WizIQ Review – Everything You Need In One Virtual Classroom

Platforms like WizIQ help organizations and individuals train and educate others. This WizIQ review will reveal how powerful such platforms are and how much impact they can have on your success. Even those who want to earn money via tutoring should find WizIQ to be an excellent choice.

A good online learning classroom needs to have as many features as possible. That’s why we tested this product and wrote a comprehensive report about what WizIQ has to offer.

Pros & Cons

● Intuitive and user-friendly
● No additional payments
● No bugs or crashes
● Option to add WizIQ tests and assignments
● Customizable plans
● Relatively expensive
● Demands certain technical requirements

Features, Courses, and Materials

WizIQ is a platform for creating courses and teaching and training learners. It has various features, such as course management, virtual classroom, video streaming, content authoring, tests and assignments, and more. 

WizIQ is comprehensive, affordable, and easy-to-use virtual classroom and LMS software. The instructors teach participants in real time via internet-enabled devices. 

WizIQ headquarters are located in Gurgaon, India. However, the company has offices in other cities in India and the US. Harman Singh founded it in 2007 to help universities, enterprises, colleges, and other organizations train and educate people in the fastest and most effective way. 

WizIQ offers virtual classrooms, making and selling courses, and creating tests, assignments, and comprehensive reports. It’s available in English, Spanish, and Arabic language. Let’s break down some of its most important features.

Wiziq E-Learning and Course Review

Learners can find videos, downloadable documents, tests, and assignments in WizIQ’s courses. What sets WizIQ apart from most competitors is the ability to host high-quality live webinars. Making courses is easy and fast because WiziQ’s interface is straightforward. Nevertheless, some may say that it’s too simple. 

A very convenient feature is the “clone existing test” option when making tests or inserting them into courses, so people don’t have to make a similar test from scratch. The WizIQ course maker supports almost all formats and can even upload long videos. 

The test maker provides many customization choices (time limits, randomizing MCQ options, etc.). You can save unfinished tests and courses in the draft section and have access to all past courses and tests you’ve made. 

Finished courses look professional and run without crashes. They are rather similar to those found on other online learning platforms. That’s why WizIQ is perfect for both individuals and organizations.

Additionally, WizIQ Virtual Classroom is WebRTC-based. No download is required, and you can access it from all browsers. Its primary function is to provide real-time online learning and a replica of traditional classrooms and training rooms.  

WizIQ online learning software provides secure streaming, live chat, polls and surveys, plugins, screen sharing, an interactive whiteboard, code editor, and other features. Also, WizIQ Virtual Classroom API allows you to integrate classes with your teaching website.

WizIQ App Review

If people have the option to have access to your courses on the go, you will be much more successful in teaching them. WizIQ has an app for iOS and Android users. It has a 3.8 rating on the Apple Store and 3.1 on Google Play. 

Almost every feature included in the desktop version is available on this app, as well. Furthermore, users can log in using their Facebook account or through the live class URL.

WizIQ for iPhone and Android devices is good, but some users claim that the iPad version doesn’t work well. Keep in mind that many bad reviews are relatively old and that the app is updated regularly. 

Some of this app’s drawbacks are some minor bugs that have to be fixed and the lack of dark mode. WizIQ’s interface is too bright for many people, and they should have a more customizable interface. Of course, there’s also a WizIQ desktop app that doesn’t require Java, Adobe, or Flash players.

WizIQ Webinar Review

It’s possible to launch all kinds of webinars using WizIQ, from customer training to product launches. They can be public or private and have up to 2,000 attendees at once.

You can also record and save webinars, so they’re always available to others. WizIQ webinars’ most outstanding features include importing and uploading content, cloud-based software, custom brand, etc.

WizIQ E-Commerce Review

WizIQ e-commerce LMS enables you to sell your courses online. Other WizIQ reviews also claim that this process is easy, safe, and secure. 

There are no commission charges. You can integrate a payment gateway with your course, easily manage transactions, and enjoy the stress-free payment process. 

A user-friendly payment system can boost your sales. Also, managing transactions is very easy because you can handle all transactions from a single platform and have the option to export reports.

WizIQ Ease of Use

WizIQ has an incredibly user-friendly and intuitive interface. You can use all information from this WizIQ review and start using it. That means that you don’t need any specific guidelines to make courses, tests, or analyze reports. 

However, since WizIQ has so many features, there’s an official YouTube channel where you can find all details about its use.  

WizIQ can be used for anything, from online tutoring to teaching a language. You can get some ideas from various language learning platforms and make similar courses.

However, if you need help with anything, you can find a lot of information about each feature on the official website.

WiziQ Pricing and Plans

WiziQ Professional


For individual teachers
Billed annually
Up to 50 learners

WiziQ Enterprise


For organizations
Billed annually
Up to 100 employees

WiziQ Pay-Per-Use


Pricing per minute
Billed annually
Up to 1000 learners

WizIQ offers three plans:

  • Professional (for individual teachers)
  • Enterprise (for colleges, universities, test prep institutes, and corporate trainers)
  • Pay-per-Use (pricing per minute)

These plans are very different. They all include features like chat, whiteboards, polling, screen sharing, or a classroom for each teacher. All three plans work on any device.

Professional plans allow up to 50, enterprise up to 100, and Pay-per-Use up to 300 learners. Also, WizIQ technical requirements are the same for all three plans.

All pricing plans are annual. The minimum price for the Professional plan is $300 (provides one classroom with 10 attendees). If you want 20 or 50 attendees and one room, you’ll have to pay $540 or $720, respectively. 

The Enterprise plan is more expensive but has more features. One room with 10 attendees costs $540, and if you want to have up to 100 attendees, you’ll have to pay $1,680. The Pay-per-Use plan can include up to 1,000 attendees, and the lowest price is $1,250.

The prices vary greatly, and you will have to contact WizIQ support to ask about all the features you want to include in your classrooms. 

There are Elite and Infinite plans for LMS with different numbers of attendees. The minimum number of learners is 100, and the maximum is 1,000. You’ll have to contact customer support for the exact price. However, some features come for free, like certificates, discussion forums, custom domain and SMTP, 50GB of storage, etc.

WizIQ Refund Policy

WizIQ offers a full 30-day refund. Keep in mind that if you use the WizIQ payment gateway for online payments, WizIQ will keep them on hold for at least 30 days because of the refund policy. 

If a request is received from your class subscriber or course within this period, it’s mandatory to refund the full payment. You can cancel your subscription at any time, and you won’t be billed after that.

WizIQ Online Ratings

Other WizIQ reviews and ratings online are mixed. It has a 5.5 score on TrustRadius (19 ratings). Customers are mostly satisfied with its features but think that customer support could be more proactive and willing to help. Also, some of them believe that audio sound could be slightly better.

WizIQ’s overall rating on Featured Customers is 4.7 out of 5 (1,288 ratings). Customers mostly recommend it. Capterra gives it 3.6 out of 5. WizIQ complaints are mostly related to its customer service. It’s not always easy to reach it and solve potential problems. Furthermore, if you want to cancel your subscription, you can’t do it on your own. That’s frustrating to some people.

Apart from customer support, people seem to be satisfied with everything that WizIQ has to offer. There could be some tweaks and improvements in the interface.

WizIQ Pros and Cons

WizIQ is intuitive and easy to use, despite numerous features. The desktop version is bug-free, but the app could be a bit better. Also, there are specific technical requirements you need to fulfill so that live webinars can work properly (e.g., internet speed). 

You get some features for free, and there are no additional taxes or payments. You pay only once a year. Another great thing about WizIQ is that its plans are customizable. No matter what your teaching method is, WizIQ can fulfill your needs.

Final WizIQ Review – Value for Money

After testing each feature carefully, we can conclude that WizIQ is worth your money if you are truly serious about online teaching.  WizIQ isn’t cheap, but it offers everything one could possibly need in one place for online tutoring. 

With no additional costs and excellent customer support, WizIQ is an excellent choice both for individual instructors and organizations.

You should definitely use the free trial option and try WizIQ, so you can gain a clear insight into all the features it has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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