Codecademy Review

As the name implies, Codecademy is a coding school that teaches you basic programming languages such as HTML, Java, JavaScript, and Python 3. The platform is excellent for people who want to change their profession. The cost of Codecademy courses is probably another reason you should try it out. There is also a free plan that allows students to take introductory courses. This Codecademy review aims to inform you about the platform’s courses, their features, pricing, and online reviews.

Naturally, the courses have their flaws too. Some users complain they have a hard time finding specific information and that the lessons are too general. So if you’re struggling with time and want to learn to code as soon as possible, you might want to look for alternatives.

Pros & Cons

● Very affordable programs
● Lots of options to choose from
● Great introductory courses
● Excellent YouTube video lessons 
● Easy to use
● You need to pay for advanced courses
● Certain parts of the curriculum are suboptimal

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Codecademy Courses and Materials

Before paying for an online course, most people wish to know whether the degree is worth it. In terms of Codecademy certificate value, even though you can learn a lot about software development, you will be disappointed to hear that it’s not enough to land a job in most cases. Most people who seek it do so to supplement other certificates or their university degrees.

Nevertheless, its programs are excellent in terms of the curriculum covered and the number of options. You can also choose between basic and advanced courses. In addition, there is a detailed categorization on the site so you can find the exact topic that interests you.

In this Codecademy review, we will go through some of the main courses. However, keep in mind that the company has various other programs; we will only mention the ones highlighted on its Courses page.

Free Courses

  • Learn how to code

If you wish to get acquainted with the basic terminology and principles, you should go with this option. The course consists of seven lessons, and it is a type of Codecademy free trial meant to hook you to try other programs.

  • HTML

Students who have finished the initial Learn how to code course can proceed with HTML classes. Through six separate lessons, you will learn how to utilize HTML tags and create pages and tables. All of this will provide you with a basis for creating websites and serve as a first step into the world of coding.

  • SQL

According to our Codecademy SQL review, the four introductory lessons from this course will provide you with the basic skills for this domain-specific language. SQL is crucial for data scientists, and you can utilize the obtained knowledge even if you have never worked within the field.

Most Popular

  • Welcome to Codecademy

This is the most popular course on the site and consists of a single one-hour lesson. Welcome to Codecademy is an introductory presentation that can tell you more about Codecademy C++, JavaScript, HTML, Python, Ruby, and other courses available on the site.

This course is also free, so if you’re interested in purchasing any of the packages, we recommend starting with this particular video to see what the platform offers.

  • Python course page

You will notice many different options on the Codecademy Python courses page. This subject is divided into smaller segments so you can explore it and increase your knowledge step-by-step. This course provides lessons on fundamental math for data science, probability, different calculus, and advanced concepts like discrete math and statistics with NumPy.

  • Front-end engineer career path

The front-end career path is a program that encompasses 130 lessons during which you can learn just about everything about front-end coding. You will also understand more about CSS, HTML, web apps, JavaScript, React, Git & GitHub, etc.

  • JavaScript

According to almost any Codecademy JavaScript review, this platform is great if you wish to get the hang of the basics. However, some people argue that the lessons are not that extensive and that you should seek other course providers if you want to acquire more advanced knowledge. This course also allows you to test your skills with numerous projects, such as “Adopt a Pet” or “Bouncing Balls.”

  • Web development course page

The Codecademy web development program is quite extensive. Once you finish it, you should understand front-end, back-end, and full-stack development. In addition, this subject features various smaller and larger courses, such as Ruby, HTML, JavaScript, Git & GitHub, jQuery, CSS, TypeScript, Node.js, and many more.

  • Python 3

Python 3 is an advanced pro course. The latest version of the language includes various improvements geared towards optimizing its use. Python is an excellent option for your first language, as it is easy to read even for beginners.

  • Data Scientist career path

Data Scientists are in high demand nowadays. According to Codecademy reviews, this career path is one of the better segments on the site. It has 85 lessons, and it is classified as beginner-friendly. In other words, the lessons will slowly build your knowledge, introducing you to concepts and programs such as NumPy, SQL, Python 3, pandas, matplotlib, and scikit-learn.

  • Full-stack engineer career path

Like the Codecademy data science program, this extensive course should take you from the basics to more advanced concepts. Once you purchase it, you will have access to 169 lessons. Students who finish the course will be able to execute a project from start to finish. It will allow you to start with the front-end, move to the back-end, and combine the two into a meaningful whole.

Noteworthy Advanced Courses

  • Intermediate JavaScript

After finishing this class, you should be able to utilize JavaScript for more complex actions, like creating promises, classes, and requests. While the Codecademy curriculum is not as good as some other web courses, it will still provide you with an excellent base for coding.

  • Intermediate Python 3

The Python 3 intermediate course will help you learn how to make the code more manageable and cleaner. Furthermore, you will be less prone to making errors. This course provides the basis for utilizing object-oriented programing and making custom iterations.

  • Software design principles

You can also get a Codecademy certificate in software design principles. When creating code for programs, you shouldn’t worry only about the code; you also need to figure out how it will fit the whole application. The students attending this course can learn how to create flexible programs that can accept modifications.

  • API development with Swagger and OpenAPI

If you have already covered API basics, the best way to go forward is to learn about open-source Swagger and OpenAPI. The lessons focus on the documentation and design stage of the process, encompassing API development lifecycle and how to implement the best practices.

  • CSS-in-JS

Whether you’re using a desktop computer or the Codecademy app, the platform can teach you how to utilize JavaScript syntax for CSS styling. Learning this skill will provide a competitive edge on the market since many companies are looking for it.

  • Connecting front-end to back-end

Last but not least, knowing how to connect the front-end and back-end is crucial for creating any web app. Throughout this course, you will be acquainted with concepts such as RESTful API, utilization of Node and React, implementation of MVC architecture, etc.

Codecademy Ease of Use

The Codecademy platform is straightforward to use. In fact, if you check any Codecademy review, you will notice that this is one of its best-selling points.

All the courses are categorized based on difficulty, and most introductory lessons are free. Other options are getting the courses on-demand or paying a monthly subscription with which you can browse the lessons.

Users can find all the courses under the Catalog tab. You will see two subsections named Languages and Subjects. Just click on the topic that looks interesting, and a new set of options will appear. Once you open a particular course, all you need to do is press “Start” at the top of the screen, and you can begin the lesson.

Codecademy Pricing Plans


  • Basic (free)

The basic plan gives you access to all introductory courses and peer support. However, you won’t have access to project instructor guidance, nor will you receive a certificate upon course completion.

  • Pro ($16 per month for annual plan, $20 per month for monthly plan)

By purchasing this plan, you unlock all the advanced features. According to online reviews, users find the Codecademy pro price affordable since it unlocks all the courses and lessons. Many of them also opt for this and other paid plans to receive a certificate and guidance.

  • Team (contact Codecademy for a quote)

With a team plan, you can get coding lessons for the whole company. The program also grants you access to team performance reports, license switching, and flexible class scheduling.

Like with most online tools and programs, you need to contact the company for a quote, which can also give you more negotiating room. This is an ideal option for small teams that want to provide their staff with education.


Codecademy Pro student price is $150 per year, which is 35% less than the regular price. This is a great choice for anyone who plans to commit to the platform long-term. Once you subscribe to this plan, you will gain access to an interactive curriculum with a wide range of lessons.

Codecademy Refund Policy

One of the glaring issues with the platform is that it doesn’t offer refunds, which are commonly available with Codecademy alternatives. This is most likely because all the lessons are on-demand, and you can start taking them as soon as you subscribe.

On the other hand, users can check the courses for free for one week after subscribing to Codecademy Pro. of course, they can cancel the plan at any moment during the trial period.

Codecademy Online Ratings gave the platform a 4.4 score out of 5. The Codecademy reviews on the website mostly praise the platform’s beginner-friendly courses and its customer support. However, some users say that the lessons can be troublesome at times. For example, you need to write the exact line that the platform requires while writing a code. Otherwise, you will receive an error notification, forcing you to start everything from scratch.

PCMag has rated the platform with 4 out of 5 stars. It praises the free courses, YouTube lessons, practical knowledge from creating real websites, and community support.

The Learn a Course Online website has done a thorough Codecademy Pro review, giving the coding platform a 3.9 out of 5 score. It praises the low prices and the number of courses. At the same time, it criticizes the absence of theoretical lessons and the limitations of the free version.

Value for Money — Final Verdict

Based on this review, this is one of the most affordable and most comprehensive platforms for courses on software development. You can go with Codecademy free courses that will give you a glimpse into the curriculum and a basis for further learning. If you’re satisfied with the initial lessons, you can always subscribe to a monthly or annual plan.

Despite the affordable prices, Codecademy programs do not guarantee a job within the field. Many prestigious coding colleges rank higher. However, if you wish to learn a particular subject, you can always utilize the knowledge gained from this platform to start a successful freelancing career.


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