GoTextbooks Review — Earn from Reselling Books

There comes a time when throwing out books is the only way of decluttering your room. This GoTextbooks review will tell you how to earn some money from used textbooks instead of throwing them away. As if that’s not enough, we’ve covered the service and the means of contacting customer support.

Furthermore, you’ll learn about our personal experience with this online platform. As a bonus, we’ve answered some frequently asked questions you might find helpful. So, keep scrolling to verify if GoTextbooks is the site you want to collaborate with.

Pros & Cons

● International editions accepted
● Up to five copies of the same ISBN accepted
● Multiple methods of payment
● Free shipping
● 24/7 customer support
● Prepaid shipping labels and packing slips for all sellback orders
● Strict quality guidelines

GoTextbooks Review — Features and Materials

Before we dive into the review, let’s clarify something. GoTextbooks is not the same as Chegg but is a separate independent organization. Moreover, GoTextbooks is a relatively recent addition to the market. However, renting textbooks is not an option here; GoTextbooks only resells them. Check out our Chegg review if you want to find out more about a platform that also rents textbooks.

There are no limits as to how many ISBNs you can sell. Anyone possessing old, used textbooks can send items to GoTextbooks. Of course, the company has set some quality guidelines — you’ll read about them soon.

According to many GoTextbooks reviews and our findings, this website doesn’t offer book rentals. Also, all received buybacks are final. Sometimes it takes them a bit more time to process orders, but they say they do it to evaluate the book’s condition thoroughly.

So, you can’t sell them just any item; it has to satisfy precise criteria. In addition, GoTextbooks accepts various editions of the same ISBN, but more on that later. Finally, it offers multiple ways of payment as well.

Now that we’ve briefly introduced the service, let us tell you something more about its features.

GoTextbooks Review — How Does Selling Textbooks Work?

To begin with, you need an ISBN — International Standard Book Number. It identifies a particular book, the edition, or the type of book-like product. You can find it on the back cover or the page containing the copyright information.

You’re probably wondering how this is relevant. You see, GoTextbooks demands ISBNs to give you quotes for them. Since the company will resell them, it needs to know these numbers. So, according to the research findings for this GoTextbook review, you’ll see quotes upon entering an ISBN in the search bar, or you’ll see a message telling you they aren’t buying that book back at the moment.

We’d like to mention that GoTextbooks accepts international, instructor’s, and loose-leaf editions. In case you ask yourself, it’s not acceptable to send them completely destroyed books with pages falling out or missing.

In fact, GoTextbooks is pretty strict about what is acceptable. To tell you precisely how the firm evaluates items, we’ve sent a message to the GoTextbooks contact email, and this is what they told us.

Namely, covers, corners, and pages can have moderate cuts, peeling, or highlighting. Dog fold ears are alright as well, and they will turn a blind eye to water stains. In fact, GoTextbooks has compiled a list of auto-reject book conditions.

Missing or ripped covers and pages are absolutely unacceptable. Then, unreadable lines due to excessive highlighting and discoloration and pages separated from the binding will be rejected.

You should also know that if you send an item too long after the scan date on the prepaid label, GoTextbooks will reject it.

GoTextbooks Review — How Long Does It Take to Get Paid?

GoTextbooks offers two ways of payment — checks and PayPal. So, when you will receive it depends on the payment method you choose.

With checks, it takes 7–14 business days to see changes in the account. In fact, GoTextbooks sends them through USPS first class mail.

PayPal users need to provide an account at the checkout. In fact, this service processes payments within 2–14 business days. It’s possible to change the previously selected payment method by contacting customer support.

GoTextbooks Shipping Review

GoTextbooks provides you with prepaid shipping labels enabling free shipping for five-pound orders. However, you don’t have to get a new one if the weight of your order is over or under five pounds.

Upon confirming the quote, you’ll receive an email containing a link to print the label. In addition, you can log into your account and find it there. Apart from shipping labels, the company gives you packing slips under the same link.

Additionally, labels last for eight days, but you have seven days to send the item(s). A few GoTextbooks reviews and our own research have confirmed the shipping time is usually around 4–14 days. Of course, you can always check the order status in the My Orders tab and see whether it has reached the company.

Once the book is in the warehouse, you’ll receive a confirmation email. Then, you’ll get another informing you whether GoTextbooks has accepted or rejected it.

However, if your label expires, but you still want to sell that ISBN, you can create a new quote, print a new label, and drop the package off at any UPS Ground location.

GoTextbooks Review — Ease of Use

The online platform enables simple yet precise ISBN research. It has a search bar where you need to enter the number. After that, the search engine gives you instant quotes.

Moreover, the interface is neat, containing only the necessary pages. Upon signing up, you’ll see the My Orders button in the navigation bar. It stores the past orders you can access anytime.

GoTextbooks Customer Service Review

GoTextbooks customer support works 24/7, so you can contact them anytime. The contact email is [email protected]. Or, if you’re in Chegg’s help center, you can click on the email icon and send them a message from there.

The agents typically respond in a few hours. Besides operators, the website has an extensive FAQ section explaining almost everything you might wonder about — an ISBN search guide, shipping, payment, book-related questions, and similar.

Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to verify the existence of a GoTextbooks phone number.

Plans & Pricing

GoTextbooks allows you to sign up for free. Furthermore, it doesn’t have membership plans.

Refund Policy

All received buyback orders are final. However, if the item you sent doesn’t meet the criteria, the company might offer a reduced price for the material. In such cases, someone will contact you via the email address associated with your account.

What’s more, you have to inform them about your decision within the time frame specified in the email. Otherwise, GoTextbooks will reject an order. If you want them back, you need to contact customer service to request them.

Online GoTextbooks Ratings

As a relatively new website, GoTextbooks doesn’t have too many online ratings. While doing research, we’ve come across both positive remarks and complaints. For instance, someone left a review saying that GoTextbooks gave them a reasonable quote. Furthermore, they claimed there hadn’t been issues regarding water stains on the pages. Then, they received a check a week and a half after the item was accepted.

However, we’ve detected some complaints among these GoTextbooks reviews as well. We’ve already mentioned that GoTextbooks has strict quality guidelines. So, in this particular case, it rejected a textbook because some pages were damp. The GoTextbooks team even sent that person a photo showing why they couldn’t accept it. This person was dissatisfied and left a negative review.

Pros and Cons


  • International editions accepted
  • Up to five copies of the same ISBN accepted
  • Multiple methods of payment
  • Prepaid shipping labels and packing slips for all sellback orders
  • Free shipping
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Strict quality guidelines

GoTextbooks Review — Final Verdict

Overall, we can conclude GoTextbooks is a solid buyback website. It focuses solely on one type of service which, in this case, counts as an advantage. In addition, the specific guidelines it follows ensure its resold products live up to the market’s standards.

If you’re looking for a way to get the money spent on textbooks back or save on purchasing new ones, a buyback site sounds like a good idea. Undoubtedly, it’s essential to choose a legit website, so GoTextbooks could be the way to go.

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