Desygner Review

Desygner is an online image editor that helps you create fabulous pics in a blink of an eye. You can use it for banners, postcards, web ads, social media images, thumbnails, and everything else of that kind. The tools are very intuitive and don’t take much to get used to. Many marketers recommend Desygner for its various tools and affordable price. Users have access to a vast template library, which can be the starting point for any of your designs. In this Desygner review, we’ll take a look at its features, pricing, and rating.

Pros & Cons

● Very easy to use
● PDF editor feature
● Team management features
● Over 1,000 different assets
● Access to Shutterstock images
● Control over the elements used by other team members
● Sometimes buggy
● The platform doesn’t work offline

Pricing Plans





Features and Materials

You can find different tools and other available materials on the platform. Let’s take a look at the main features.


With this platform, you can edit and print a lot of cool stuff. It’s perfect for posters, flyers, menus, cards, business cards, and invitations. Desygner reviews mention that you can make your own design or choose from the pre-made templates. Once you’re done, place an order and get the material delivered to your door.

You can create a unique design from a desktop computer or mobile device. The Desygner mobile app is available for iOS and Android. The application is rather straightforward to use and isn’t much different from the browser version.

Online Graphic Design Editor

Another one of the popular Desygner features is the Graphic Design Editor.

The tool is available online, but you can also download it on your device. What separates it from other similar editors is its simplicity. Users can replace images in one click and easily change colors, fonts, and other features. Various elements can be included by dragging and dropping them into the editor.

When you upload or import an image, it’ll be resized to a pre-set format. As a result, all the files will be really light. However, this doesn’t affect the image quality, as the tool will always modify the files to the highest possible resolution.

Royalty-Free Images

Users often mention royalty-free images as one of the major Desygner benefits. The company has a database with millions of free pictures. What’s even better, they’re in high resolution so that you can use them for business projects without potential quality issues.

That’s a significant perk for companies that use graphic solutions regularly, as they don’t need to worry about copyright infringement. However, you’ll need one of Desygner’s premium plans to have full access to the integrated Shutterstock images.

Resize Images Online

Image resizing is an amazing function that allows you to modify images in just a few clicks. You can even set up picture formats in advance to fit your display ads, social media posts, and desired print size.

The research for our Desygner review showed the resizing tool is also great for social media. It allows you to repurpose the same pic for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms without affecting its quality for free.

When resizing images, all you need to do is find a file within the library, drag-and-drop it in a specific template, and get an instantly resized picture. You can store it in a personal Desygner library when you’re done designing the image.

PDF Editor

Generally, you can’t edit PDF files unless you buy an appropriate tool. Fortunately, as many Desygner review testimonials point out, you can use the platform to do so. In other words, customers get more value for their buck when they purchase a subscription.

With this tool, you can edit, remove, or add elements to any PDF file. That includes modifying images, changing fonts, fixing spelling and grammar errors, and adjusting the overall layout.

It also allows you to brand your PDF files by adding a logo and other features to make them distinguishable. The tool can automatically add your logo to every PDF file you create. 

Lastly, the editor helps you convert various Office, Adobe, PowerPoint, OpenOffice, and AutoCAD files into PDF format.

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Brand Kit and Library

Unlike many Desygner alternative options, the platform offers incredible service for larger companies. All files can be stored and organized based on campaigns. The designer can provide file access to individuals and groups for a certain period of time, which is especially important when you’re outsourcing.

You can restrict the use of certain elements so that the brand message remains consistent throughout. You can also modify pictures without affecting the original file.

The tool ensures that the images have a watermark, follow content licenses, and contain updated company information. Group members can access all files, making team cooperation much easier.

Lockable Designs

Desygner user satisfaction rates are so high thanks to the lockable design feature. It’s a special tool that determines the inclusion of certain elements. You’ll decide how elements are modified and which templates can be used. For example, you can allow other people to add logos and images but prevent them from including text blocks.

That’s a good way to avoid the use of copyrighted images. The lockable design doesn’t allow designers to use sensitive company assets and files. What’s more, this feature reduces micromanagement.

That way, you won’t need to backtrack and correct your colleagues’ errors. When limiting certain assets, you can create a list of available alternatives to reduce the number of questions your teammates might have.

Branded Templates

Another great perk of the Desygner app is that any marketing material you’re using can be customized to suit your brand’s identity. You can utilize one of the thousands of templates as a starting point for the visual identity.

Whenever you create a template, you can categorize it according to the campaign. Afterward, these files will be assigned to different teams to prevent overlapping. Lastly, you can also impose certain guidelines ensuring the designs are used the right way.

Ease of Use

The ease of use is one of the platform’s main selling points. Everything works by the drag-and-drop principles so that anyone can utilize the tools with minimal prior knowledge. Furthermore, none of the content is copyright-protected, so you can use it however you like.

Desygner user reviews show that while the project manager needs to learn some basics, most team members will have a straightforward job. The tool streamlines every creation and editing process, showing users what they can and can’t utilize.

The interface is very simple, without any unnecessary clutter. All the templates are of high quality, and the workflow is intuitive. Lastly, you can find all main functions on the dashboard, thus reducing going back-and-forth.

Plans & Pricing

Here are Desygner’s pricing plans:

  • Free Plan — It’s for one user, and it provides access to a template library, numerous images and fonts, import and edit of 10 PDF files, and many other great tools and features. You can use them for posters, presentations, and other marketing material.
  • Pro+ Plan — It’s for six users and costs $4.95 per month. It has everything in the Free plan and upgrades you to premium templates, unlimited assets storage and library, unlimited animated designs creations and edits, and unlimited PDF file imports and modifications.

It comes with additional features for easy project management and advanced design tools. Also, you’ll get more options for Desygner book covers. Lastly, the Pro+ plan helps you simultaneously post graphic content on several social media.

  • Business Plan — It costs $9.95 per month per user and has 100 guest accounts included. It’s suitable for companies with up to 100 employees. It comes with everything in the Pro+ plan, and designers can impose roles and allow and prohibit certain elements and interventions.

Filtered search is a quick way of keeping track of designs based on assigned tags. Lastly, you can place all these templates into convenient collections.

Refund Policy

The customer first has to cancel their subscription to get their money back. Then, they have to email the company from their official account. When preparing our Desygner review, we found that refunds aren’t automatic, and customer support reviews every case.

The company offers full refunds within the first 14 days of completing the free trial. If your request comes after that period, you won’t be eligible for a refund and will have to pay the entire sum.

Monthly subscriptions are automatically renewed at the end of the month. If you ask for your money back after the renewal, you won’t receive a refund. However, if you cancel the subscription prior to renewal, you won’t be charged for the upcoming period.

Online Ratings

Desygner reviews are generally positive. The app received a 4.6 score on the Google Play website. According to some users, the platform is very simple and provides a lot of options. It also got a 4.5 score on App Store. is a website that analyzes online platforms. Desygner received a 4.5 score, and reviewers praised its design features, efficiency, and results. Photutorial gave it a 4.7 mark for its available images and designs.

Capterra, as a leading review website for software, can provide insights that you can’t find in other places. Users gave it a 4.3 score and overall believe that the tools offer a good value for the price.

Desygner Pros and Cons


  • Very easy to use
  •  PDF editor feature
  • Team management features
  • Over 1,000 different assets
  • Access to Shutterstock images
  • Control over the elements used by other team members


  • Sometimes buggy
  • The platform doesn’t work offline

Value for Money — Final Verdict

You can get the Desygner app for PC free of charge. In that sense, you can’t go wrong with it. That’s a major perk if you’re a newbie designer or need to do some small work.

Most users praise that you can modify images any way you see fit. You can create a professional-looking design with little time and resources invested. It’s especially amazing for people who want to start a design career and are trying to cut costs while doing so.

The main issue with Desygner is that certain features are locked behind a paywall. So, if a large company seeks graphic solutions, it’ll have to pay for the full version. Overall, the platform offers great resources at affordable prices.

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