdict

After you create a website on Graphy, you can use the tools to make courses, promote them, and manage communication with students. As long as you’re selling the classes, you’ll benefit from the platform. What’s more, almost every Graphy review praises its value for money.

If you were to buy these features and products separately, the overall expenses would be enormous. Furthermore, accessing and utilizing these files and features can prove a significant struggle.

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