Exam Edge Review — Practice Tests You Need to Get Certified

Do you feel ready for the upcoming exam? As you know, certification exams demand a lot of work. In this Exam Edge review, we’ll talk about an online platform as a source of practice tests for standard exams. Whether you’re a student or a working adult, you’ll probably need to take such an exam at least once.

If you keep scrolling down, you’ll find out how Exam Edge works, the types of tests it offers, and how much they cost. In the end, you can read the answers to the frequently asked questions about Exam Edge and practice tests in general.

Pros & Cons

● Real-life practice tests for 20 industries
● Certificates of completion
● The possibility of pausing exams
● No expiration date for the purchased tests
● Unlimited access to the exam reviews
● 24/7 access to the web-based practice exams
● Fully BBB accredited
● Certificates not officially recognized by testing agencies
● Each exam can be taken up to four times

Exam Edge Review — Features, Courses, and Materials

Before we dive deeper into the specifics, it’s worth mentioning that Exam Edge has existed since 2006. The initial idea was to help people pass their certification exams. Moreover, the entire system of practice tests relies on the opinion of experienced educators.

To put it simply, they think doing a practice test that gives you precise feedback on what you did wrong is crucial for exam preparation. According to educators, having clear explanations below the test is even more beneficial.

So, today, we can take an Exam Edge practice test giving us all this data. What’s more, we can choose a version with or without a time limit. We can change the font size as well.

One of the Exam Edge features is the possibility to pause a test. You see, these practice tests are web-based. For this reason, you can start the test, pause it, and resume it on any other device with an internet connection.

The practice tests on this platform give people a chance to see what the actual test looks like. Unfortunately, exam Edge test prep reviews often overlook the whole point of practice tests — to get familiar with the form of the test and reduce anxiety during the exam.

Exam Edge’s tests contain more or less the same questions as the real tests. Therefore, the content shouldn’t be an issue.

In case you’re wondering, Exam Edge has practice tests for 20 different industries: accounting, business, college placement, dental, financial, government, healthcare, high school, international, medical laboratory, nursing, optometry, pharmacy technician, radiology, service industry, teaching, veterinary, Canadian, nutrition, and fitness.

Now, let’s learn more about several practice tests in detail.

Exam Edge Praxis Practice Tests Review

Before making a teaching career, teachers have to obtain a teaching license. Therefore, Praxis tests measure candidates’ skills and content knowledge. Moreover, the Council of Accreditation of Educator Preparation has approved the Praxis to measure a person’s academic proficiency.

To give you an idea of how much credibility Praxis has, we should tell you that 44 states require it from teaching applicants. The Praxis consists of three different tests: Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators, Praxis II Subject Assessment, and Praxis Content Knowledge for Teaching Assessment exams.

Many Exam Edge Praxis reviews see Exam Edge’s practice tests as an ideal method of exam preparation. Now we understand why — Exam Edge has practice tests for every section of the test: reading, writing, and mathematics. Moreover, it has combined tests — Praxis Parapro, RVE, and SLS practice tests.

It’s great that you can take one free sample Praxis test before purchasing a package. Additionally, it’s possible to take a practice test with or without a time limit depending on whether you want to get familiar with the test form or content.

Exam Edge FTCE Practice Tests Review

To be on the safe side, let’s define the FTCE first. The Florida Teacher Certification Examination ensures the teaching candidates possess the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful teachers.

In fact, every teacher working in Florida’s public schools takes this test. With Exam Edge, you can practice for the FTCE general knowledge test (GK), professional education test (PEd), and subject area examinations (SAE).

These practice tests are suitable for school administrators, prekindergarten teachers, K-12, humanities, engineering, and teachers for visually and hearing-impaired children, to mention a few.

Exam Edge TEXES Practice Tests Review

Texas is another state requiring future educators to pass a certified exam — the TExES test. This test targets teachers, school principals, school library media specialists, counselors, and administrators.

In essence, it assesses what they know and how they intend to share that knowledge with their students. These online tests enable us to practice for the AAFCS, pre-admission content, examinations of educator standards, and master teachers. In fact, Exam Edge has over 50 different TExES exam topics.

Exam Edge ANCC Practice Tests Review

The American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) Certification Program accepts both students and actively employed nurses. Furthermore, both organizations and individual nurses can apply.

The program features exams for any field in the healthcare industry. It also helps nurses gain skills and knowledge essential for modern clinical practices. In addition, Exam Edge has various practice tests for final-year students and more experienced nurses.

Upon analyzing the exam tests, we can confirm that 25 of them have 2,500 unique questions of the same difficulty as the actual test, even though several Exam Edge reviews for ANCC disagree.

It includes the Adult Health CNS (ACNS-BC), CNS Core (CNS-BC), Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (ACNP-BC), Medical-Surgery Nursing (RN-BC), and Pediatric Primary Care Nurse Practitioner (PNP-BC) practice tests.

Like with all the Exam Edge tests, you can take a free ANCC practice test for better exam prep. It has 10 questions targeting theoretical and practical aspects of a specific field — the practice tests for license renewal demand complex knowledge that only experienced nurses have.

Exam Edge FNP Practice Tests Review

Family nurse practitioners must be certified to practice medicine, either by the ANCC or AANP. Before they become certified, family nurse practitioners go through rigorous examinations. They have to prove that their skills, knowledge, and experience are advanced enough.

For the ANCC FNP test preparation, Exam Edge has 7,500 questions on assessment, diagnosis, clinical management, and professional role. Apart from the FNP test prep, it has 50 different exams for 34 subjects.

Likewise, the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners issues certificates to candidates with a score of at least 500 points. According to the Exam Edge AANP reviews and our own experience with Exam Edge, the FNP practice tests measure exactly the same skills as the real-life test.

These would be assessment, diagnosis, plan, evaluation, prenatal, pediatric, adolescent, adult, geriatric, and elderly. The platform offers 50 practice tests with 5,000 questions. Of course, you can buy a single test upon trying out a free sample test.

Also, Exam Edge syncs these tests with the real ones to have up-to-date topics and format.

Exam Edge CPNRE Practice Tests Review

We’ve come across multiple Exam Edge CPNRE reviews recommending these tests to their co-workers for the same reason we often recommend it — the accuracy of the healthcare practice tests.

The CPNRE is short for the Canadian Practical Nurse Registration exam. It’s the final step Canadian nurse practitioners have to pass to be able to work directly with patients. If you decide to do a test prep with Exam Edge, you’ll see that its CPNRE practice tests simulate the actual test in several ways.

Namely, it covers professional, ethical, and legal practice, foundations, and collaborative practice.

Exam Edge SHRM-CP Practice Tests Review

SHRM is short for the Society for Human Resource Management — the leader among the organizations promoting the advancement of human resources management. It offers two certification exams — SHRM-CP for the Certified Professional and SHRM-SCP for the Senior Certified Professional.

Test prep is necessary, regardless of the level of your experience. Furthermore, Exam Edge lets you practice both of these tests. They cover leadership, business, interpersonal and organizational skills across 10 practice tests and 1,600 questions.

Our findings match the exam-like practice test reviews testifying how precise these questions are. For example, we came across a question about management behavior. Also, there are questions related to the organizational design approaches.

You can purchase a single SHRM-CP test or a multi-pack of 5 or 10 tests. There are 160 questions in each of them, and you can retake each exam four times. However, since the standard SHRM-CP test is time-limited, it’s better to leave the timer on when completing the practice tests.

The following part of the Exam Edge review is about how easy it is to use the platform.

Ease of Use

The platform is fairly easy to use. Since the tests are web-based, users don’t have to download software. An internet connection, a laptop or a PC, and an Exam Edge account are the only prerequisites.

Then, the dominant white backgrounds with bluish details give the entire website content a neat appearance. The tests you purchase are stored and accessible 24/7 in the My Tests tab. However, just in case of an emergency issue, we’ve added the Exam Edge phone number you can dial below.

Customer Support Review

The company has enabled us to contact it in several ways. For individual sales, there’s a contact us form on the website. If you have payment issues or inquiries, one of the agents will email you the answer shortly after filling out the form.

You can use the same contact form when having test-related problems to ask for help from certified tutors. Then, there’s the [email protected] contact email. Although we’ve received a quick response via email, we still prefer dialing the Exam Edge customer service number — (215)-853-2943.

For questions about institutional sales, there’s a special form demanding the institution’s name. You’ll find it on the Contact us page.

Plans & Pricing

There’s a pricing tab in the navigation bar on the official website. However, it doesn’t show you a price list. Instead, you need to search for a particular exam and then see the price. Even so, we’ve paid the exact price it showed us in the first place without hidden costs.

The cost varies according to the number of tests you purchase. However, the Exam Edge promo code currently available on the website gives 10% off on June orders. In fact, Exam Edge lets you buy a single test for $21.95.

However, it also lets you buy tests in bundles of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 50. What’s more, the bigger the bundle, the bigger the discount. So, you can have five exam tests for $56.75 instead of $109.75, at 48% off.

Likewise, 10 tests are $96.50, and 15 are $131.25. Furthermore, the package of 20 tests costs $163, 25 tests cost $193.75, and 50 Exam Edge practice tests cost $325.50. Without the discount, they cost $439, $548.75, and $1097.50, respectively.

Refund Policy

Unfortunately, after the company gives you access to the purchased test, you become ineligible for a refund. This is true even if you still haven’t used that test. However, if you purchase the same test multiple times by accident, Exam Edge charges you only once and refunds the rest.

Online Ratings

We’ve noticed lots of positive comments among the online Exam Edge reviews. Apparently, many people turn to Exam Edge after failing exams as a trustworthy practice test provider.

They say Exam Edge helped them pass various exams on the first attempt — ILTS Learning Behavior Specialist, MTTC chemistry, FTCE K-6 SAE, FCS, ANCC Gerontological Nursing Certification Examination, AANP FNP, Praxis II, and many others.

In addition, customers say that Exam Edge is excellent for special education and teachers in general. We’ve also read a review stating that questions and the format of these practice tests are relevant for the real exam.

Again, not all Exam Edge reviews are positive. Some people feel disappointed because there were a few questions on the actual exam that they didn’t find in the practice tests designed by Exam Edge.

Pros and Cons


  • Real-life practice tests for 20 industries
  • Certificates of completion
  • The possibility of pausing exams
  • No expiration date for the purchased tests
  • Unlimited access to the exam reviews
  • 24/7 access to the web-based practice exams
  • Fully BBB accredited


  • Certificates not officially recognized by testing agencies
  • Each exam can be taken up to four times

Exam Edge Review — Final Verdict

Overall, Exam Edge provides up-to-date, professional practice tests. What’s more important, it covers many industries and international exams. Also, it’s one of the more affordable services thanks to the flexible test packages.

Anyone can purchase these practice tests, even students. If not, Exam Edge has free sample tests, so you can use those as well. In addition, the renewal practice tests for nursing and other specialties allow working adults to extend their licenses at lower costs.

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