Review — What Is It All About?

This review will tell you how books can become a part of your morning habits. To begin the day with that inspiring part from your favorite book doesn’t necessarily mean you have to read it.

You’ll see below what features you can implement into your daily routine. Then, you’ll discover the pricing-related details. We’ve also browsed all the content and described it, along with the interface.

In the end, you’ll notice the answers we’ve given to the frequently asked questions about as someone who has tested it.

So, scroll down to read more about it!

Pros & Cons

● Pre-order options
● Gift subscriptions
● 100+ million free podcasts
● An app available for iOS and Android devices
● Free monthly VIP Rewards books for all members
● Family plans for sharing titles with household members
● An InstaCredit option for adding credits within the app
● Varying content across countries
● An inaccurate rewind/skip forward option

Pricing Plans

One-credit-per-month plan


Two-credit-per-month plan


Three-credit-per-month plan

$38.80 Review — Features and Materials is a subscription-based audio site. Its library hosts more than 250,000 books that you can stream or download. Thanks to the offline listening mode and the free app, audio files are available anytime.

The audio service in question is ideal for people who love reading but simply can’t find enough time to do it. Additionally, has 10,000 free books, so it’s thrifty as well.

Before you can start, you need to sign up with your Facebook, Google, or Amazon account or create an account. There, you’ll uncover titles from 24 different genres. It’s possible to sort them out based on the price, duration, publication date, rating, genres, and subgenres. If you have a specific title in mind, you can type it in the search bar.

We’d like to emphasize that website and app differ in terms of features, but more on that later. Moreover, the VIP rewards program and Audiobook clubs are’s unique features that single it out from other companies.

We dedicated the next part of our review to’s most prominent properties. Review — Audiobook Clubs

Every member has access to the Clubs, regardless of their subscription plan. Moreover, each of the clubs contains hundreds of titles. At the moment, you can enter one of the eight Audiobook clubs:

  • “Best of” Audiobook club
  • Romance
  • Mystery and thriller
  • Sci-Fi and fantasy
  • Health and wellness
  • Business and economics
  • Kids
  • Religion and spirituality

In the regular library, you’ll get one book for one credit. However, the clubs are intended for binge listening because you get 30 days of unlimited access to all the books within the selected club. In addition, the plans with multiple Audiobooks com credits allow you to use both simultaneously.

Even if you choose the basic plan with only one credit, you can purchase more to have enough for both features. Then, after 30 days, you can unlock another club or rejoin the same one. Or you can go back to the regular two-books-per-month subscription. In any case, the books you add to your library from any club remain yours forever.

The company has a flexible return policy for the Audiobook Clubs — just contact customer support if you pick the wrong one. App Review

The free app for iOS and Android devices lets you bring audiobooks everywhere with you. So, you can make long drives or jogging more pleasant by listening to your favorite author.

We’ve discovered a fantastic feature within the app — My Notes. It lets you mark an important spot in the audiobook and leave a note. You’ll find it behind the Notes icon while listening to an audio file.

Still, it’s impossible to cancel subscription plans in the app. Instead, you need to go to the website on a laptop or desktop computer.

The website is mobile-friendly, which means you can listen to audiobooks on any device with an internet connection. However, the app has a broader choice of features than the website. Besides the Audiobook Clubs, audiobooks, member deals, and VIP rewards, the app also has a customizable sleep timer and free podcasts. Review — Podcasts

Podcasts are completely free on There are millions of episodes for all kinds of podcast enthusiasts — sports, business, science, kids, technology, music, and others. The search bar at the top of the screen lets you search them by a podcast, episode name, or guest.

The app personalizes your listening experience by showing you the recommended content on the homepage. Right below it, you’ll see the trending podcasts.

You’ll also find podcasts on news and politics, society and culture, arts and entertainment, science and technology, and business and economics under the Audio Magazines tab. Review — Ease of Use

It’s relatively easy to navigate the website. The interface is simplified, and everything you need is in the upper right corner. In addition, the filters allow you to narrow down your search and find the desired title as fast as possible.

Moreover, you don’t need to exit the app to purchase audiobooks like with some other companies. The player lets you rewind and speed up the audio files. It’s also possible to start listening to a book on one device, pause it, and pick up where you left off on another device, which is quite convenient.

How Much Does Cost?

The company offers multiple subscription plans, all of which you’ll find under My Account > Change My Subscription Plan. These are monthly plans you can cancel anytime. At the moment, you can choose from:

  • A One-credit-per-month plan for $14.95
  • A Two-credit-per-month plan for $27.90
  • A Three-credit-per-month plan for $38.80

Now, you can purchase one book with one credit, regardless of its actual price. However, that doesn’t mean you’re limited to one book a month. The InstaCredit feature lets you buy extra credits for $14.95 once there are no credits left in your account.

The free trial offer is an exceptional opportunity for getting familiar with the website. It’s a 30-day offer with three free books, out of which two books are from the VIP selection. By signing up for the trial period, you’re automatically subscribing to the $14.95 plan.

The mentioned VIP book selection is available to all members, including those currently on the free trial. The VIP Rewards program features books everyone can download for free. Moreover, you’ll find new titles on the first day of each month. Also, you have one free download.

What’s more, the credits included in the membership plan restart each billing term. We should inform you that you can purchase additional credits on the website and InstaCredits in the app.

The Gift plans are a bit more expensive, depending on how long they are valid:

  • A 1-month membership for $14.95
  • A 3-month membership for $44.85
  • A 6-month membership for $79.70
  • A 12-month membership for $149.40

All gift plans come with one credit per month. What’s more, gift cards are customizable; you can select a design, write a message, and recommend an audiobook. It’s also possible to schedule the delivery date.

An promo code enables you to purchase books at a discount. In addition, the company often offers promo codes and special deals, which is perfect for saving some money on audiobooks. Refund Policy grants refunds at its sole discretion. Moreover, the company doesn’t issue refunds on any subscription charges. This rule applies to InstaCredits, additional credits, and completed pre-orders.

Online Ratings

The company has a remarkable online reputation. The app has a 4.5 rating on the Google Play store and a 4.7 out of 5 rating on the Apple app store. The reviews are mostly positive for various reasons.

Users love the way the app functions. They say it’s easy to get around and find all the commands and features. Moreover, the sleep timer is something members often praise for its end-of-track option. They also like the variety of payment methods available.

Next, people prefer to other audio sites because it has given them titles they couldn’t find elsewhere. For example, many have stated they listen to on their way to work. Others indulge in audio files while recovering from an illness.

Naturally, not all reviews are positive. In fact, the majority of the complaints are about the minor bugs and glitches in the app. Furthermore, users have left some helpful suggestions. For example, they’d love that audiobooks correspond to chapters.

We’ve noticed that the customer support representatives have acknowledged them and asked for contact information to discuss the issues further. Alternatives isn’t the only audio site on the market, as there are many services with similar features. Nevertheless, it’s hard to find the best audiobook app. So, after careful research, we’ve decided to test Audible and compare it to vs. Audible

These audiobook providers are pretty similar. People usually switch between them in search of specific content. Both have extensive libraries, including books in Spanish. Moreover, a 30-day trial exists for both sites.

However, there are slight differences as well. For example, the Audible app is compatible with Android, iOS, Kindle, Sonos, Fire, and Alexa-enabled devices., on the other hand, has developed an app for iOS and Android devices only.

Being a part of Amazon, Audible offers special deals to Amazon Prime members regarding the number of credits. Furthermore, has special deals for all members. However, the pricing model doesn’t have annual plans like Audible.

Although both companies are in the same pricing range, Audible annual plans give you more listening options. Review — Final Verdict

In essence, is an audiobook site worthy of attention. Besides audiobooks from numerous genres, it offers podcasts you can listen to in the app. Moreover, the Audiobook clubs are a delightful addition to the picture.

Judging from our own experience, has titles for everyone. When it comes to the features, it’s suitable for people with busy lifestyles who need some relaxation. However, if you’re constantly on the go, audiobooks are your top choice for saving time.

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