BookScouter Review — Find Out More About This Buyback Price Comparison Tool

Is your home cluttered with textbooks you are keeping just because they cost you a pretty penny? Would you like to sell them but don’t have time to dig through hundreds of resale sites and compare prices? BookScouter claims to be an excellent tool for you! But how does it all work? Keep reading our BookScouter review to find out!

BookScouter is a free online platform (website and the app) founded in 2007 by Brandon Checketts. It compares buyback prices from over 42 vendors in just a couple of minutes in a single search. It doesn’t buy or sell books; just connects you with reputable vendors who do.

This platform is targeted towards those who want to declutter their bookshelves, resell used books, and make a buck doing that.

Pros & Cons

● Free, quick, and easy to use
● The scanning option saves time
● Free shipping in the US
● Quick payments
● Displays quotes from over 50 vendors in no time, on a single page
● Pro subscription makes it easier to search and sell in bulk
● It doesn’t always offer the best deals
● Not all books can be sold
● No free postage internationally

Pricing Plans


BookScouter Pro


– first 30 days are free

BookScouter Features

You can join BookScouter via their website ( or with their free app. 

We’ve done our due diligence and research and agree with BookScouter claims and users’ online BookScouter reviews that this platform is not for everyone.

Who Should Use BookScouter?

  • All those who want to declutter their homes of unnecessary books and cash in on it.
  • Book retailers looking to free up space by moving inventory quickly.
  • Side hustlers who are making money by flipping large numbers of books.

Who Shouldn’t Use BookScouter?

  • Those who think they will get consistent income from selling books. This app, unfortunately, doesn’t seem to work that way. It could if you had large stacks of books, either completely new or in pristine condition (and those also should have an ISBN).

How to Use the BookScouter App?

The app is available for Android and iOS users and can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple Store. It is entirely free of charge (unless you choose a subscription plan, but more on that later).

On both the website and the app, you can search for books by typing in an ISBN, the author’s name, or book title, but the app also offers the option to scan barcodes. ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number (10 or 13 digits) and is usually printed on the back cover.

Although some Bookscouter app reviews have complained that the app is glitchy, it wasn’t the case in our experience — the app works perfectly fine. It also doesn’t take up much space on your phone and offers links to connect with BookScouter on all their social media instantly. In addition, the app’s FAQ section provides a few short questions and answers about the company and the app’s features.

How Does the BookScouter Scanner Work?

The scanner connects with your phone camera and scans barcodes in seconds, uploading them to the app and showing the prices instantly.

Using the app to enter books into the database is better because the scanner proved to be a time-saver, and we cannot but recommend using this feature. Imagine spending the entire day in a thrift store typing in the 10- or 13-digit ISBNs to check out which books will fetch you the best resale value. Would you waste time? Of course you wouldn’t!

Who Are the Vendors?

BookScouter lists over 50 legit vendors and puts them into the following categories: Preferred, Normal, and Bookstores. Users’ BookScouter reviews show that this helped them determine which vendors to consider first and which to avoid, and we also found those categories compelling.

In the “Vendors” section of the website, you can go through the reviews for each vendor. There, you’ll see the bio and the details about payment and shipping options. Sometimes vendors have specific requirements for payment, or they may cut into your profit, so you should check that before committing to anything.

What About Buying, Selling, and Renting Books on BookScouter?

With the BookScouter buy option, you can buy used textbooks and other books, both paperback and e-books.

To see how the prices differ from those in bookstores, we searched for a famous Atlas of Human Anatomy (Edition 7) by Frank H. Netter MD — a hefty book with a hefty price. It costs around $82.00 new and around $60 used in university bookstores, whereas you can find it used on BookScouter for as low as $42.99 (some vendors even offer coupon codes).

Many BookScouter selling reviews complain that a user could not sell a book because vendors usually require minimum orders (up to $15), and we agree this could be a downside if you have only one book for sale. However, when looking to sell on BookScouter, you must also keep in mind that if your book sells for a low price, it’s better to sell more books to the same vendor (thus fulfilling the minimum order).

The other option is selling books elsewhere. Let’s face it — BookScouter may be one of the simplest ways to find a book buyer, but it is hardly the only one.

If you decide to stick with BookScouter, you must check the information each vendor offers about BookScouter shipping costs. For most of them, the postage is free, but they do not offer free international shipping, even if some vendors ship outside the US. Therefore, it’s better to sell on this platform if shipping costs cancel your profit margin.

The prices vendors offer are constantly changing, so you can use the website’s Watchlist feature to monitor the changes. It refreshes every 12 hours and always displays the best price.

After a careful review of the Bookscouter app, we observed that the My Bookshelf feature makes it easier to keep track of all the books you entered, so you don’t have to scan barcodes or type ISBN every time. Just don’t forget to click the Add to Bookshelf button.

You can also email yourself the book list from your bookshelf. The email will contain the website links for every book.

Finally, if you need a book short term or plan to read it only once, you can also rent it. Prices depend on a vendor and a rental period. Bear in mind that you have to pay attention to the return date.

How to Qualify for a BookScouter Scholarship

The cool thing about BookScouter is that it offers students a quarterly scholarship of $500 for purchasing Bookscouter textbooks.

The requirements to be eligible for this reward are as follows — you have to be a student in an accredited university or college, complete the online application on the website, and include a short video about yourself in which you’ll also say what’s the most expensive book you had to buy.

The winner is randomly chosen four times a year. If you win, you must answer some questions about yourself and your future education plans.

Here are some BookScouter tips to make it worthwhile:

  1. Research before reselling.

If you are wondering why you can’t get any money for a contemporary book, it’s because you can find that book in every bookstore. If vendors on BookScouter bought those books from you at a reasonable price, they would have to sell them at an even higher price to make a profit.

But who in their right mind would buy those kinds of used books from vendors when they can get them in a bookstore over the corner — new and probably two times cheaper? However, textbooks, cookbooks, coffee-table books, self-help books, and books that are out of print are a whole different ball game.

  1. Look for barcodes or ISBN.

This platform is also not suitable for selling old and antique books, as our BookScouter review concludes. Those books tend not to be worth much, and it’s harder to look up a book if it has no barcode or ISBN.

So, carefully look when purchasing books to resell. You may end up cluttering your home even more and ultimately losing money.

  1. Wrap your books safely.

It is best to wrap each book carefully and secure the box from water damage. You’ll receive your payment only after the vendor deems the book acceptable. If you need more tips about wrapping books, feel free to check out the BookScouter official website.

Ease of Use

The website’s overall look and the app design are clean and simple, and the color scheme is pleasant. Our BookScouter review found the registration process straightforward; it asks only for your name and email address.

It is user friendly, whichever option you choose (typing in the ISBN or scanning the barcode).  However, scanning barcodes is quicker. After choosing which vendor to sell to, you’ll be redirected to their respective websites, where you’ll complete the transaction. Make sure to follow vendors’ guidelines closely.

The downside is that the BookScouter website doesn’t give you vendors’ policies, but you have to look for those on the vendor’s website yourself.

Plans & Pricing

BookScouter is free, but it also offers BookScouter Pro, a subscription service for those who want to sell books in bulk. It costs $29.99 per month, but the first 30 days are free so that you can test the waters at no cost at all.

With the sets of tools it offers, you can look up deals and buyback prices for large volumes of books. Pro subscription is not required to be successful in book flipping; it simply helps simplify the process, save you time and show you the popular books. It is not necessary if you just want to sell a book here and there.

A BookScouter Deals feature shows you the books with the lowest purchase price and the highest offer price. This means you can profit from buying a book at a lower price on this platform and resell it for a better price. Unfortunately, not many books sell for more than you can buy them on the platform, so this is a valuable tool to help you keep a close eye on those deals.

By using BookScouter Bulk Lookup, you can check prices for multiple different books on one screen. The website says that, with some limits, you can get hundreds or even thousands of results. Therefore, it can be helpful to evaluate the inventory purchase very quickly and show you the prices only above the threshold you selected for the specific book.

Refund Policy

We didn’t find BookScouter’s refund policy. However, you can cancel the Pro subscription at any time and avoid recurring payment if you don’t use the feature or are dissatisfied with it.

Online Ratings

BookScouter has more than 100,000 downloads on Google Play, and its average rating (of 1,697 reviews) is 4.2 out of 5. In addition, the BookScouter iPhone app has an average rating of 3.7 out of 5 from 326 reviews on the Apple Store.

On Trustpilot, this platform is reviewed 22 times and has a rating of 3.8 out of 5. It was presented as one way of earning money without leaving the house. Moreover, BookScouter is also mentioned as an excellent money-making method.

Many user reviews on BookScouter found on Google Play and Apple Store claim that it’s a great option to make some money on the side, while some even say that selling on this platform developed into a part-time job.

Nevertheless, not all user reviews are positive. Some have complained about not finding their books, getting low or no offers, and bugs in the app.

Pros and Cons


  • Free, quick, and easy to use
  • The scanning option saves time
  • Displays quotes from over 50 vendors in no time, on a single page
  • Free shipping in the US
  • Quick payments
  • Pro subscription makes it easier to search and sell in bulk


  • It doesn’t always offer the best deals
  • Not all books can be sold
  • No free postage internationally

Value for Money — Final Verdict

BookScouter gives a whole list of possible buyers in only a few seconds. Based on the offers and vendor reviews, you can then decide if and who to sell your book to.

Can you make a profit? Yes, but our review, together with many reviews of BookScouter, shows you shouldn’t hope to make back every cent you spent on those books. However, it’s free, so why not give it a try? You have nothing to lose. On the contrary, you may even earn some bucks, provided there’s a demand for your books.

Should you decide to invest in BookScouter Pro, the tools it offers are very convenient.

In the end, this platform is only a middleman, and the problems that may occur will probably not be their fault but a vendor’s, as you make deals with them, and not the BookScouter.

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