NOOK Audiobooks Review – Audiobooks in Your Pocket

This NOOK Audiobooks review will tell you about the company’s services, costs, apps, ratings, and much more. We all know how time-consuming reading can be. Moreover, books can cost a lot of money. Therefore, audiobooks are a magnificent alternative to traditional books that solve both problems.

As someone who tried NOOK Audiobooks, we’d like to tell you about our experience with the company. So, if you’d like to find out what NOOK Audiobooks is all about, keep on reading.

Pros & Cons

● 100,000+ digital audiobooks
● Pay-per-book pricing system
● Free complete audiobooks
● No recurring fees
● Apps for iOS, Android, and Windows devices
● Lack of other types of audio content
● Barnes & Noble member discounts aren’t applicable to NOOK items

NOOK Audiobooks Review – Features and Services

NOOK Audiobooks offers audiobooks only. Its library stores thousands of titles from various genres, including classics and new releases. You’ll also find a summer reading selection of books to keep you company.

Since NOOK Audiobooks is Barnes & Noble’s extension, signing in is simpler. You can use your Barnes & Noble or NOOK account. However, if you don’t have one, you can always create it for free.

When talking about availability, you can use the Barnes & Noble NOOK Audiobooks app on your iOS or Android smartphones and tablets. It’s free for both operating systems. The platform works like this: you open the official website, purchase the audiobooks you like, and store them in the cloud.

When you’re good and ready to listen to them, open the app and download the files. From then on, you’ll have them at your disposal anytime. Android users can shop via the site and app. 

However, the users of NOOK Audiobooks for iPhone and other iOS devices don’t have this option; they can purchase books only on the website. But, it’s convenient that they can shop using desktop and mobile browsers.

The founders’ initial idea was to deliver an excellent buying experience. Therefore, they came up with a pay-per-book pricing system you’ll learn about later. That means that the company doesn’t offer pricing plans, so anyone in the mood for an occasional audiobook can benefit from this platform.

What’s more, you can download some NOOK audiobooks free of charge. You can listen to thousands of complete digital books without additional costs. Whether you pick a free or a purchased book, you can listen to it only in the app, not on the website.

When in doubt, check out the Book Club Picks. This category will give you an idea for the next listening session. Let’s now move on to the next part to tell you more about several individual features in detail.

NOOK Audiobooks Review – Android and iOS App

The purpose of the Android and iOS app is to make sure you have an optimized listening experience. We think that the company has achieved this goal to a certain degree, especially for Android app users.

But not so much for the users of the iOS app.

For example, iOS users need to use Chrome or Safari to purchase books from the website. The app is compatible with all NOOK LED and LCD devices running the 4.1 Android version and higher. The NOOK Audiobooks app runs on Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch with iOS 7.0 and higher. 

When you want to listen to an audiobook, you need to download it first from the cloud storage to your device. It’s equally easy to remove it from the same device—tap the title and hold to select the Remove button.

If you remove it from your device, the item will remain in the cloud.

So, you may download it again whenever you decide. The app doesn’t allow you to delete purchased digital books from your library. Moreover, the lack of a NOOK Audiobooks app sleep option is another drawback we noticed. Unfortunately, you can’t set a sleep timer in this app.

On the other hand, My Wishlist is a pretty helpful feature, letting you have all the books in one place and go back to them later. You’ll find your wishlist in the slide-out menu in the app. Before adding a book to the list, you can check the written overview of the audio sample.

You can listen to audiobooks in this app while driving in your Bluetooth-enabled car, too.

NOOK Audiobooks Review – Customer Service

Whenever you’re having an issue, you can contact the company’s customer care representatives via phone or email. The phone number is 1-800-THE-BOOK (1-800-843-2665). You should know that their working hours differ during the week.

From Monday to Friday, customer service is available between 8 AM and 11 PM ET. On weekends, the agents are available from 9 AM to 11 PM ET. Any other time, you can email them at [email protected]. But, it could take some time before you get a response. 

NOOK Audiobooks Review – Ease of Use

Simplicity and flexibility are major traits of this platform. A clean interface with pale colors is pleasing to the eye. In addition, the search bar enables you to go through categories fast.

You may also find the newest releases with the help of the dropdown menu. When you find them, you can add them to the rest of the titles on your wishlist and listen to them later. The library uses cloud storage for audiobooks you purchased.

NOOK Audiobooks Review – Plans and Pricing

The company doesn’t offer subscriptions. Instead, you pay for each title individually. As a result, the cost depends on the price of an audiobook you want to buy. This flexibility allows you to use NOOK Audiobooks whenever you wish without commitments.

The company accepts American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa. Also, you need to enter your credit card information for NOOK Audiobooks purchases, even when using an existing Barnes & Noble or NOOK account. You can manage the billing and payment information in the Account settings.

NOOK Audiobooks Review – Refund Policy

Unlike the books bought in the store or online, you can’t get a refund for digital content. You’ll get a full refund for purchased physical goods within 14 days of receipt. Items can’t be damaged and must be in their original packaging.  

Online Ratings

This app has gained long-term users. Namely, some people have been using it for over a decade. They typically praise it for its content. Many of them report listening to these digital books daily and say they help them escape boredom.

Others love how the books sound while driving. Moreover, plenty of people turn to NOOK Audiobooks in search of motivation. Free NOOK audiobooks are another reason for positive reviews. People have discovered new favorite titles among them that they don’t have to purchase.

A substantial number of users choose NOOK Audiobooks over similar apps. They claim they simply like it. It’s easy for them to find listening material thanks to the sections dedicated to new releases, award-winning titles, children’s literature, monthly deals, etc.

People are thrilled by the idea of ad-free NOOK audio files. They are willing to pay for an audiobook as long as ads don’t interrupt them. Even though using NOOK Audiobooks on iPad demands that items are purchased outside of the app, customers don’t mind. 

Still, some online reviews criticize the app because of the lack of a sleep timer and a skip forward option. It seems that these would make delightful additions to the already likable app.

Pros and Cons


  • 100,000+ digital audiobooks
  • Pay-per-book pricing system
  • Free complete audiobooks
  • No recurring fees
  • Apps for iOS, Android, and Windows devices


  • Lack of other types of audio content
  • Barnes & Noble member discounts aren’t applicable to NOOK items

NOOK Audiobooks Review – Alternative

If you look up an audiobook service, you’ll find many. Since there’s a wide choice of platforms offering similar content, it’s not easy to select one. They might all seem the same to you at first glance.

But, if you look closer, you’ll notice the nuances that make excellent audiobook services stand out from the rest. Even though NOOK Audiobooks is among the top platforms in this category, Audible is worth mentioning due to its wide selection of audio files. 

NOOK Audiobooks vs. Audible

These two platforms differ in many aspects, with the main difference being the type of content they offer. NOOK Audiobooks specializes in audiobooks only, whereas Audible offers more than that, including podcasts and exclusive shows.

Another difference is the pricing model. Audible is a membership-based service, whereas NOOK Audiobooks doesn’t have pricing plans. Instead, it’ll charge you per book without commitments.

As far as availability is concerned, the NOOK app is available for iOS, Android, and NOOK devices. Audible has apps for iOS, Android, Fire, Kindle, and other compatible Amazon devices. 

Regarding audiobooks only, Audible has a library of over 200,000 titles. NOOK Audiobooks has a smaller but concise library of about 100,000 books. Both platforms have the offline mode for listening to books.

NOOK Audiobooks Review – The Final Verdict

We’ve mentioned several aspects of NOOK Audiobooks, including the features, app, pricing, customer service, etc. Based on our experience with the company, we can conclude this is a website with a wide selection of audiobooks worthy of our time.

If you feel your busy lifestyle interferes with your reading time, you should find the best audiobook app and switch to listening. In such cases, NOOK Audiobooks can come in handy. The company doesn’t have subscriptions, so you’re free to listen to books at your convenience without wasting money on monthly payments.


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