The Complete List of Highest Paying Jobs

Striving to provide themselves and their families with a better future, people often wonder what the highest paying jobs in the world are. Although it’s not all about money, it can still be a decisive factor, and those who are dissatisfied with their annual income often decide to change their business path because of it.

Searching for such jobs may seem like a search for the Holy Grail. However, that process doesn’t have to be so challenging. 

In order to succeed, you’ll need a lot of willpower, motivation, and the right information. For that reason, this list of the highest-paid fields and jobs will not only show you the apple on top of the tree, but will also provide you with a ladder to help you reach it.

The Highest Paying Careers in Different Industries

Truth be told, it’s possible to find a high-paid job in many industries, but some of them offer better career opportunities and bigger salaries. 

Many high-paid jobs require a lot of responsibility, dedication, and willingness to handle stress. That’s why they’re paid so well. Here you can find a list of some of the most lucrative industries to work in, along with their best-paid job positions.


Medicine is one of the oldest practices in the world, and there will always be a need for medical staff. As a result, it’s no wonder medicine is considered one of the highest paying careers worldwide. 

If we take into consideration that occasional medical checkups are almost mandatory and that many people are willing to pay a fortune for good health, it’s not at all surprising that the salaries of people in medicine are pretty high. 

Some might add that they are not high enough, given the importance of medical workers, especially in these modern times. However, in addition to satisfactory monetary compensation, being a medical worker carries a dose of prestige with it. So, let’s take a look at the highest paid jobs in the healthcare sector.

1. Anesthesiologist 

Median Salary: $208,000

While surgeons are always in the spotlight when it comes to medicine, anesthesiologists also perform a vital service.

The job of the anesthesiologist is to provide patients with a comfortable and easy sleep on the operating table. While this may not sound too difficult at first glance, anesthesiologists do require significant training and have to pay a close eye on the patient; a mistake can be fatal. That’s why an anesthesiologist is among the best paying jobs in medicine.

One thing you should also take into consideration are the statistics which predict an employment growth of 4% by the end of 2028. Consequently, if you are determined to help people, ready to get highly educated, and want to have the right work-life balance, this is one of the best paid career options for you. Keep in mind that this job is very stressful and demanding.

2. Surgeon

Median Salary: $208,000

Immediately after anesthesiologists, surgeons come second on the list of highest paying jobs. Many have fallen in love with blue scrubs at a young age, watching medical dramas and imagining saving someone’s life and receiving well-deserved accolades. The reality is somewhat different, although surgeons do enjoy a great deal of respect.

If you ask any surgeon, they will tell you without hesitation that this profession, above all, is extremely stressful. For those seeking a high-status life and a successful career in one of the highest paid jobs, you have to be willing to put up with a lot of criticism for missing dinners at home and endure significant difficulties when it comes to booking family vacations.

However, there’s definitely an upside to all of this. With an average salary of about $208,000 a year, you will be able to live a life that’s substantially more luxurious than average. 

It’s important to point out that, apart from being one of the top paying jobs, surgery is also one of the most sought-after positions with constant growth, with projected employment growth of around 7%.

3. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Median Salary: $208,000

To many, the very mention of the terms “tooth” and “surgeon” in the same sentence causes them to break out in cold sweat. But these surgeons aren’t the dentists that first come to mind. The main task of oral and maxillofacial surgeons is to take care of the face, mouth, jaw, and neck traumas. 

Performing reconstructive facial surgeries is one of the highest paying jobs in modern medicine. Given its importance, it’s no wonder that statistics indicate the demand for experts in this field will rise. 

More precisely, the expected increase in employment in the period from 2016 to 2026 is 17%, which is above average. If you want to enter this profession, apart from a minimum of 2 years of college-level pre-dental education, you need to complete dental school and spend at least four years in a hospital-based surgical residency program.

Engineering and IT

The rating of employee satisfaction in the engineering field is high or very high—86% of employees say they’re satisfied with their jobs. Some of the highest paying jobs in the world in the future will certainly be connected to IT and engineering. There are many types of engineering jobs, but some of them stand out in regards to salary.

1. Petroleum Engineer

Median Salary: $137,170

Designing equipment for extracting oil from reservoirs isn’t easy. Petroleum engineers must conduct thorough research and find a way to take it out in the safest and the most effective ways. This job requires responsibility and strong attention to detail. 

Petroleum engineers can make from $103,610 to $191,780 a year, but the median salary amounts to $137,170. As this is one of the highest paid careers, even the lowest possible salary is more than enough to live quite a luxurious life. The main problem with this occupation is poor work-life balance and high levels of stress, but the opportunities for career advancement can make up for it.

2. Information Systems Manager

Median Salary: $142,530

Modern technology changes constantly, and IT managers (also called information technology managers) help organizations determine the most effective technology needs and goals. Even if this job position can be classified in the management field, it requires a bachelor’s degree in computer and science and around ten years of experience in the IT industry. 

It was certainly among the highest paying jobs in 2018, and more importantly, it has great predictions for future growth. Around 25% of all IT managers are paid incredibly well and can have a median salary of $180,190. IT managers can advance their careers even further and become IT directors or even chief information officers.

Business Administration and Management

No company can function without proper management, especially bigger organizations. The demand for managers in almost every sector is high, but some of them are paid better. We’ve already mentioned IT managers, but there are also other types of high paying careers in the management sector.

1. Marketing Manager

Median Salary: $134,290

Marketing is the process of creating, developing, communicating, exchanging, and delivering valuable offers; and every marketer participates in it. Marketing managers also monitor teams, work on team building, and hire staff. They’re also responsible for strategic planning, tracking progress, and managing budgets. 

The highest possible median salary for marketing managers is $181,780, the stress level is low, and there are various opportunities for career advancement. It’s in the top 100 highest paying jobs, but it doesn’t offer much flexibility.

2. Financial Manager

Median Salary: $127,990

Managing finances for big companies isn’t easy at all. Financial managers have to face a competitive job market, understand complicated reports, and have outstanding communication skills. According to the data from the Bureau of Labour Statistics, the job growth is predicted to increase by 16% by 2028. 

Top financial managers are paid even $178,840 a year, but the stress level financial managers experience at work is considerably high. However, they’re more flexible than marketing managers and can achieve a better work-life balance.

Highest Paying Jobs Without a Degree

When it comes to finding a job more quickly and not just the ones that pay more, a degree makes the journey to it much more straightforward. In this sense, it’s clear that for those who want to change careers, and at the same time have to take care of their families, obtaining a degree is not that simple. 

Luckily, a degree is not always the deciding factor when it comes to salary, as there are many jobs that require experience and expertise.

One of the most common questions people ask is “what is the highest paying job that requires no degree”? If you have the knowledge and skills related to a certain job, the lack of a degree will still not be an obstacle in getting the desired position for the following job positions.

1. Transportation, Storage, and Distribution Manager

Median Salary: $94,730

When talking about highly paid positions that do not require a degree, transportation, storage, and distribution managers are at the top of the list. Although this position doesn’t require higher education, it’s still very demanding and comes with a great deal of responsibility. 

That’s why it’s one of the highest paying occupations you can get without graduating from college. Transportation, storage, and distribution managers take care of various tasks within their companies.

They are mostly responsible for the safe transfer and storage of goods, the hiring process, and data processing to prevent possible losses. In other words, they’re responsible for the goods. Still, they must have organizational and people management skills to do the job efficiently.

With a projected growth of 7% until 2026, there is no doubt that this occupation will remain at the top of the list of good-paying jobs without degrees for many years to come.

2. Nuclear Power Reactor Operator

Median Salary: $94,350

Nuclear power reactor operators may not require a college degree to do their jobs, but they’re expected to perform well under pressure and undertake serious responsibilities. 

Among other things, the operator’s job is to move control rods, start and stop equipment, monitor and adjust controls, record data in logs, implement emergency procedures when needed, and to respond to abnormalities, determine their cause, and recommend corrective action.

These responsibilities, along with many others, make this one of the highest-paid jobs that don’t require a college degree. People generally start from lower ranks, such as equipment operators and then, under the watchful eye of a more experienced colleague, gain skills and experience for the position of nuclear power reactor operator. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the forecast for this type of occupation isn’t great, as a decline of 36% and a reduction in the number of jobs for the period from 2019-2029 show that 1,900 fewer jobs are expected in this area.

3. Air Traffic Controller

Median Salary: $120,830

One of the most popular high paying jobs you can get without a degree or experience is Air Traffic Controller. You don’t need a college degree for this position, but you must go through a long-term process of practice and learning within the company. 

Some of their responsibilities are monitoring and directing the movement of aircraft on the ground and in the air, controlling all ground traffic at airport runways and taxiways, issuing landing and takeoff instructions to pilots, transferring control of departing and arriving flights, and informing pilots and airport response staff.

Although requiring no experience, the thing that keeps it among the highest paying jobs without a degree is the fact that the air traffic controller job is extremely demanding. Consequently, this position, in addition to the necessary technical skills, requires concentration and attention. 

As a result, many studies show that people in this position suffer from a high level of chronic fatigue. However, if you are a fan of air transport and you are not afraid of responsibility, this job can become a pretty great career choice.

4. Dental Laboratory Technician 

Median Salary: $43,414

This position belongs in the group of science jobs without a degree. Meaning, this job is perfect for those who are in love with science, but can’t get a degree for some reason. Regardless, there are several ways you can get into this profession, and some of them are community college, vocational school, technical college, and university or dental school.

Anyone who wants to do this job must have at least a high school education. Working as a dental laboratory technician may not make you rich, because it doesn’t belong to the group of the highest salary jobs, but it offers you a lot of space to improve. 

If you want to enhance your skills and knowledge further, you can also become a certified dental technician. You achieve this by successfully passing the exam administered by the National Board for Certification in Dental Laboratory Technology.

Another reason why you could consider this profession is the employment potential it carries. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of job positions is expected to increase by 9% between 2019 and 2029.

5. Massage Therapist

Median Salary: $41,420

Many people consider this profession to be among the best low stress jobs that pay well without a degree. This position doesn’t require a college education, but it’s far from simple. It still requires specific knowledge and skills. Fortunately, these skills can be acquired through courses, accredited schools, or experienced people in the industry. 

Experts predict that by 2028, the demand for massage therapists will increase by as much as 22%. Given the quality and way of life nowadays, that’s not surprising. Also, doing this can allow you to help others relieve stress, which is a reward in its own right.

Highest Paying Entry Level Jobs

Understandably, not everyone has the conditions to graduate from college or have preferences for jobs in medicine. The good news is that there are many jobs for which you don’t need a degree, but also previous experience in such positions. 

One way to get to them is to work hard on yourself and perfect the necessary skills. You can do this by enrolling in an appropriate course or accredited school and present yourself to the future employer in the best possible way. So, if you ask “what is the highest paying job in an entry-level position?”, here’s our answer.

1. Data Scientist 

Median Salary: $104,995

When looking at the market, it’s evident that the demand for data scientists is significantly higher than the supply. The good news is that anyone can become a data scientist. 

Many companies are happy to hire people with knowledge of programming languages ​​or simply someone who has a background in programming. These companies later focus on further training their employees towards the field of data science, and that is precisely what makes this position one of the highest paying entry level jobs. 

This fact should come as no surprise, given that Forbes predicted an increase in demand for such experts by as much as 28% in 2017 accurately. Because more and more companies realize the importance of data scientists, there is no doubt that the demand for this position will grow even more in the future.

2. Software Engineer

Median Salary: $90,000

Since IT is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, it should come as no surprise that the position of a software engineer is on this list. To successfully apply for this position, you need knowledge of various programming languages ​​and object-oriented programming. What still makes Software Engineering one of the highest paying jobs in 2019 when it comes to entry-level positions, is its demand that’s growing fast.

Although it’s noticeable that most companies prefer newly graduated students and people with a background in computer engineering, computer science, and other similar disciplines, the reality is that there is a place for everyone in this business. 

In other words, anyone willing to work hard on themselves to improve the previously mentioned disciplines and provide themselves with a well-paid job at the entry-level is more than welcome.

Highest Paying Part Time Jobs 

People are looking for part-time jobs for a variety of reasons. For example, some want longer vacations and jobs with less stress, while others want to spend more time with their families. 

However, part-time work doesn’t necessarily bring with it drastically lower incomes. That being said, you should know that there are jobs that you can perform in a shorter time and, at the same time, make a decent income. Let’s take a look at some of them.

1 . Web Developer 

Average Wage: $33.38/hour

One of the highest paying part time jobs in the world is a web developer. This position includes creating websites, writing code and discovering bugs. The good news is that a degree for this type of job isn’t crucial as much as the knowledge you can acquire through independent learning, but also through various accredited or non-accredited courses. 

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, this position’s growth outlook for the period 2008-2028 is 13%, which is above average. These statistics support the thesis that this type of employment will have its place in the times to come. It’s also interesting that this job is considered one of the best part time jobs from home.

Due to technological advancements, most companies don’t consider the physical presence of web developers crucial for their business, which means that this type of position allows people to do work from the comfort of their home.

2. Customer Service Representative

Average Wage: $16.69/hour

Many companies put a premium on customer satisfaction. In this sense, the customer service business is also essential because it maintains a healthy connection between service providers and their consumers.

The requirements of this position focus primarily on people-related skills, which makes customer service one of the high paying part time jobs, with no experience required in the related fields. In addition to a smile and a good mood, it is enough to choose the room in which you feel most relaxed.

3. After-School Teacher or Tutor

Average Wage: $8.70–$12.76/hour

Student days can be challenging and tiring, but the most hard-working ones always find ways to earn extra money. There are plenty of jobs that can serve students as an additional source of income.

 One of the highest paying part time jobs for students is tutoring younger colleagues who need help studying. If you have talent and skills in any field, don’t feel shy and offer help to others. In the end, it’s an opportunity to both earn some extra money and renew school material.

4. Babysitter

Average Wage: $12–$15/hour

Many young people can’t afford the things they want to buy; they have to rely on their parents for nice clothes, phones, accessories, and gadgets. Nevertheless, finding a suitable part-time job can solve such problems, but also leave them enough time for studying or hanging out with their friends. Babysitting is a great option for high school students who decide to make money for themselves.

Best Paying Jobs You Can Do From Home

Many people dream that their home is also their office. The reasons are many and vary individually. Some people simply feel best in the comfort of their four walls, while others may have a desire or need to be closer to their family. Luckily, there are indeed a lot of job options that don’t require a physical presence in an office building.

Since nowadays more people look for part time jobs that pay well from home, many companies offer various kinds of remote job positions. Here’s a list of jobs that can be done from the comfort of your home.

1. Sales Representative

Median Salary: $61,660

If you have a desire to work from home, a bachelor’s degree isn’t the only means of getting a well-paid job. There are many occupations which require people skills, and as a result, such occupations belong to the group of high paying jobs from home without a degree. The sales representative role is no different. 

You don’t need a college degree for this job, but communication skills and understanding people’s needs are highly valued. On top of all that, all you need are headphones and a good video camera and your office can be wherever you want. A good salesperson can close deals at any time, regardless of the surrounding conditions.

2. Freelance Writer

Average wage: $20/hour

One of the most popular part-time jobs that pay 20 an hour while working from home is freelance writing. This profession doesn’t require a previously completed college education, and a diploma isn’t a factor of success in this business. But what sets good writers apart from great ones is their talent and creativity.

Writing blogs or maintaining site content are jobs that you can perform from home. Additionally, there are plenty of platforms specifically designed for this type of occupation, which allow people to make money from home, working at their own pace. According to BLS, the more experienced can earn up to $30 on average for an hour of their work.

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