A Comprehensive IDtrue Review

Being perfectly objective, our IDtrue review will give you a clear perspective on all the advantages and disadvantages that you can expect, should you opt for this useful product.

With IDTrue, you can do everything from people searches and background checks to reverse phone checkups. As the brand becomes widely known, the curiosity of potential users has gotten bigger than ever, and many questions need detailed answers. 

Aside from testing the service itself, we did our best to check every single claim of both satisfied and unsatisfied customers.

Pros & Cons

● Unlimited access to public records
● Fast search results
● Affordable billing plans
● Deep-web research included
● Complete privacy and confidentiality
● 100% satisfaction guarantee
● Only two search types offered
● Clunky cancelation process

Pricing Plans

1-month Membership


3-month Membership


*no hidden charges
*unlimited searches

All About IDTrue Company

Established in 2013, IDTrue is based in Los Angeles, California. Ever since it first appeared, IDtrue reliability has consistently ranked the service among the most popular search engines on the market. The company holds two certificates, issued by TRUSTe and Symantec, proving unequivocally that all its procedures follow current laws and legislations. 

Thanks to its sophisticated binary search algorithm, IDTrue is capable of scanning even the largest of databases within a reasonable time. The service gives you access to a wide range of public records, making it simple to find old friends, run background checks, identify unknown callers, figure out where someone works, and more. What’s even better, you can obtain the information you’re looking for within minutes. 

As long as you can provide a name and city, or a person’s telephone number, IDTrue will conduct an in-depth background check and deliver all the crucial information. IDtrue search capabilities are astonishing, and depending on your search preferences, an ID report can contain: 

  • Current Location & Residency History 
  • Aliases 
  • Marriage Certificates 
  • Criminal Records 
  • Eviction Records 
  • Social Network Data 
  • Arrest History 
  • Sex Offender Charges 
  • Email Addresses 
  • Tax Avoidance Charges 
  • Traffic Violations 

IDTrue’s customized search feature allows you to specify what you’re looking for, and the more data you provide, the more accurate results you can expect. If, for example, you’re trying to learn more about a person whose name is inconveniently common, you can narrow your search by choosing a state, county, and city. If your input is correct, you’ll be surprised by the extensiveness of the report. With IDtrue, legit personal and professional information is only a few clicks away. 

How Does IDtrue Work?

Through IDTrue, you will gain access to hundreds of thousands of public records. As their name suggests, they are public and, therefore, available to everyone. All US citizens can analyze these documents, and no law is broken when they are published or shown to other citizens. You can rest assured that every report’s creation process respects the Freedom of Information Act, and the IDtrue privacy policy. 

Also, you should be aware of the fact that sometimes, there simply won’t be anything to find. Fortunately, a great majority of people don’t have a criminal record and haven’t committed any serious offenses. Some users, however, just don’t seem to understand this, and they often end up being disappointed because their assumptions were wrong. And, as you are probably guessing, many negative IDtrue ratings are a direct consequence of this misunderstanding. 

Another thing that’s important to mention is that you won’t be able to get data about legal cases that are still in progress. If a person is facing charges and a verdict has not yet been given, you’ll have to wait for the case to be officially concluded. And, even then, depending on a wide range of circumstances, a judge may decide to keep such information secret for a while. 

IDTrue Review of Services 

As previously stated, our goal is to provide you with unbiased information and give you a clear picture of what you can expect from this background checker, be it good or bad. To do that, we need to make you more familiar with all the things IDTrue can help you with. We continue our review by exploring the diverse world of its services. 

IDtrue Criminal Background Checks 

Without any doubt, this is one of the most popular services. IDTrue helps you find the criminal record of every person whose name and city you can provide — as long as they have one, of course. 

Such reports can include police announcements, felony convictions, release on parole, mugshots, decisions of retraction, charges on a misdemeanor, speeding tickets, DIU/DWI records, active and outstanding warrants, and more. 

Keep in mind that some minor offenses might not appear in federal databases, so you’ll have to properly adjust the scope of your search. 

According to some recent IDtrue background check reviews, many users don’t understand this and often complain about discrepancies between the data obtained from different levels of government. 

Let’s take a look at some of the information you can get with the IDtrue background reports.

Identifying Sex Offenders 

IDTrue will help you figure out if a person has ever committed a sex crime. Such reports contain all sorts of data, including rape, sexual assault, marital rape, child pornography, molestation, and exploitation. 

When talking about sex crimes, it’s good to mention that family violence and physical abuse don’t count as such. Judging by some IDtrue customer complaints, many users aren’t aware of this fact. 

People who have looked up a person with a history of family violence and don’t find him among sex offenders, claim the whole thing is a scam. Sadly, many similar incompetent reviews can be found on the internet. However, to the best of our knowledge, not a single alleged IDTrue scam has been proven so far. 

Finding Legal Documents 

For those who want to go into great detail, IDTrue makes it possible to obtain a wide variety of legal and court documents. If they exist, you’ll be able to get a hold of personal injury records, probate and family cases, tax liens, bankruptcy filings, divorce petitions, lawsuits, and more. 

Regardless of the information you want to get, IDTrue will surprise you with a prompt and efficient response. After trying the service we can agree with IDtrue review that even the most complex reports are delivered within a few minutes.  

Searching for Birth Certificates 

Another great thing about IDTrue is that it helps you find birth certificates. Given that these are essential documents, birth certificates are unavoidable when applying for social security, passport, schools, jobs, etc. 

Of course, if a person in question was born abroad, it might be impossible to get such information. Surprisingly, when it comes to this, most of the IDtrue competitors are extremely unreliable. 

Deep-Web Tracing 

IDtrue background check service uses some unconventional techniques as well. It performs a detailed examination of all the significant databases in the so-called deep web and gathers all the relevant data that would otherwise remain undiscovered. 

The report can contain some unexpected information such as fake social media accounts, videos, images, blog posts published from different IPs, and anonymous posts on forums and dating sites. 

Even though some IDtrue testimonials deem the service a scam, our review confirmed that the information you receive is legitimate and that not a single law or privacy policy is broken. 

Private Information Check

If you are looking for data that is typically very difficult to find, such as the names of business associates or relatives, current or past occupation, aliases, nicknames, hobbies, or medical history, IDtrue is your best bet. You can even perform the same check on yourself. 

According to our IDtrue review, the platform will quickly show you how exposed your personal information is, and what other users can easily find out about you. Remember that the algorithm is highly efficient, so don’t be surprised if you read something you’d rather keep private.   

Marriage and Divorce Certificates 

With IDtrue, you can find all marriage and divorce certificates that are currently available to the public. In some cases, a court can keep such documents confidential, so they won’t be in the public records. If there aren’t any legal obstacles, IDTrue will provide you with all the necessary information. 

IDtrue Reverse Phone Lookup 

The reverse phone lookup, also known as the reverse phone check, is a service that will help you figure out who’s on the other side of the line. 

If someone is harassing you by sending you rude messages, or if you want to know who’s texting and calling your partner so often, IDTrue can give you the answer in less than five minutes. The examination will include all the numbers that have had any kind of exchange with the person in question. 

And, after all the communications have been analyzed, your report will most likely contain: 

  • The name of the owner 
  • Details on whether it’s a landline or a cell phone number 
  • Network provider 
  • All accounts opened using the number in question 

IDtrue Information Removal

If you decide to remove all your data from IDTrue, you can do so in five easy steps. This is what the process generally involves: 

  • Go to IDtrue’s website and search for your listing. 
  • When you find it, click “This Is Me”. 
  • Write your email to verify the request. 
  • Find the verification link in your email and click on it. 
  • Your information will then be removed. 

The records will be instantly removed from IDtrue’s search results. The opt-out service is completely free. Each person can remove up to three records from a single email address. 

Ease of Use

After trying the platform we share the opinion users share in IDtrue reviews — the company’s website has a sleek interface and delivers fast results. The company uses an in-house database. Since the information is stored locally, pulling the data is significantly faster compared to other background check companies. You’ll have the preliminary results within 30 seconds. The database is updated often to ensure the information is as accurate as possible. The reports are nicely organized so you can easily go through them and find the most relevant information. 

IDtrue Customer Support

Should you experience any problems, IDtrue provides customer support is available 24/7. You can reach them instantly via telephone at 1 (800) 443-2205, or you can send them a message on Facebook and Twitter. That said, several users reported having trouble reaching the agents. 

Keep in mind that, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, most of them are working from home, and, consequently, increased waiting times should be expected during peak hours. 

Before reaching out to the reps, make sure to check out IDTrue’s about us page, where aside from the basic information about the company, you can also find the answers to several frequently asked questions. 

IDtrue Payment Options

Similarly like numerous other background check companies, IDtrue doesn’t explicitly disclose the payment information on the website. Instead, you need to go through the main search steps, leave your name, last name, and email, and only learn the pricing options before the report is ready to be downloaded. 

We conducted a background check to find out the pricing details:

  • 1-month Membership — $22.86/month
  • 3-month Membership — $14.86/month

The IDtrue price isn’t the cheapest among the top background check companies. There are more affordable alternatives but IDtrue provides good value for money.

When signing up for the IDtrue services, there aren’t hidden charges and you get unlimited searches with your plan. 

That said, the company doesn’t offer free identity search or one-off reports. It also doesn’t offer a trial period like some companies. Our Instant Checkmate review, for example, showed that the company allows you to try the company’s services for five days and pay only $1. 

IDtrue Refund Policy

The membership is renewed automatically at the end of the subscription term. However, you can cancel a subscription at any time. Keep in mind that you won’t get a pro-rated refund for partial months or amounts already paid up to the moment of cancellation. 

You have to call or email the customer support and say you’re contacting them you;re looking to cancel the IDtrue subscription. The company will soon get back with a confirmation. However numerous users have complained about the company charging them even after terminating the subscription. To avoid this, it might be better to call the company directly instead of emailing them. 

IDtrue Online Reputation Reviews 

IDtrue doesn’t have a stellar online reputation. It has an F BBB ranking. A few user reviews we were able to find on SiteJabber and weren’t exactly glowing. People mostly complain about being charged even after canceling the subscription. Others complain about the unresponsive customer support and updated reports. On the other hand, users were happy with the simple opt-out service. Also, there were a few positive comments on how comprehensive the reports are. 

IDtrue Pros and Cons


  • Unlimited access to public records — The IDtrue subscription gives you unlimited access to public records so you can pull as many reports as you want. 
  • Fast search results — search results are pulled within 30 seconds.
  • Affordable billing plans —  IDtrue is priced competitively compared to its competitors. 
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee — each IDtrue account comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee; if you aren’t happy with your purchase, an IDdtrue cancel subscription is always an option.
  • Deep-web research included — IDtrue performs an in-depth search of the deep web which is the portion of the web that standard search engines don’t reach. 
  • Complete privacy and confidentiality — all your searches are kept private in your secure member portal. 


  • Only two search types offered — IDtrue offers only reverse phone lookup and background check services. 
  • Clunky cancelation process — there are several instances where users were charged even after terminating their subscription. 

Our Verdict

All things from our IDtrue review considered, this is a promising tool that’s going to mean a lot to anybody who wants to check somebody’s background, or even their own. Its sophisticated search algorithm manipulates databases with unprecedented speed and will provide you with so much useful information — you’re going to love it. All reports you’ll receive are undoubtedly legitimate, and you can even customize them to accommodate your needs. 

Numerous IDTrue reviews throughout the internet show that this service can significantly improve both your safety and that of your loved ones. Its ability to promptly provide you with relevant information about any person whose name or phone number you have makes it one of the best background checkers on the market. Knowing what other people want to hide about themselves can often make a big difference.

The company’s payment options are better than anything the competition has to offer; the service comes at an affordable price and offers several payment options. If you need a reliable service that will let you know where the danger is coming from, IDTrue is the way to go! 

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